What are the scrolls for in Hay Day?

Hay Day is a mobile game from Supercell, available from June 21, 2012. It is a multiplayer farm simulator , where we take care of it and sell crops and animal products. Then we will have to expand our farm, and we need to know what are the scrolls for in Hay Day? In addition to the materials and expansion permits.

Perhaps you have previously tried to make an animal farm on iOS devices ; And then you may have wanted to know what are the best farm games for Android or iOS minecraft style? . But today we encourage you to try Hay Day .

If you have not started this adventure yet, we recommend downloading it today . You can get the Hay Day application for your Android mobile on the Google Play page ; But if you have an Apple mobile device with iOS, you can also get it in the App Store .

What is Hay Day about and how is it played?

The game begins when our uncle, the owner of the farm, retires and leaves us the task of taking care of his business. So, we will have to grow our crops, raise various types of farm animals and sell our products.

When we make our sales, we earn coins that we can use to buy new materials, buildings to expand our production; in addition we can also buy friendly pets and various decorative objects for our farm.

The neighboring farmers, can be joined to form neighborhoods ; which are grouped to help each other, chat or make donations of objects. Donations have a maximum of 20 units per day, and requests can only be made every 12 hours.

When our farm reaches a peak of buildings and production, we will need to expand our land. This is when we will need to use scrolls, certain types of materials, and an extension permit.

What are the scrolls for in Hay Day?

Scrolls are a class of object, which will allow us to obtain bonuses in the game. Among the different scrolls, the one that interests us the most is the extension permits. With them we can unlock new areas near our farm, which are at the other end of the road.

This will give us the possibility to build more production buildings , storage buildings, among others, and even homes for animals. That we can locate them in an extension of the farm, in a fishing lake or in the town, depending on what we want. And thus, improve our sales.

Expansion permits cannot be kept in the barn, nor can they be bought or sold. You get them by spinning the wheel of fortune, opening mystery boxes, leveling up, and through checkpoints during derbies.

There is a limit of 59 permissions to unlock all 9 additional areas of the game; After completing all of them, you can no longer earn more permits. Each parcel of land requires a certain number of permits that vary from 1 to 10.

Expansion materials and permits to expand our farm in Hay Day

The materials we need for the expansion, we use them to acquire new areas of the farm, the fishing lake and also the town. These materials are obtained randomly , when we harvest the crops; although we also get them in mystery boxes, in the stores of other players or buying them with diamonds.

We will need land deeds, maces, map pieces, marking stakes and expansion permits. They require level 22 , and cost between 112-403 coins each, or 12 diamonds; Except for the expansion permits which are level 25, and are priceless because they are obtained in other ways.

The materials are obtained at the players’ stalls , also using diamonds, collecting the crops or products that you manufacture, turning the wheel of fortune, in nets and mystery boxes, or after watching a trailer.

Now that you know, what are the scrolls for in Hay Day, and the materials and expansion permits you need to expand your farm. You can share the information in this post with all your friends; so they can compete and see who is the best of all the farmers.


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