What to post on Instagram to get more followers

What to post on Instagram with the aim of increasing your catchment area very quickly? It is not easy to get the desired results. Sometimes small tricks may be enough for amazing effects. At the same time, in many cases, an infinite series of careless strategies can lead you to little advantage. You have to know how to act at the right time and capture every single moment, but if something goes wrong you don’t have to lose heart.

Any idea can be the right one to guarantee you that right injection of confidence. Your business can quickly benefit from well thought out actions. If you want to add new content to your Instagram account , better analyze the previous posts and evaluate which are the most popular options. It is from your past actions that you can receive the right push towards a bright future for your business.

In the following lines, we show you 10 useful ideas to better post on Instagram . Whether it is a stories , a IGTV video or a live stream , every idea can be adapted to each context. Make your brand more human and reliable, engage your target, travel on the same wavelength as your customers. In a short time, the satisfactions for your online business will not be lacking.

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  • Tips to publish the best posts on Instagram
    • Repost of your followers’ content
    • Live in live streaming
    • Promotions of well-selected products
    • Video that can leave you speechless
    • Captivating contests and contests
    • Tag requests for specific contacts
    • Large-scale job offers
    • Mosaics that can improve the user experience
    • Drawings with attention to the smallest details
    • Posts inserted at the right time

Tips to publish the best posts on Instagram

What tips to follow to publish the best posts on Instagram ? The following options take you to another dimension, giving you safe and guaranteed benefits. We invite you to take a look at our forge of ideas and select the ones you think are most appropriate. A few minutes and that’s it.

1. Repost of your followers’ content

Your Instagram account must be the perfect showcase of your thinking. To highlight your way of acting, you can also not limit yourself to posting only content from your origin. Prefer the posts in which your company has been tagged, check the hashtags that most conform to what you are proposing. Choose safe and certified quality photos and never forget to mention the original post and the account that published it.

You can screenshot and crop the photo, or maybe use one of the multiple Repost apps . Either way, you need the idea to show your audience that you always take it into the highest consideration. In this regard, I recommend our guide on how to take photos for Instagram , it could come in handy.

2. Live in live streaming

Another very useful idea to find out what to post on Instagram obviously concerns live streaming . A similar technique requires maximum imagination and creativity, without forgetting to highlight the salient features of your brand.

Choose the right communication method and adapt it to your audience . Also focus on comments and any interviews, show your users the best behind the scenes of any event. Study your material in the best possible way from all points of view and collaborate with figures who know how to give your content the right amount of quality.

3. Promotions of well-selected products

If you are at the helm of a company with a great desire to grow, it is necessary that you know how to best select the products on which to focus more . Create engaging posts and enter what you intend to sell. Of course, don’t go overboard with the concept of selling, as it could bore a large part of your audience. At the same time, make your product easily appealing to your target by posting photos and videos that can embellish it properly. With these premises, your sales business can take off with a few simple targeted moves. To learn more, take a look at this guide on how to sell on Instagram .

4. Video that can leave you speechless

If you also have good skills as a videomaker , or in any case you collaborate with profiles who know that sector best, you certainly have a considerable advantage. You can choose to record a movie from scratch, or even do a quick editing job to select the right portions. In this regard, you can also prefer modern Hyperlapse technology . The latter allows you to make videos much shorter, but remarkably effective.

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5. Captivating contests and contests

Do you want to increase the rate of interaction with the public? The contests and competitions of all kinds are perfect for you. Such a device can facilitate the correct launch of a product that you have just chosen to put into circulation.

If you have a diverse community, you can learn more from each member and increase your follower volume. Numerous companies implement this technique with very satisfactory results. In this regard, even the so-called giveaways are an excellent idea, that is, real prizes to be won through some indications to follow.

6. Tag requests for specific contacts

In the magical world of the Instagram platform , friend tags are one of the most frequent tricks in an absolute sense. As soon as you realize you have someone who shares the same interests as a photo or video, you clearly intend to tag them.

In this regard, in your caption you can add a call to action and ask your contacts to tag their respective friends. With a trick of this type, you have the chance to broaden your target extremely quickly, with greater potential income for your company.

7. Large-scale job offers

In recent times, corporate accounts on Instagram have taken a very different turn than in the past. In fact, the social media dedicated to photos and videos can also serve you to find new collaborators and employees for your reality. Just add a photo with its post and insert an ad appropriate to the context.

Include a traceable link and wait for more and more followers to be ready to respond to your ad. In a short time, you could find yourself with new people to hire at your company, able to exponentially enhance each brand.

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