When God tells you who your husband is

One of the many questions I get on this blog is, how do I know if he’s the one God has for me? A question that I still have trouble answering. Because I truly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to God’s will.

If there was one, the world would be very different.

However, just as I have discussed in many of my other blog posts and videos before, I know that when God tells you something, it translates into signs, wonders, and knowledge.

Sounds strange, right?

But it’s true. God is more evident than we often assume, and more present than we often think.

So how does God reveal one? How do you know someone is your husband? Well, that’s what I want to dive into today and answer in this post. How to know when God tells you who your husband is.

But first, I need to express some kind of warning.

One thing I have noticed is that often “finding” a husband becomes an obsession for some women. So bossy that dreams, visions, and idolization are involved.

This is when many people will claim that “God told me who my husband is” without ever confirming it with the other person.

Whenever it does, I don’t think it’s wise to read or watch content that takes you further down the rabbit hole. Including this blog post.

Not because this article is not insightful, nor because I think you are wrong. But because you are turning your desire into an idol at this point.

The most important step you can take when preparing for marriage is to let go of your desire, take a step back, and let it unfold naturally. It doesn’t matter at what stage.

So I want you to honestly ask yourself why you googled this topic?

Is it because you are in a promising tangle that you need more guidance on? Or is it because you are convinced that you have found this one, but for some reason the relationship has yet to evolve to a point of certainty.

If you resonated with the first thought the most, read on. If you have resonated with it more, exit this page and take the time to be quiet and not to worry about the current situation.

Well, now that that’s not the case, let’s get back to the topic.

How to know when God tells you who your husband is

1. You will see clear signs

I always like to think about the story of Rebekah at the well. Unbeknownst to her, she showed the exact behavior that Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, had prayed moments before.

At the well, she displayed an attitude of service and kindness, which he asked to see to identify the right woman.

In today’s culture, we so often doubt God’s ability to provide exactly what we need in a spouse. We are so afraid of being too specific and demanding, “thus missing out on our blessing,” that we completely let go of our demands and settle for what we can get.

But that’s not the way to go either.

Yes, you should avoid unrealistic expectations and assess your standards, but don’t let go of them because you don’t believe God can meet them. Get rid of them because they are unnecessary and formed on the basis of bad motives.

When God confirms your husband to you, you will recognize some of the godly characteristics that you have requested in him. And that will make it clear and obvious.

2. He will feel good

There is no way on earth that Adam would know what he was talking about when he said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh…” (extract Gen. 2). I mean homeboy has been around for 6 days and certainly didn’t know what the inside of his body looked like.

I can’t go wrong lol.

But I digress. Because in the end, he actually said it. Without knowing it, he knew that Eve was his (soul) mate. He could sense that she was different from the animals that had been presented to him before.

And that’s what I really believe happens when you meet that one. You’ll know! Maybe not the first time you meet, but there will be a moment when you can feel a tremendous sense of knowing someone is for you.

The connection that you both share will feel right and wake your mind up to recognize its own. You will feel like you are made of the same fabric and being together is natural.

3. You won’t feel uncomfortable

We all know Ruth’s story and how she wasn’t afraid to scramble to save her own life and that of her stepmother.

This is why we see her doing something very unusual in Ruth 3. She sleeps at the feet of Boaz, a relative of Ruth’s stepfather.

If he’s not a brave, borderline stalker, I don’t know. But the craziest thing is that Boaz was not irritated but in awe of it. So much so that he went down to the city gate the next day to defend Naomi and take Ruth for his wife.

Ruth’s brave but very awkward act ended up being what got her the result.

I really believe the way to say someone is your husband is that all walls of fear and ego are going to come crashing down. When God sends your husband, he sends a man with whom you feel completely comfortable.

You will feel confident enough to speak your truth, and you will feel secure enough to ask for what you need.

4. It will be invigorating

Now here’s the thing. We can all agree that life without romantic love is worth living. However, we can also honestly say that having romantic love makes life a little bit more enjoyable.

It’s no secret that when you’re in love, you dance, sing, smile, and jump every now and then. It’s because your brain releases a bunch of neurotransmitters that make you happier and feel good.

Being in love improves your experience of life, it makes you feel more alive. Suddenly the days become more determined, your time more precious and your thoughts more vivid.

Life is starting to be more fun!

This is what the Song of Songs book is about . It’s a massive poem or love song that you can say between two lovers.

Throughout it, man and woman talk about how their love for each other makes them rejoice and celebrate life.

And that’s what it feels like when God leads you to your spouse. Small mundane tasks and even challenges matter less. You will find yourself in a constant state of excitement for love, but also life.

5. He won’t feel rushed

Of course, I couldn’t end this blog post without citing the original definition of love. 1 Corinthians 13, begins with the famous words “love is patient, love is good”.

The most obvious signs that God will use when confirming your husband is that love will feel patient and kind.

From the introduction to the most important stages of dating. Nothing will feel rushed and happen at God’s perfect time.

You will not feel the need to let go of your own needs, but rather you will feel supported and encouraged by the man to take your time.

Additionally, patience will also serve as a sign that God is preparing you for marriage. Because you will feel at peace with where you are in life and will not be stressed out by the plight of your future husband.

Hope these 5 points have helped you get an idea of ​​how to know if God has confirmed your husband. For more thoughts on this topic, check out some of my other articles on how to find this one.

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