Great Essay About What Is Goodness,In Life And Morality

What is Goodness and why it is so important in our life.We can simply say GOODNESS IS GREATER THAN GREATNESS.We will discuss some aspects about goodness in this article.

By greatness is here meant not so much moral greatness as greatness of position and rank. Practically means it is better to be good than to be big. Goodness is superior to greatness for several reasons.It is open for all men to be good, but all cannot be great. One is within the reach of human efforts, the other has besides human endeavour, an element of luck or chance.

Goodness is one of the cardinal virtues of man without which he is not fully entitled to call himself man. Greatness of rank or less an accidental affair. One is an inseparable and the other a separable accident of men.

What Is Goodness, What Is The Difference Between Goodness And Greatness

Goodness has a greater inclination and scope for serving humanity than greatness. It often becomes difficult for great men to place themselves in other’s position, so they cannot realise the painS and suffering of others to an extent which will draw true and active sympathy for the poor and the miserable. But a good man can do it easily

Greatness is more affected by time than goodness. Things and persons once great are now clearly swept out of memory, but goodness abides. A good name out lives great riches and rank.


Art is long, time is short, is an of-quoted line and it enshrines the sad but universal experience of mankind. The duties of life are so heavy and various that life piled on life is but too little for their faithful performance, Even the most economical use of time is hardly sufficient to discharge the obligations of life.Hesitation indicates weakness of’ character and want of mental alertness. In existence in which character is the crown and glory of life, this weakness is fatal.

It gradually takes away self-confidence, and when a man loses, confidence in his own capacity he is a moral wreck. Great men of all ages agree in having an inordinate amount of self- confidence; it is the secret of their success.It takes away from a man the trust and confidence of his fellow beings. This is a practical world and it has no patience with would have been.


For these and other reasons goodness is spoken of as greater than greatness. The want of all times is the want of good men. Greatness of rank or status is sometimes possible without goodness, but for moral greatness it is essential.Hence the importance of acting in proper time and deciding quickly and once for all.

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