What Is Self Reliance And What Are The Benefits Of Being Self Reliant Man

What is Self Reliance is a very interesting topic. It is the confidence on someone’s own struggle and abilities than thinking about other help and support. Let us Trust on ourselves and be self-dependence and self-support.

It tells him that he is not to lean on any prop or support, but to go on in life, lord of himself, dependent on none. Self-help should be the guiding principle of his life. This is his ideal, his aspiration. We only lay emphasis on the necessity of this great virtue in man when we say, “Heaven helps those who help themselves” or “Man is the architect of his fortune” or “We make our fortunes and call them fate.”

What Is Self Reliance And What Are The Benefits Of Being Self Reliant Man

What Is Self Reliance, Is It Impossible In Society.

 Absolute self-dependence is impossible. A Thoreau may attempt it, but to an ordinary man it is inconceivable. He lives in a complex organisation called society where the rule is mutual aid and cooperation. He gives something for what he receives. This is perfectly right. Wrong comes in only when something is asked for without any return, when rights are enjoyed without discharging the corresponding obligations,—in a word, when ihere is begging and not exchange. But though absolute self- dependence is impossible, yet there is ample room for self-reliance.

What Is Self Reliance And What Are The Benefits Of Being Self Reliant Man

We all admit it, nay, even praise it.

But in actual practice we depend much on others. We think that others will do for us and trust 100 much on their sympathy, fellow feeling and goodness. But this sort of habit is really harmful, for more than one reason. It engenders a sense of helplessness in us in critical moments of life, takes away our power of adaptability and presence of mind. It weakens our moral nature. Just think of a child who is never allowed to walk for fear of falling. You make him lame in the long run. So we become morally lame if we always lean on others. We lose our energy and self- confidence, the anchor of man’s life, and become so many moral wrecks.

Advantage of Being Self Reliance In Society.

These are not the only losses. By expecting too much from people we excite ridicule, pity, scorn and disgust in their minds. We ourselves become dead to all self-respect and sense of honour. Repeated failures make us morally weak , while the sight of success on all sides excites our envy. We become at last hardened cynics and haters of mankind. Without joy, without respect, we crawl to the grave mourned by none, remembered by none.

Different, however, is the picture of a self-reliant man. He is brave and courageous and knows that the world is good or bad according as he makes it. He trusts to no outward help, expects no windfall, but struggles on with dangers and difficulties, gathering strength and experience at each step. He may succeed or fail, but is always an object of sympathy, admiration and love.

These men teach the world fortitude, patience and self-help. The weak and the wavering are strengthened by them and the unhappy consoled. The lives of great men are so valuable to us because they all teach us this great quality. Nothing in fact is more eanilarariiig than the sight of a daring soul struggling heroically with unicvr-ard circumstances, grapplings with the star of destiny and at last conquering them.

Picture Of Self Reliant Man Will Show you Exactly What Is Self Reliance

What Is Self Reliance And What Are The Benefits Of Being Self Reliant Man

The self-reliant man is rewarded by earth and heaven alike. He gets the homage of men, commands their admiration, love and respect and is amply paid in the form of material prosperity. He becomes their leader, men trust him with life and property and have implicit faith in his wisdom and capacity. In a world when success is so rare, he succeeds, where many are called but few chosen, he receives the summons. But it is not by men alone he is rewarded, heaven helps him in his struggle.

Heavenly Reward of Self Reliance

Nothing in fact is nobler and surer than self-help. Gifts of fortune are precarious. Even when we get them, we cannot always enjoy them in peace. There is always a lurking doubt that we have got either more or less than we deserve. This gives us no peace of mind- Moreover, there is always a haunting anxiety that these blessings of fortune may go away as suddenly as they come. Men’s favours are precarious, we may or may not get them, and even when they come, they carry with them a moral reproach. The giver and the beggar never look with the same eye. The pitying look of a benefactor haunts us like a spectre in the dark. But the things for which we have toiled and paid to price the things which we have earned with our life-blood, shall always remain with us. There is far more joy in this than in the gambler’s luck or in the beggar’s satisfaction.

What Is Self Reliance And What Are The Benefits Of Being Self Reliant Man


Such being the advantage arid virtue of self reliance, it is the duty of every man to practise it. Practice begets facility. If we— resolutely make up our mind not to depend on others, but to do al! our work alone, as far as possible, in the long run we are bound to get a self-confidence, a faith which will move even mountains. Like Napoleon we shall then be able to say when obstacles confront us, “there shall be no Alps.”

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