What Is The Importance of Change In Our Life And Personal Development

Importance of Change in life is very hot topic.It is true that change always adds zest to life and makes it interesting and happy. Where this is wanted, life like curry without spices becomes vapid and tasteless.

Change Is Necessary For Human Life In Every Part of Life

Human life is so-constituted that for its very existence change is necessary, and variety is but another name for change. Change or contrast is essential to consciousness. We can neither know nor feel without recognising two distinct states. All knowledge is double, or is the knowledge of opposites or contrasts. Heavy is relative to light, up presupposes down, awakening implies sleep. As in the case of knowledge, so in the case of feeling we require change. Pleasure and pain are not absolute states; they have reference always to the previous condition.

Their keenness depends upon their novelty or change. This is what is meant when it is said that “variety is the mother of enjoyment” or “the great source of pleasure is variety.” Rest has no meaning to an idle person and pain loses much of its sling when it comes to a man whose life is a prolonged agony. The man who has never been ill cannot sing the joys of health and the poor beggar only knows the delights of wealth. In the field of action the same law holds good. An action, however good or thrilling at first it might be, becomes monotonous at least. To a soldier military engagements or battles have no thrills. A hardened executioner hangs a man with as little as we hang a picture. So in every department of the human mind, in knowing, in feeling as well as in action, we must have variety or change.

All the Department of Life Require Change

So keen is man’s yearning after variety and so great is his dread of monotony, that death is at times conceived of as an unbroken and unending monotony, a dull uniformity, tedious silence and an endless darkness. We are so afraid of death partly because it takes us away from the thrills of life, from its ever-changing sights and sounds to a dull ennui, without flavor and fervor. We cling to life which is so varied and sun death which is so monotonous.

But we are not much surprised at man’s fear of monotony nor this craving for novelty or variety when we consider the place of man in this world. He is placed in the midst of a wonderful nature is changing at every moment. The sun rises and sets, stars rush and and retire, seasons change, flowers bloom and wither and rivers Up* and flow. So sure, so constant, so marvellous are these changes, that the poets and philosophers have held that the change is the order of nature. Mure. Now a man is a creature of environment, he is more or less influenced by the surrounding. What wonder is there that man will love variety when he sees himself surrounded by a Nature which is Entinually changing? He takes his due from her and becomes an apostle of change.

Why Human Being Always Love Change And Admire The Importance of Change.

Nor is this the only cause. Life is a continuous process of Adjustment. It thrives or withers according as it is able to adapt itself to rite external forces and turn them to its use or fails to do so. When we say that this world is a world of the survival of the fittest, we mean that hose only prosper who can fight, conquer and turn to use the external circumstances. Now, we have seen that these external circumstances are continually changing. Therefore, to adjust human life to these ever-going changes our activities must also be varied. One kind of activity is not able to cope with the ever-changing environment. Hence variety becomes a biological necessity.

Again, life is not made of one strand. It is a web of many strands and all these require attention. The fulness of life lies in the harmonious development of all the interest which constitute it. A partial attention will make it one-sided, unbalanced and imperfect. Hence is the necessity of attending to the various interests of life. But this can only be done if our activities are varied and our experiences manifold. This is as good as to say that variety is essential to life. The meaning of life will be greatly lost if there is no variety in it. When we say ” Variety is the spice of life or “Variety is the mother of enjoyment,” we mean but this thing.

Importance of Change Is A Biological And Psychological Necessity

Change is thus a biological and psychological necessity. Without it life cannot prosper, no knowledge, or pleasure is possible. It is at the root of all the concerns of life. It enables us to see new meanings in life, it stimulates our energy. Life would have been a heavy burden without it. But there is a danger of its being pushed too far. Earing is a necessity but not gluttony. Extremes are bad. To fret and foam when sameness conies for a moment, to develope craze for change or novelty is highly injurious to our physical and moral being. It takes away all seriousness and steadiness and makes us impatient and frivolous. It saps vitality. The taste of a dish is spoilt by putting too much spices in it, so the flavour of life is killed by an unhealthy craze for novelty.

Conclusion Remarks Why Importance of Change Is Appreciated.

Therefore, much as we appreciate variety as a great biological and psychological necessity, we should be on our guard against developing a craze for it. Many a life has been wrecked on the rock of novelty. We should know that virtue lies in moderation and things to be enjoyed must be enjoyed soberly.

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