What are the best, safest and most private Internet browsers?

Since its inception, the Internet has served as a means to invade the privacy of the users that make up its community, so using private browsers to keep your data protected is a priority.

Since you often leave behind informational trails as you navigate between pages, some people can take advantage of that log to find sensitive content.

There are several conventional browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome , that have the option of browsing in incognito mode through the program. Unfortunately this is not totally effective in protecting information.

Therefore, if you want to add the best browsers to your computer or mobile device, here you will find a list of them.

Why should you use private browsers to explore the Internet?

Cookies and cache are data files that computers and mobiles store , as they are used over time.

These types of sources are those used by third parties to acquire sensitive information from the user who uses the connection.

Since it is not a component of browsers that can be disabled, the most viable option is to find a way to reduce the possibility that a hacker can access the entered content .

With regard to conventional browsers like Chrome and Firefox, their privacy method takes care of avoiding storing information in history.

That is, both continue to use cookies , which are automatically deleted when the program is closed. The problem with this is that if you have been browsing this way for a long time, a third party may have already acquired some of your data.

That is why the use of private browsers is recommended , as their objective is to prioritize the protection of searches and visits made by the user.

Top 5 of the best private browsers for computers and mobile devices

The effectiveness of these programs is based on hiding the IP address that was given to the computer you use, using tools that are integrated during browsing.

Tor Browser

The Tor Browser software is characterized by allowing access to the Tor network, which is a project that enables anonymous browsing within the web.

Everything is done by default within the browser, as it prevents tracing the origin of the IP address through a series of nodes, established randomly.


It is one of the official private browsers of The Onion Router, so Orfox is a light and simple application that can be purchased on Android devices through the Google Play Store.

It has a very comfortable and uncomplicated interface, so managing it to access the Internet safely is not a difficult task.

Epic Privacy Browser

Based on the Chronium interface, Epic Privacy Browser ends up being a familiar-looking program for anyone using it for the first time.

It is recommended worldwide, since it does not use cookies while browsing . In other words, searches, visits and interests are fully protected from the invasion of third parties.

SRWare Iron

Like the previous one, it is one of the private browsers inspired by Chronium, but without using its tracking or information storage elements.

One benefit of SRWare Iron is that it does not need to be installed to be used , since the program can be run from a USB stick. It is also compatible with computers and Android devices.

Firefox Focus

The creators of Mozilla have created Firefox Focus to give its users greater browsing privacy , also giving them higher Internet connection speeds . It is an application that can be found in the iOs and Android mobile stores.

So far it has been clear the risk that a person is exposed to every time they initiate a request from a browser, where all sensitive content can get into the wrong hands.

For this, each company has dedicated itself to developing private browsers. In order to offer confidence and security to all users who regularly browse the Internet


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