Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

We are once again approaching that time of year when you need to find the perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend. Witches come to scare you and ghosts from the past of ex-girlfriends haunt every moment you wake up.

I’m not talking about Halloween, so all you have to do is give it a little candy and you’ll be lucky in superhero costumes. I’m talking about when you have to get past that adorable three pawn tee. (Although, maybe not the worst idea if you are on a budget).

Your girlfriend will go crazy if you take it one step further, like with these three cat blanket spoons that say warmth, love and kittens: all in one:

cat cone blanket gift for girlfriend

cat cone blanket gift for girlfriend

When it comes to her 21st birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Hanukkah, the stakes are high. Of course, these moments are meant to be a time of love and generosity, but they could just as easily turn into spooky moments if you decided to throw in a pair of socks and a Family Guy-themed desk calendar.

Don’t worry, College Magazine is here to help you solve your gift problems. This listing is perfect for Christmas gifts for your girlfriend and great birthday gift ideas. Why? Because we went straight to the source. Your girlfriend

We asked girlfriends across the country to come up with a list of the best gifts for your girlfriend for the holidays or for any day. Without delay…


Matthew McConaughey gif when he receives the photo album gift.
Need a stellar Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend? Find the latest photos of you and your girlfriend on Instagram, Facebook and * gasp *, print them out. Then head to a local craft store and buy an album or make your own.

The simple Forever photo album will do the trick. An album that predicts what your kids might look like go a bit far … If you want to be sentimental but keep it simple, opt for a Kate Spade photo frame for your favorite couple’s pose.

“I like sentimental things, so if he was able to create something so cute like a photo album or scrapbook that would make sense to our relationship.” -Chelsea Tirrell, Senior, Hofstra University

“My favorite gift was a photo album of us that he made for me. It meant a lot to me because I took the time to choose the images and reflect on all of our good memories. I love that I can watch this book in the years to come. -Olivia Jenning, Junior, Florida State University

kate spade photo frame gift for girlfriend
Kate Spade photo frame: $ 39.95

Hanging A Photo Frame Gift For Your Girlfriend
Umbra Fotochain Frames: $ 34.99

Giving szn gifts has no beginning and no end. Birthdays, religious holidays, company celebrations, anniversaries, half year anniversaries keep you on the lookout for the next best gift for your girlfriend. Every girlfriend and every relationship is different, so you won’t find a right gift for every young woman.

Some girlfriends want quality time. “The most thoughtful gift he could give me would probably be a trip or an experience together that he thought about a lot. Time spent together means a lot more to me than things, ”said Paige Stephenson, junior at Florida State University.

Other girlfriends want the finer things in life. “[I want] a Tesla. Just kidding, their love. Nah, makes it a Tesla, ”said Natalie Rincon, a freshman at Duke University. Some just want unlimited Netflix cravings. University of Florida, Tasnim Thakur wants his partner to get him a 12-month Netflix subscription.

But all friends, no matter what their absolute desire, wants to know that you put time into your gift. “Sometimes giving a good gift is like reading between the lines. Don’t look for something big, look for something big, ”said Zaham Nur, a young student at Columbus State Community College. Make your next gift the best gift for your girlfriend. Already.



The NoteCube: $ 49

Expressing yourself and being completely vulnerable with your girlfriend is not easy. “I’m not really into material things. I’d like a note, [my boyfriend] has never been one of those, ”University of Maryland rookie Molly Zardus said. You know how strongly you feel it, and yet you have a hard time putting your thoughts on paper. The NoteCube helps you find the right words.

The NoteCube helps you showcase your favorite traits about your girlfriend – self-confidence, spontaneous, peaceful, gorgeous, down to earth, honest, understanding, musical, compassionate, the list goes on and on . Then, it generates for you specific grades to the qualities you have chosen.

These notes are your starting point. You can find out more by editing each note with specific memories and adding photos of the two of you. Imagine your girlfriend opening her NoteCube to read, “I might not be your first date, or your kiss, or my partner… but I want to be your last point.”

Once you’ve finalized your notes, The NoteCube prints each note for you, ties a perfect bow around your personalized gift, and delivers them in a perfectly fitted cardboard box for your girlfriend. “[The NoteCube] takes a simple idea but makes it more personal and fun. You’ll know that someone special went the extra mile, ”said University of South Carolina junior Sara Parker. The best gift for your girlfriend is to express how you feel about her. The NoteCube will remind him every day.


Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: $ 79.99

Does your girlfriend get at least seven hours of sleep a night? Probably not, given that the CDC has reported that more than a third of American adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. Maybe it’s because she used the same lumpy pillow for 10 years. How can you expect her to feel refreshed and ready for a new day with a tangled, sweaty headboard?

The best gifts for friends are the ones they never think they’ll get on their own. “I would like a nice and comfortable pillow. No one is buying them for themselves, but I think it would be very convenient and convenient, ”said Sarah Ruple, a sophomore at the University of Florida.

Your girlfriend deserves to rest her head on a luxury pillow that she sinks into at the end of a long day. That way she wakes up every morning energized and ready to go.

And don’t just find another pillow – the right gift takes time and effort. The Eden Shredded Memory Phone Pillow is filled with heat-wicking memory foam to keep you cool at night. Goodbye headboard, hello succulent locks.


Apple AirPods with wireless charging case: $ 199

Your closest friends and family are screaming “SURPRISE!” And your girlfriend immediately breaks down in tears – of sadness. You thought so, but you didn’t always realize that your girlfriend absolutely hates surprises with every fiber of her being. If your girlfriend doesn’t say a surprise party, then seriously – no surprise party.

If your girlfriend sends you a list of items or says bluntly, “I want tickets to The Happiness Begins With Jonas Brothers tour,” then take that clarity as a blessing. “I want something that I specifically ask for. I don’t like to be surprised by freebies, ”said Bethany Geltner, sophomore at Florida State University.

Open your ears and take the Notes app out of your phone. Your girlfriend loves it when you listen, especially when she tells you all the time that she wants the new AirPods with wireless charging case to support her runs.

4. Date of the city of origin

hometown dates are the best gift for girlfriend
The Bachelorette
Your girlfriend loves your quirky personality and your need to throw a pun in any situation. She loves the way you treat her with respect and on an equal basis. Show her where it’s coming from by taking her to your hometown.

Plan your hometown single-handedly with a light activity between the two of you, and schedule time for her so that she can sit down with your family and friends from her hometown so that she can get to know them.

“My boyfriend takes me to his hometown and shows me around, all the money for the plane tickets aside,” said Daniella Brunetto, a freshman at the University of San Diego. “I just want to meet his family and his dog, hang out with his old friends and have him drive me to some of his favorite places. Knowing that he was letting me into these important moments in his life would mean a lot.

You are the best gift your girlfriend could have asked for: open your life to her. Take her around your high school and show her your old locker. Show him the hospital where you volunteered for a summer and found out you wanted to be a doctor. Show her your real self to make her feel like an important part of your life.



Kylie Jenner Brown Sugar Lip Kit: $ 41

Whether or not you believe Kylie Jenner is a self-proclaimed billionaire, one thing is for sure: she sells a lot of lip kits. Anything to do with the Kardashian-Jenner clan is controversial. Put your differences aside and give in to the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics craze.

“I wish my boyfriend noticed I wanted a Kylie Jenner lip kit, but he doesn’t support Kylie Jenner or the Kardashians, so every time I even say Kylie doesn’t care about him. I have to buy them myself, ”said Emma Eschliman, a young student at the University of Iowa.

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits often sell out in seconds. Go ahead with a game plan. Find out what kind of lipstick she likes. Does she like mat or velvet finishes? Or does she prefer glosses? State exactly what you plan to buy before Kylie announces her product launch on Twitter. Otherwise, you will miss it and have to wait for the next abandonment.


Premium Roses, Medium: $ 159.99

Those who said diamonds last forever and flowers die didn’t live in 2019. If you pay attention to Instagram ads or influencer posts on major holidays, you will likely see a box of roses. perfectly aligned in their most beautiful bloom. Spoiler alert: These flowers last 365 days a year. Thank you, modern technology.

And guess what? It really is one of the best gifts for a girlfriend because a lot of women want them but don’t want to ask for them. It defeats the purpose of getting flowers, after all.

“No one has ever had flowers to me. Not that [my boyfriend] doesn’t buy me some thoughtful gifts, but he won’t buy me gifts until we go shopping and I see something I want. It’s a nice gesture to surprise me and show me a date with flowers, ”said Rowan University student Sarah Fisher.

“In my life, I would never have asked someone to give me flowers, but I always wanted them,” said Elizabeth Heidrich, a student at UF.

“It’s nice to get flowers as a random appreciation and not for something specific,” said Reagan Kelly, an FSU leader.

Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles, 60 units: $

The proof is there for you, partners. Your girlfriend loves to receive flowers. Get them for her on special days or even as a surprise when you take her on a night out with her. Pro tip: If you know what kind of flowers she likes, you’ll get extra brownie points. “Instead of giving me chocolate and flowers if they give me my favorite flowers and my favorite chocolate, I know they really listen to me when I talk to them,” said Valentina Cruz, UF junior.



Reactions: Illustrated Exploration of Elements, Molecules, and Changes in the Universe: $ 19.49

No girlfriend is the same. And she’ll know if you give her gifts similar to your ex’s, because Instagram really isn’t that hard to navigate.

“I think the most thoughtful gift [my boyfriend] could get for me would be anything chemistry-related. I’m a big believer in science and if he offered me anything in chemistry, I would know that he is spending time and effort finding a freebie, instead of getting me a generic drug, ”said Catherine, chemical engineering student at the University of Connecticut. Odendahl.

If you know your girlfriend’s deepest interests and desires, you can think of the best gift for her. Find Your Chemistry-Obsessed Girlfriend, a colorful coffee table book that shows different chemical reactions. Search high and low for the perfect girlfriend case that will land in a corner of the office in no time.

Laptop bag with strap: $ 199

Find a unique gift that represents your girlfriend’s passions, interests, career goals or hobbies. She will know that you are listening and she will know how much you really love her.


Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser set: $ 48.95

Breathe in the essential oils, breathe out the stressful day. Maybe she’s taking 18 credit hours this semester. Maybe she works full time and goes back to school. Or maybe she needs some help relaxing at the end of the week. Either way, essential oils are fast becoming the next best gift for girlfriends who keep giving.

“I had a diffuser awhile ago and I don’t think I’ll stop wanting more essential oils. I think it would be the best gift because I was using it all the time, ”said Emily Whitaker, junior at the University of South Florida.

Essential oils, a form of alternative medicine, are extracted from plants by distillation and combined with a carrier oil. You can rub them on your skin (like your temples or wrists) or inhale them to feel their effects (which are widely debated). Keep in mind that essential oils are generally not safe for ingestion.

Give your girlfriend an essential oil that matches her life. At the end of the finish, the peppermint can give her a natural energy boost and ease her worried stomach. Tea Tree could help your girlfriend catch the flu that is spreading all over her floor. Lavender helps relieve stress, and if that doesn’t sound like the best gift for a girlfriend, who knows what.


Starbucks Giftcard: price varies

“One thing in life that I still love is my coffee. Taking the time to get me something you know I love, and even my specific order, means a lot, ”said Debra Perlman, freshman at Pace University.

Starbucks drinks can cost anywhere from $ 2 to $ 5. This means that a cup of coffee Monday through Friday can charge your girlfriend between $ 10 and $ 25. Give your girlfriend a Starbucks gift card to make her feel like the queen of the concrete jungle that she longs to be. Or bring it to her as a surprise. Listen to Perlman and remember your girlfriend’s coffee order so you can start your girlfriend’s birthday, your dating anniversary or even a regular day by showing your girlfriend that you are listening and that you care .


Brinker-Regal Entertainment Movie & A Meal Gift Cards: $ 50

Your girlfriend loves to watch romantic movies in which couples dance in the rain or take a walk in the sunflower fields. But when it comes time to schedule your dates, you argue over where to eat before picking up Daddy John’s in front of the TV while watching romantic characters make your girlfriend’s dream come true. Don’t let it be you.

The right gift for your girlfriend may not be a physical item at all. “I would prefer something we could do together, as opposed to a physical object,” said Maddie Talangai, a student at the College of William & Mary. “I would like them to surprise me with a well thought out date or trip.”

Take care of the date night, or date by day, and take your girlfriend on an ultimate romantic day trip or romantic candle light evening. “Honestly, it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. I love it when he cooks dinners… so we can do things together, ”said Corbin Keller, junior at the University of North Florida.

Some girlfriends may have even dropped the hint about what kind of night out would make their dreams come true. “[I want to] make reservations at the chef’s table in the Hell’s Kitchen dining room while checking in. I love Gordon Ramsey and cannot get the tickets on my own. So it would be the best thing to get them for me, ”said Madison Stuart, ex-FSU junior.

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