What Is Struggle In Life, Discuss Life In A Struggle Essay

What is struggle in life tells the origin of life on earth. Science has done much to unravel the mysteries of nature, but the grand riddle of life still remains unsolved. But if the origin of life is shrouded in darkness, not so is its character. Its essential feature is struggle. If there is any common element among all forms of life, high and low, it is this continuous struggle. Pain and suffering born of this struggle permeate life.

What Is Struggle In Life, Discuss Life In A Struggle Essay

We are born in other’s pain And perish in our own

Perhaps this bitterness, this struggle is an echo of God’s judgment on the erring man that he is to earn his bread with the sweat of his face. But the curse has alighted not only on man but on entire animate and inanimate creation. The slender streamlet struggle with thousand impediments on its forward course. The planets roll round fighting with innumerable attractions and the mountain erects its stony height by piercing the hard crust. What unseen fight goes on behind human eyes between a tiny seed and the hard soil which it is to pierce. When the sapling comes out there begins another phase of the struggle, with the fury of the elements, the ravages of animals and the thoughtlessness of man. The same cruel struggle goes on in the animal world, and so fierce it is there that sometimes a whole species becomes extinct. The insects that crawl on the ground, the bees that build the hive, the birds that chirp, has each their woeful tale of struggle to tell, if there are men to listen. So struggle goes on not only on this earth, but in the sky above and in the ocean below. This world is a grand arena where fights go on without end.

What Is Struggle In Life, Discuss Life In A Struggle Essay

What Is Struggle,It is The Essential Feature Of Life Which You Must Understand

In the life of man is seen the same struggle from the cradle to the grave. Even a foetus in the mother’s womb wages war by sucking the life-blood of the mother. The cry of the newborn bab announces 125 mg fight of life. The child’s fretting, crying, crawling and stumbling are but manoeuvres in a long campaign. When it grows to a man there begins another phase of its fight.

In The Life Of Men Struggle Takes Different Forms

Man has diverse enemies to struggle with. First begins his lifelong struggle with the forces of nature. They are either favourable or unfavourable. Man must be wise and strong enough to fight with the adverse influences and turn the benign aspects of nature to his use. Food and poison are held before man, it is for him to choose the one and reject the other. When we speak of life as a tale of the survival of the fittest, we but lay our stress on this aspect,—on man’s continual struggle with natural environments.

What Is Struggle In Life, Discuss Life In A Struggle Essay

As he grows up, then comes his struggle with himself—with his own passions and prejudices. There are sometimes the most dangerous enemies of man and the most difficult to conquer. Just as self-knowledge is the most difficult of all kinds of knowledge, so self conquest is the most arduous of all conquests. We may conquer the whole world and yet remain a slave to ourselves,—to lust, greed, avarice, anger and jealousy. The first and foremost duty of a man, therefore, is to fight and conquer these internal foes. Those who x become victorious in this fight are alone entitled to the dignity of man.

What Is Struggle With Social Environment

But man is also a social being, living in society and drawing nourishment from it. To live peacefully in society requires conscious effort, to adjust ourselves to the social environment and derive benefit from its benign aspects demand struggle.Sometimes the social environment is not healthy and therefore inimical to our growth and development. In such causes we have got to fight with society,— its prejudices and meaningless and harmful rites and customs. If we are strong we triumph, dragging the society tied to our triumphal chariot.But if we are weak we succumb and are Crushed by our social environment. How — bitter can this struggle be, will be evident from the life history of any great social reformer.

What Is Struggle In Life, Discuss Life In A Struggle Essay

If man is a social being, he has also a political existence. He lives in a state and is either a citizen or a subject. He struggles for  political status, power and privileges. Those who arc independent and those who are dependent fight alike, only in different ways and perhaps with different weapons, but fight there is. In the modern world there is going on a continuous warfare against autocratic power, against vested interests, against the innate selfishness and avarice of Use rich and the powerful. The cry for democracy is rending the air and thrones and scepters are being thrown down.

Struggle With Political Environments

But the present-day man has come to realize that political power alone will not ring him comfort. So he fights for economic salvation. This economic problem has, of late, begun to usurp men’s whole attention. The struggle is keenest in this field. Here ruthless competition is driving the poor and the weak to the wall. Men all over the world are puzzled by the anomaly of modern economic life. There is undoubtedly more food in the world today than there was half a century before, yet more people are starving and dying of cold and hunger! Who will solve this problem? Men are struggling to stop this mad struggle, this cut-throat competition, for as Mr. Ramsay MacDonald says, “competition is not the law of life, but of death”; but the end is not in sight.

What Is Struggle In Life, Discuss Life In A Struggle Essay


All through life, in the high and low spheres, there is present this struggle. This struggle arises in man from his desire to improve his condition. There is in him an element of divine discontent which is never satisfied and which drives him from sphere to sphere. His greatness as well as his misery are alike born of this discontent. So long as this will remain in man, the essence of life will be struggle. As the whole creation is trying to realise itself. This struggle present in all spheres and permeates life from the highest to the lowest:

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