10 Importance of Culture In Society And Life

Importance of culture in society and life is very important aspect of every nation.Every culture has its own norms. It is very essential to know the cultural importance.

The need of all ages and of all countries is the need of men. Other things like money and material resources are easily found but not men to guide and carry out a work. This is what Carlyle meant when he said that the fuel was often found ready but not the spark which would set fire to it.And the men whom the world stands so much in need of, are men with mental refinement men with ideas, intelligence, character and energy. They ultimately count in life. At the  root of all achievements stands two things, a mind to conceive and a character to execute the plan with patience and perseverance. These two things are the products of mental culture. Hence culture is necessary at all times.

But at the present day its need is all the greater. The present age is an age of keen economic competition, bred problem has become the most important question of the day. Men arc sacrificing liberal education for vocational training and the universities of the world are turning out mere mechanics and artisans than scholars. But in order that these men may have a more scientific training in their respective subjects and a broader outlook and in order that their tastes and amusements—the pastimes of their leisure hours may be healthy, it is necessary for them to have some mental culture. The amusements and the diversions of artisans will not be so low and vitiated when their minds are improved.

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The present age is also an age of sick hurry. Soundness is at a discount and superficiality reigns supreme. Men pick up their learning from newspapers, periodicals and indexes of books and go on smattering about many things about which they have no real knowledge. But little knowledge is a dangerous thing and the only way lo escape from this danger is to have mental refinement.

Politics has come to absorb men’s attention. Even the children at school dabble in politics. But in order to understand politics and to have a rational and not mere sentimental views and in order they may not be used as mere pawns by designing men in their political games, it is necessary to have mental culture.

This culture will enable them to take their true part in the political struggle of the day.spheres-liberty of press, liberty of speech, of conscience, liberty to love and so on. But equality and liberty are based on a proper appreciation of rights and responsibilities and these presuppose menial culture.Lastly, this is an age of democracy when people are aspiring lo rule themselves. But rule without responsibility is a myth. They must educate themselves before they can hope to rule.

  1. Conclusion:Hence the importance of culture at the present day, if men were to take their proper place in the social and political life of their country.In this age when the social life is so complex and delicate, and the need of reformation so crying, nothing short of real mental culture can solve the social problem and enable men to take their proper place in society.

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