What are the best programs to put subtitles on my videos?

Although the translation of the audio has been enabled to the multimedia content, subtitles the videos you want to play is still feasible to enjoy the original language.

In case you have decided to acquire a series or movies that are not accompanied by this tool, or you would like to apply this type of text so that what you have recorded is better understood, there are programs that allow you to achieve it.

Although few people can notice it, adding a textual sequence that goes along with the audio is a very important tool when enjoying a video.

Its creation and application has been intended for those who need to understand a dialogue, speak another language or have hearing problems.

Would you like to create subtitles without using programs? Learning is very easy!

The SRT format is a text file extension by which the subtitle is used, since it can be inserted into any type of video and playback program.

To create these types of documents, it is not necessary to download or install a third party to increase its efficiency. All the tools are inside the computer:

The following explanation will be through the software that the Windows operating system contains, so to start you must open the “Notepad”, which can be found in “Start”.

The content will have each of the phrases, classified by numbered sections, separated by a space provided by the “Enter” button.

Each of the sections of the subtitles will be accompanied by the period of time in which the phrase should appear and last.

At the time of finalizing the document with the script and the exact chronology, you will be able to store it through “File”, selecting on the option of “Save as”. In this aspect you will put the name you want, accompanied by “.srt” at the end.

The text file extension will automatically be created and you can insert it into any of your players to comfortably enjoy the video.

What are the best programs to edit and add subtitles to a video?

If, on the other hand, you want to use professional software to facilitate the creation of an SRT file, the Internet has a variety of programs that will help you achieve it.

Subtitle Edit

Available in thirty languages ​​and capable of creating more than fifty different formats, Subtitle Edit is a software that allows you to edit subtitles in a very comfortable way.

Among its tools you can find synchronization and line translation settings , setting the time and waveform that the audio should acquire.

iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor

It is recognized worldwide as one of the most complete programs for operating systems, although it has a payment rate of around forty euros.

However, this price is worth it, as iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor adjusts the created subtitles to the bit stream and sets them according to the video resolution.

It also allows you to create them from scratch and edit visual aspects such as font type, color and location where they will be found.


The greatest benefit that this program offers is to insert an SRT file in multimedia content that does not have copyright . Therefore, it is a very useful option to subtitle those videos whose audio is made in a language foreign to ours.

Similarly, SubtitleCreator has an assistant that authorizes the content of a DVD, in order to place updated subtitles on top of those that already exist in the multimedia file. In this way, it will be possible to maintain originality during reproduction, without affecting the visual comfort of the person.

Although search engines can find a variety of sources to download SRT files of popular content, creating your own subtitles is a very easy way to forge new skills and abilities .

On the other hand, it allows you to generate original content for the videos that you decide to record and upload to a social network, with the purpose of reaching more corners of the planet.


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