Great Essay About The Fruits Of Labour Are Sweeter Than Gifts Of Fortune

Great Essay About About The Fruits Of Labour Are Sweeter Than Gifts Of Fortune is being discussed today. In the sweat of thy face thou shalt earn they bread’ was the divine judgement pronounced on the fallen man. And this judgement has ever since determined the character of man. He is never really satisfied with any thing which he has not earned with the labour of his head or hand. There may be a temporary elation at some windfall, but no abiding joy can be had from anything which is not earned.

10 Great Examples Why The Fruits Of Labour Are Sweeter Than Gifts Of Fortune

  • There is a sense of ownership regarding things which are earned with labour, but the things which are, got through luck are in the nature of unexpected gifts and one cannot feel the same degree of ownership in them. It seems that we are mere trustees and not owners of the gifts of fortune. This is why it is seen sometimes that what is got through fortune is bequeathed to some charitable cause.
  • This gifts of fortune are more or less uncertain and precarious in their nature, we go on hoping for them but hope deferred take the heart-sick. Things earned have not that risky nature about them.
  • Honest Joy-the joy of having paid for what we enjoy accompanies all earnings, but in the gifts of fortune there is no doubt an amount of joy, but its nature is of the kind which one feels in getting a thing by fluke or in tricking one. No real satisfaction is there, because we feel that we have got what we do not deserve and have thereby deprived more deserving men.
  • The sense of levelling-of sympathy and equality and fellow feeling-which is present in those who work for their bread is absent in those who live by the gifts of fortune.
  • Lucky men-minions of fortune-are often warning in true artistic sense, for art is man’s joy in labour. They never labour and never get this joy. The inartistic nature of these people will be evident even by a cursory look at their, decoration and dress.
  •  Work is prayer. We all pray to God by working as labourers in His vineyard and fulfilling His great command that in the sweat of our face we shall earn our bread. Men who prosper through luck are deprived of this form of prayer.


It is for all these reasons that the fruits of labour are sweeter than gifts of fortune. Man should feel it a proud privilege to work and feel the dignity of labour. Truly has Scott said “Labour is the condition which God has imposed on us in every station of life.

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