What tricks are there to earn gems, coins in Golf Battle?

Golf is a well-known sport , although not very popular in real life because of its great cost. Now you can know it with the Golf Battle App, and without a doubt you will want to know, how to earn gems, coins and get the best score in the Golf Battle game.

The addictive mobile game for both Android and iOS was made by the company Miniclip . A video game house that has developed other mini-games since 2001, such as 8 Ball Pool, Basketball Arena, Mini Football, among others.

What is the Golf Battle game about?

Golf Battle emulates a mini golf game , where you compete online with a maximum of 5 players, forming groups of 6 people. This mini-game has two modes: classic mode (classic mode) and career mode (rush mode).

In the first mode, the player with the fewest throws wins, without a set time limit. Second, the player who reaches the last hole first wins , regardless of the number of shots.

It has fluid 3D graphics and has several maps, some with wooded, polar, desert or jungle environments, which in total add up to more than 120 holes ; most have obstacles like slides, jumps, sandbars, pipes, rivers, and much more.

What tricks are there to earn gems, coins in Golf Battle?

Golf Battle has a store where you can buy other styles of decorated golf clubs and balls; but to buy these additional implements you need to have enough gold coins and gems.

The rewards in Golf Battle are similar to the way to earn free gems and chests in Clash Royale , or to get free gems in Rise of Kingdoms . Since, many games share these same characteristics .

To obtain gems, you can link your Facebook account to that of the game; By doing that your avatar will show your name and photo, but the most important thing is that you will automatically earn a generous amount of them, and if you did not like the idea, you should not worry about anything because it is also very easy to unlink.

You can receive many coins through your friends; One trick is to install Golf Battle on several devices and link each one with a different Facebook account, like that of your brothers and other family members. Then you can change the gems to coins and send them to your account. The method to link the game through Facebook does not vary at all, regardless of whether you have the lite or original version of the application .

When you log in daily, you win chests with coins; you do not need to stay to play, you just have to enter the game. You also receive 100 coins for every hour of connection ; For that, just leave the App open and check it every hour.

Every day there are small challenges that you can complete to earn more coins and other gifts. You can also earn between 150 and 300 coins for watching some advertising videos , which show the game.

However, the best way to collect coins, gems and increase your score is by playing and winning games against other players. The career mode is the most suitable for its speed; You can win 50,000 coins in 2 minutes , but you have to have practice.

How to get the best score in Golf Battle?

Scoring in Golf Battle allows you to gain experience and consequently gain levels in the game. Getting a good score is important in the game, since you will also have chests, coins and gems as you progress.

You must know the terrain of each map , its traps and obstacles; especially those where you can bet 50,000 coins to double the investment, if you win first place. These are Pine Forest Pro, Rocky Mountains Pro, Snowy Valley Pro, and Mayan Jungle Pro.

It is advisable to memorize the angle and strength of each shot . In Golf Battle it is very easy, because the intensities of a throw are differentiated by colors, from the weakest in green to the maximum power in red.

With practice you will reduce the number of shots to reach the last hole. On average, a good player will need to hit a 3 HOLE! , to finish a map. So now that you know these tricks, you can start enjoying this App today.


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