How to fix the ‘E76’ error in the Banco Estado App on Android

Banco Estado, was formed in nineteen hundred and fifty-three due to a decree that ordered the merger of several entities , in the State Bank of Chile, which began in one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four with the Caja de Ahorros de Santiago and the Cajas subsequent Mortgage, Agrarian and Industrial Credit.

The Banco Estado application allows you to carry out your transactions comfortably from wherever you are , efficiently, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

It is considered the most secure bank in all of Latin America, according to Global Finance magazine. This App can be downloaded for free from the official pages of Google Play for Android devices and from the Apple Store for iOS .

What can you do with the Banco Estado App on your Android?

There are several benefits that you can make with this application, among them, transfers to other contacts that you have on your mobile, as well as obtaining preferences in the rates when you request a credit. Also, you can make purchases, payments and transfers on the web, without the corresponding card, only by authorizing the Be Pass .

Why does the E76 error appear in the Banco Estado App on Android?

Sometimes in our Android mobile, the applications stop due to an error , when we carry out daily tasks. These are usually identified with a code, such as Google Play Store error 492 , or YouTube error 410 on Android .

Now, the error E76 of the Banco Estado App is due to several causes, including that you have some updates that have not been executed and have been pending, which makes it difficult to continue with the application.

Another possible cause is because the service is currently undergoing maintenance . Be that as it may, Android devices have been improved so that users have a better service every time and be able to work with several applications at the same time.

How can we solve the error E76 of the Banco Estado App on Android?

Generally, the solution to the error “the application has stopped” in Android and other possible errors, is “Clear the cache” of the App; that is, temporary files that can cause conflicts when saving views, both on the computer and on the mobile.

To delete it we click on the “Settings” icon, then we go to “Applications” or “Applications Manager”, select “State Bank” and finish by pressing “Clear cache” . Later you check that the mobile works normally.

If not, then we must “Delete the data” , this implies that those that have to do with the configuration of said application and some other elements that may be lost will be deleted. Therefore it is recommended to make a backup before.

To delete this data again we carry out the same steps as in the previous case to clear the cache, but now we click on “Clear data”. Now check that your device works without problem, but if not, there is a third step to solve the error.

We refer to “Uninstall the application” and then “Install it” again , as it may be that the installation has not been carried out correctly. Now if it has to do with the user it is simpler, you delete it and then you go to Google Play to install it, but if it is from the system the thing changes.

When you reinstall it, and if the error continues to appear, then you can downgrade with an APK installer file , which is a variation of the Java format, since Google Play only offers you the most recent version, because it does this automatically.

If the error comes from the system , then we go back again and click on “Settings” on your device, then go to “Applications” and finish by clicking on “Uninstall updates”. If the error still persists, try overriding it to end the application error.

We can conclude then, that if at some point the E76 appears on your Android device, you have several options to be able to solve the problem; which range from the most basic to the most complicated .


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