What Is Povidine

Povidine is a topical antiseptic, indicated for cleaning wounds and performing dressings, as it has a potent effect against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Its active ingredient contains 10% iodopovidone, or PVPI, equivalent to 1% active iodine in aqueous solution, and its use is more advantageous than the common iodine solution, since it has a faster action, a more effective effect. prolonged, does not burn or irritate the skin, and forms a film that protects the affected area.

In addition to being found in the form of topical antiseptic, Povidine is available in the form of degermant or soap that is usually used in hospitals and is indicated for the preparation of patients’ skin before surgery and for cleaning the hands and arms of the surgical team in the pre- surgery. Povidine can be purchased from major pharmacies in bottles of 30 or 100 ml, and its price usually ranges from 10 to 20 reais, depending on where it is sold.

What is it for

Povidine is a medicine used for cleaning and sterilizing the skin, preventing the proliferation of micro-organisms and wound infection, much used in emergency rooms, clinics and hospitals. Thus, its main indications are:

  • Dressing and cleaning of wounds , burns and infections, mainly in its topical form or in aqueous solution;
  • Preoperative preparation of the skin of patients before surgery or medical procedure, and for the cleaning of the hands and arms of the surgical team, mainly in their form of germ or soap.

In addition to Povidine, other drugs that also have an effect in fighting infection or proliferation of microorganisms are 70% alcohol or chlorhexidine, also known asMerthiolate .

How to use

Povidine is indicated for external use only. In cases of injury, it is recommended to wipe the site with gauze pad and apply the topical solution on the wound 3 to 4 times a day, using sterile gauze or compress, until the entire wound is covered. To facilitate its use, the topical Povidine is also available in spray form, which can be sprayed directly into the desired region. Check out the step-by-step to make a wound dressing properly .

The Povidine degermant solution is usually used before surgery, because it is applied to the skin of the patient and to the hands and arms of the surgical team, moments before surgery, to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, making the environment sterile.


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