Unlock Android if the graphic password is forgotten

If the user forgot the graphic key, then unlocking Android becomes the most exciting issue. There is no need to seek professional help to solve this problem, because there are many ways to do it yourself.

Thanks to the multi-level protection system, which is installed and improved on the Android platform, you can protect personal data from unwanted encroachments. The more complex the password on the screen, the harder it is to guess the graphic lock key of the phone. But then there is a chance to forget the necessary combinations. Learn how to remove a graphic key from Android without losing data, you can use the following methods.

The most effective methods of unlocking phones and tablets

  1. This unlock method will only help if the device is connected to the Internet, a Google account is set up, and the user remembers the access data to it. It consists of the following sequence of actions:
  • Enter the wrong password to lock your phone five times. The display will show that many attempts have been made to enter the graphic key and the next attempt will be possible in 30 seconds.

The graphic key is incorrect five times

  • The device lock screen displays the question: “Forgot your graphic key?”. If this does not happen, you must enter the wrong key again.
  • Click the “Home” button, the device will prompt you to enter your email and password from your Google account. Internet access must be enabled. Click “OK”, then you will be prompted to enter a new password.
  1. An effective way to remove the graphic key from Android is to reset it to factory settings. But they can be used in case of emergency, when it is impossible to restore access otherwise, because in this way the data is deleted from the internal memory of the device (applications, messages, accounts). With Recovery, the settings are reset as follows:
  • Turn off the gadget.

turn off Android

  • In order to enter the Recovery mode, you must press and hold certain keyboard shortcuts. They may differ on different models, and to choose the right one, you should try the following sequence of actions:
  1. Decrease the volume by pressing the On / Off button.
  2. Increase the volume by pressing the On / Off button.
  3. Increase / decrease the volume by pressing the On / Off button and the Home button.
  4. Increase + decrease the volume by pressing the On / Off button.

With the help of the volume down and volume up buttons you can move up and down the menu, and confirm the selection with the lock / off button. New generation smartphones and tablets are equipped with the Recovery touch menu.

  • Select and click on “wipe data / factory reset”
  • Agree to clear the device’s internal memory by selecting “Yes – delete all user data” and then “reboot system now”

After such actions, the device will reboot and become what it was originally. All this will take about a minute.

  1. The easiest way to reset the graphic key on Android is to return to factory settings using a secret code. Depending on the model, one of the following codes will work:
  • Dial * # * # 7378423 # * # *
  • Enter * 2767 * 3855 #
  • Dial * # * # 7780 # * # *

Thus, if you forget the code, you can restore the factory settings within 2-3 minutes.

  1. The most ruthless in relation to the information stored by the recovery method is the firmware. It can be carried out independently or with the help of experts.
  2. Wait until the smartphone discharges and the message is displayed on the screen. You should go to the battery state, and then in the settings menu, in the “Privacy” select Reset all settings.
  3. Earlier versions of Android can be unlocked by calling it. At the time of the call go to settings and unlock.

How to prevent the gadget from blocking

This method of securing data on the internal memory is suitable for all users, especially those prone to accidental locking. Unlocking occurs through a message with certain text sent to a locked gadget. Procedure:

  • Get root privileges for the device.
  • Install SMS Bypass applications, versions of which are both paid and free.

Enable SMS Bypass

  • Allow the application to access root privileges. The standard password set in the application consists of numbers – 1234, which can be changed in the settings. If the user has forgotten the password, it is necessary to send a message with the text “1234 reset” to reboot the device, and then enter a new password at its discretion.

Even if the error occurred before installing SMS Bypass, on this operating system it is possible to install applications remotely from the computer. Provided that you have logged in to your Google account, root-rights have been obtained and there is access to the Internet, it is possible to remotely install and unlock the graphic key on Android.

The presented methods will help not only to solve the problem when it has already arisen, but also to prevent its occurrence. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t despair. Just entrust the unlocking of your gadget to professionals.


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