How to recover a Lovoo account – Reset username and password

Lovoo is an application of German origin used for dating. This application has a live radar that allows scanning the user’s environment and thus contacting other users of the app . The user shares photos with different members to rate them. It is not surprising that more and more people use these applications to flirt

If you have a Lovoo account, it has been very useful for you and you know how it works. Perhaps, you have tried to access your account and have not succeeded. If that’s the case, stay with us! In this post we will explain How to recover a Lovoo account Reset username and password

How can we recover a Lovoo account? – Steps to reset username and password

Maybe when you lose your mobile, or have done a software update, you have lost the automatic way to access the applications that google offers you. So you see the need to recover your Lovoo account; which is a fairly straightforward process . You just have to follow the following steps that we will detail below:

  • The first thing you should do is go to the main Lovoo page .
  • Once there you log in, a window will scroll in which you can log in by email and password. You also have the option to log in through Facebook if you linked your account with this social network.
  • On the other hand, if you created your Lovoo account with email and password, you can change it in the section that says Have you forgotten your password?
  • In the case that you have created your Lovoo account linked to Facebook, you must click on the button that says log in to Facebook now .
  • The moment you click on the section Have you forgotten your password ?, a new window will open, in which you will be invited to enter your email, with which you created the Lovoo account, then click on Send.
  • A green window will appear in which they indicate that they sent an email to reset the password, which you should review.
  • Now go to your email inbox and find the Lovoo message and click on where it says: Set a new password.

Note: Sometimes email services bypass Lovoo messages into your Junk or Spam folder, so we recommend that you check that folder.

  • Once this is done, it will direct you to a Lovoo page, where they ask you to enter a new password, you must write it in the first box and then repeat it in the second. Finally, click where it says “Save password.”
  • Once this step is done, the Lovoo page will reload and you will be informed that the new password has been successfully changed.

Recover a Lovoo account and password linked to Facebook

To recover a Lovoo account and password linked to Facebook, you must click on log in to Facebook now , a window will open in which you can log in to Facebook, however, before doing so, you must take into account two things:

  • First try to log in with your Facebook account email or phone number.
  • In the event that you cannot access, you must enter your Facebook account in the traditional way, if you cannot access it is because your Facebook account is not linked to Lovoo. If so, you must click on  Have you forgotten your account information?
  • Once you get the new password for your Facebook account and can log in seamlessly, you can log into Lovoo and log in with your updated Facebook account details.

This application is becoming more and more popular in Europe , and it is well worth trying to open up to meet more people with it. As you can see, recovering an account in Lovoo is quite simple and fast. It’s even as quick and easy as deleting a Lovoo account forever.



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