How to activate Ok Google on my Android mobile

It is already well known that Google offers a large number of very useful services and tools for the millions of users who use this platform. In this opportunity we will talk about the Ok Google search assistant, which shows a particularity and that is that it works by means of voice command.

And since we want to teach you more about this fantastic tool, we will show you how to activate Ok Google on my Android mobile or my Chrome page easily.

It is available on any mobile device, Laptop, Tablet or personal computer that uses the Google Chrome browser. The important thing is that your device has a microphone and you log into your Google account . In this article we are going to show you how simple it is to use this tool and all that it can offer you.

It is important that you know that before using Ok Google you must activate it, either from the device you use or from the Google page. You do not need to install an extra application to activate this tool. But none of that and below we will indicate the simple steps to   activate Ok Google on my Android mobile or my Chrome page easily.

How to activate Ok Google on my Android mobile or my Chrome page easily

The first step we must take is to check if we have installed on our device that functions with Android system. The latest version of Google, to do this simple check it will only be necessary to go to the Play Store . Then we just go to the main menu of our mobile and click on the icon of the Google virtual store.

Then we are going to click on the Menu option, this will display a list of options and we are going to choose Applications and game. Another way to do it is through the Google browser , then we go to the upper right part of the page and click on the three-point icon. A list of options will be displayed and in it we will select Settings.

When entering this option, we will go to Chrome Information and here you will verify if it is updated to the latest version. Now we will go on to activate the Google assistant, through the voice command Ok Google and do not have problems using it .

Steps to activate Ok Google on my Android or my Chrome page

Once we have verified that Google is updated to its latest version, now we will open the search engine and on the right side we will find an icon in the shape of a Microphone . Now you just have to click on this icon and ask your question, you will see that the question will appear on the screen.

Now the search will begin and we will listen to the most suitable answer, it will also offer us related videos, photos, website and maps. One of the options that users use the most is to listen to music. Where it will show us the public playlist, or options to tune into radio stations, if we wish we can listen to music from platforms such as Spotify or YouTube.

Of course, before this you must configure the different voice commands that Ok Google will use to answer your questions. Where you can enter in the assistant commands for reminders, for alerts, to listen to music as we already indicated. To use the road navigator and go without problem to our destination.

It is important that you know that you can use this assistant in any of the versions of the Android operating system . And once you have activated the function on your mobile phone, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that Ok Google offers us. Remember that it is an assistant and works with different voice commands that you must configure.

So you can ask him not only to search for a page by its search engine or the meaning of a word. You will also be able to ask the assistant to call a contact on your phone or send a text message, it really is simply great.

And in this way we have reached the end of this article that could show you how simple it is to activate Ok Google on my Android or my Chrome page easily.


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