What Is Self Denial,Discuss The Importance of Deny Yourself In Life

What is self denial in life, it is beautiful feeling which can be defined as “Sacrifice of one’s own desires or interests.We will discuss about that in this article.

What Is Self Denial,Discuss The Importance of Deny Yourself In Life

Daniel Is In Nature of Human Being

Man is by nature selfish. Whatever he does it with the primary intention of satisfying himself. So there is a school of moralists who say that behind all actions of man, even the most selfless or altruistic ones,there is present the idea of pleasing himself. The innate selfishness of man comes out in critical emergencies, in moments of great dangers.

Yet history is replete with instances of great self-sacrifice which lead us perhaps to conclude that self-denial is an instinct in man. The naked truth however is that man is by nature selfish and it is heredity, tradition, culture and emulation which make him forget himself. Every man is an inheritor of the past experiences of his forefathers and these come to him in the shape of instinct. So when a parent sacrifices himself for his children, he is but reproducing what his ancestors did for their posterity. Besides instinct, the other powerful factors which prompt men to subordinate himself to the interest of others, are tradition or opinions and customs handed down to the race, culture or education and emulation or praiseworthy imitation of what is good and noble in others. These lead a man to sacrifice himself for others in the different spheres of life.

What Is Self Denial, Here Are 10 Universal Examples About Self Denial You Must Know

Role of Self Denial In Family

The first field of his sacrifice is the family. Self-denial is the mortar which binds together the different units. As a father, mother, brothers, sister, son and daughter, etc., each is required to subordinate his or her self to the common interest of the family. It is the training ground for this great virtue. Hence it is said that charily begins at home.

Role of Self Denial In Society

Then comes the larger arena in the form of society. A society is a complex organisation in which the different conflicting parts are adjusted together into a harmonious whole. This delicate and highly useful mechanism (the triumph of human ingenuity) is based on the broad principle that each must do what is required of him. It is the recognition of responsibility which lies at the base of social organism. Liberty is not inconsistent with it, because liberty is not licence. It is the privilege of exercising our rights so far as they are consistent with the exercise of the rights of the other members of the society.

Role of Self Denial In Country

Then we get a still broader field in the shape of our country. Patriotism, political liberty, and all kinds of political rights and obligations are based on this self-sacrifice. The rise from the love of one’s country to the love of the world is but a process of development.Two other considerations besides instinct, generally lead men to sacrifice their self. One is prudence or calculated wisdom. I sacrifice for you with the hope that you too will sacrifice for me in return. This is a mean kind of self-denial, but very common.

Role of Self Denial In Love                                       .   ^

The other consideration is love. All genuine and noble sacrifice is made through love. “Love is given that self might be annulled” says Wordsworth/ Behind a parent’s sacrifice, a patriot’s gives and a martyr’s’ stake is this unbounded love for their children, country and religion. This alone makes impossible possible and raises man to the supreme height. And as it given to everyone to love so the capacity for sacrifice is shared by the rich and poor,the high and the low.


From what has been said it is easy to find out the importance of self denial it in all spheres of life.it raises man from the selfish brute to a divine soul.hence the necessity of practising it.


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