What Is Responsibility:

Responsibility is the fulfillment of obligations, or care when making decisions or doing something .Responsibility is also the fact of being responsible for someone or something.Responsibility is also used to refer to the obligation to respond to a fact.It comes from the Latin responsum , from the verb respondere , which in turn is formed with the prefix re- , which refers to the idea of ​​repetition, from going back, and the verb spondere , which means “to promise”, “to bind” or ” engage”.

The value of Responsibility

The responsibility is considered a quality and value of the human being . It is a positive feature of people who are able to commit and act correctly. In many cases, the responsibility is given by a position, a role or circumstance, such as a job or paternity.

In a society, people are expected to act in a responsible manner, exercising their rights and performing their obligations as citizens. In many cases, the responsibility is due to ethical and moral issues .

Social responsibility is the burden, commitment or obligation that the members of a society, as individuals or as members of some group, have among themselves and for the society itself.

It is a type of responsibility based on the ideology and internal norms of an entity. Social responsibility can be positive , in the sense of being forced to act or do something, and can also be negative , in reference to refraining from acting or doing something.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) , also known as corporate social responsibility is the commitment and voluntary and active contribution of a company to socioeconomic and environmental improvement, mainly aimed at increasing its competitiveness, its valuation and its added value.

Civil liability

The liability is the obligation of a person to repair damage to the person who has suffered . Civil liability can be acquired by contract (contractual) or be stipulated by law (extra-contractual). When the person who responds for damages is a person other than the author, it is called responsibility for outside events.

Joint Liability

The joint liability is the obligation or commitment of a major company to respond, if there are debts of the contractor or subcontractor with their workers . This type of responsibility, therefore, applies to several people who respond to an obligation incurred without requiring a declaration of insolvency from the principal agent. In this way, the creditor can claim the debt against one or all of the parties at the same time.

Limited liability

limited liability company (SRL), or simply limited company (SL), is a type of commercial company in which liability is limited to the capital contributed .Therefore, if there are debts, members of this type of organization should not respond with their personal assets. In this sense, the shareholdings do not correspond to the shares of public limited companies (SA).

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