How can I post a comment on my Instagram post

The publications within the Instagram application turn out to be very useful to convey ideas and thoughts of any kind. The features to upload post on Instagram are very creative, since it allows you to place description on photos or videos, locations and even labels can be placed.

However, one of the most striking functions is the pinned comments that can be placed in any of the posts that you upload with your Instagram account. Shortly, we will be showing you how to post a comment on one of your posts and how much is the maximum number of comments that can be pinned.

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  1. How can I leave a fixed comment on my Instagram post?
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  2. How many comments can I post on my Instagram post?

How can I leave a fixed comment on my Instagram post?

Instagram comments can be pinned from Android, iOS, Mac, and even Windows OS devices. Since many use their Instagram account from different devices, here is how to post comments from all the aforementioned devices:

From Android

From mobile phones that run on Android, the whole process is done using the application. In the first step you have to open the application:

  • Then, you have to log into your Instagram account
  • While in there, look for the publication to which you will place the pinned comment. If you have not uploaded it in the post yet, you can go on to create it
  • Once you are located in your publication, write in the comment bar everything you want and upload the content
  • After you have uploaded your comment, swipe it to the left to see all these options
  • In the extra options that will appear, select the one that says ‘Fix’ or an icon shaped like a ‘Pin’

This is the only way to post an Instagram comment from the social platform application. If you want to post a comment on Instagram using a Windows computer you must do this:

  • Open your computer’s default web browser and go to the Instagram web
  • Login to your account
  • Search for the publication to which you will place the pinned comment
  • Post your comment
  • Pension on the comment, click on the icon with the 3 dots to see the extra options
  • In the extra options of the comment, click on the one that says ‘Fix’

With this, the steps of the process to post a comment within an Instagram post would end. It should be noted that to enjoy all the platform’s features from your computer, you can download Instagram for PC .

From iOS

In the case of iPhone mobiles, the process is similar to that of Android, in the whole process there are at least two steps that are different:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Find the publication to which you will comment
  4. Write the comment in the bar below and upload it
  5. Then press and hold your comment until the extra options appear
  6. Within the extra options of the comment you will choose the one that says ‘Fix’

With mobiles that have an iOS system, the whole process is easier. Now, keep an eye on the process that should be used with computers that have a Mac system:

  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Login to your Instagram account
  3. Look for the post to which you will place the fixed comment, if you have not uploaded the post yet then publish it
  4. Having located the publication, write the comment at the bottom and upload it
  5. Finally, hover over the comment
  6. Click on the three dots icon
  7. Choose the ‘Fix’ option

How many comments can I post on my Instagram post?

The Instagram platform places a certain limit on what is associated with the number of comments you can post on your post. You can only post about 3 comments on your post. For this reason, to take advantage of these three comments, it is recommended that you place as much text as you can in each of these comments.

This way you won’t even have to use all the comments, since as the platform allows you to place a lot of text, you would only have to set one or two comments .

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