Where is the Windows Desktop folder

In Windows from 95 to 10, the desktop is always present. The desktop, as it is also called, occupies almost the main place in the system. This is the space that the user sees, including the PC. It has shortcuts to most installed programs, and it is mercilessly littered with various files and directories during operation.

Thus the desktop at all metamorphoses leading us from initial systems to Windows 10, has not undergone any essential changes for more than 20 years. Although they certainly were, but in general – only cosmetic. The essence of the desktop is not a change – it is still a central place for the user on the computer, in fact, is only one of the directories of the entire operating system. Many people do not know about it and when they face it, they cannot find the “folder” of the main screen.

If you need a directory with the contents of the desktop – we will tell you where to find it

How to find a folder in a directory

As mentioned above, the desktop is a regular folder that has a fairly large number of other folders and files, although more in demand by the user than others. Searching for this directory in different operating systems is almost as easy.

To find the desktop in Windows XP, Vista and 7, the shortcut “My computer” will be perfect, it is located directly on the home screen.

  1. Open “My Computer”.
  2. Go to the system disk (by default it is disk “C”).
  3. We find there “Users” or “Users”.
  1. There we choose a folder with the name of our user.
  2. Finally, there will be the desired “Desktop” or “Desktop”.

new OS

On Windows 8, 8, 1 and 10, the process is slightly different. However, for those who are accustomed to the old OS, it will be difficult with the lack of “My computer” on the home screen. In Windows 10, as in other modern systems, everything is run by the default file manager – “Explorer”. In fact, he always was, we just did not pay attention to his presence – all the windows of any directory opens just “Explorer”. But on Windows 10 it is even given a special button on the bottom panel in the form of a yellow dad (it is also often present in older operating systems, but was not in demand).

By clicking on this icon, we will get to the window where the last used files will be displayed. Quick access to the main area of ​​the PC there is often located in the left panel, where you can also see the lost “My”, or rather, “This computer”. If not, open “This PC” and follow the algorithm above.

In the left pane you will find the directory you are looking for

As you can see, the “Desktop” folder will not be difficult to find and a novice user. And why do it? If you suddenly decide to quickly transfer all the files from the desktop to removable media or somewhere else, it will be most convenient to just copy the folder through the file manager, so as not to forget anything extra. This is probably the easiest application for this folder.


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