What is social responsibility and what influence does it have on companies

Social responsibility is the commitment of members of a society ,to voluntarily contribute in society and to protect the environment.We can define it as a contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement, with the aim of improving the value perception.Corporate social responsibility is increasingly linked to sustainable development. This does not only concern the environment, but also the relationship between the company, employees and the community.It makes it possible for all people to  have a satisfactory socio-economic and cultural quality of life.

There are some specific types of social responsibility . Are they: Business; Corporate social; Socio-environmental; Individual social.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is linked to the environmental or social aspects that make up a company.In general, the company carries out various social programs that achieve useful benefits both internally and for the community, improving the quality of the individuals who work in it and the neighbors who live around.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is ethical, transparent and legal management by companies or organizations in order to reduce the negative impacts of the environment and society.Currently, business efforts are based on a responsible position around the impact of the activities that are carried out, therefore, create plans to act from the perspective of sustainable development.

Environmental social responsibility

It refers to the different programs or schedules that the company adopts to preserve or safeguard nature as a whole and to future generations.Currently, companies adopt strategies to reduce environmental impact, and have as their main objective sustainability.

University Social Responsibility

University social responsibility refers to the fact that the university not only aims to train excellent and recognized professionals, but individuals committed to the development of the country and the community.

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