How do you put subtitles on an Apple TV?

How can I turn on or put Netflix CC Subtitles on Apple TV ? What steps do I need to follow to set up Netflix subtitles on my Apple TV? What are CC subtitles and how do I enable them?

In case you do n’t know what Apple TV is and how it works , this is the new baby of the Apple family. It is a digital receiver that aims to reproduce all kinds of multimedia content. This content can range from the Apple TV movie and series service to services such as iTunes, YouTube, Spotify or Netflix.

Enjoying Netflix programming on your Apple TV is extremely simple. In addition, thanks to the advanced technology used by the Apple TV device, you can activate, deactivate or put the Netflix CC subtitles.

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  1. How do you put subtitles on an Apple TV?
    1. How to make subtitles look bigger on Netflix
    2. Change the subtitle language on your Apple TV easily
    3. Customize the subtitles of your Netflix account step by step
    4. How to use alternative audio for the deaf on Netflix
  2. Frequent problems

How do you put subtitles on an Apple TV?

The first step in turning on , off, or putting Netflix CC Captions on your Apple TV is to download and install Netflix on your Apple TV. You can download the movie service after you set up your home network on the Apple TV device.

Then you must enter your account with your email and password. With the help of your remote control or mobile device, you must go to the ‘General’ section, in this a series of options will appear, among which you must select ‘Accessibility’.

Once you are in ‘Accessibility’ , you can enter the ‘Enable and configure the optional subtitles for people with hearing disabilities’. Another way this option can appear is ‘Enable and configure closed captions, CC or SDH’. In this you can choose the language in which you want the subtitles to appear.

In case you have a 4K generation Apple TV, you can additionally access the closed caption settings. Once you activate the subtitles for your Netflix programming, you can deactivate them by clicking on the ‘Deactivate’ box.

How to make subtitles look bigger on Netflix

Once you have managed to put subtitles in any language and activate, deactivate or put them on your Apple TV device, you can change their style, size and appearance. This will depend on the type of Apple TV you have.

To change the appearance, size, style, color and position of the Netflix subtitles on your Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3, you need to have an updated software version. This version must be 5.0 or higher.

You can start configuring these by accessing the ‘Settings’ section and clicking on the option called ‘General’. In ‘General’ a series of options will be displayed , among which you must locate ‘Enable and configure the optional subtitles for people with hearing disabilities’.

In this section you can modify the style, size, typography, location (upper part of the screen or lower part). Remember to always save the settings once you finish editing.

If, on the other hand, you have an Apple TV 4K device , configuring the appearance of the subtitles is quite similar, the difference is that you need to have a tvOS 9.0 or higher level installed and running.

Among the novelties included in the Apple TV 4 is that you can customize the appearance of the closed captions. In addition to other features that will help people with a hearing or visual disability to enjoy the best form of the film or series .

Change the subtitle language on your Apple TV easily

If you have an Apple TV 4K or HD, changing the subtitle language is something you can do without problems. You just have to slide your finger down on the remote control and select ‘Subtitles’. Next you will have to select the language in which you want to see the subtitles. In this same way you can activate and deactivate subtitles on your Apple TV easily and quickly.

Customize the subtitles of your Netflix account step by step

We will customize the subtitles of our Netflix account from a web browser , so that the changes are reflected on any device where we log in. The process is very simple, just by following the steps below:

  1. We will access our Netflix account from a web browser.
  2. We will select our profile.
  3. In ‘Appearance of subtitles’ we willselect ‘Change’.
  4. Edit / customize the appearance and appearance options of the subtitles.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Enter the Netflix app on the device of your choice.

In the case of TVs, we will have to follow the following route in the Netflix app: ‘Settings’> ‘Get help’> ‘Reload’ so that the changes are available that way.

How to use alternative audio for the deaf on Netflix

On Apple TV it is very easy to activate the alternative audio for people with hearing disabilities. This is done through the ‘Accessibility’ section that we will find in the ‘General’ menu of our Netflix account. On the other hand, we can also activate it directly with the control of our Apple TV.

For this we will have to enter our Netflix account and select a movie or series of our preference. Likewise, we will have to perform the following steps according to the Apple TV model .

In Apple TV 2 and 3 models we will have to press and hold the central button of our remote control. While in Apple TV 4 and 4K models we will have to slide down on the remote control. This will cause a menu to appear at the top or bottom of the screen where we will select ‘Dialog’ .

Available language options as well as alternate audio will appear. In this way we can activate and deactivate this Netflix functionality.

Frequent problems

In case you cannot activate, deactivate or put the Netflix CC subtitles on your Apple TV, there are several solutions that you can apply. The main and most effective is the one recommended by the same Netflix company.

This consists of restarting the home network, for this you must disconnect your home network and the Apple TV device for approximately 2 minutes. Then you must reconnect each of the devices.

In the same way, it is advisable to restart your Internet service. To do this you just have to turn off the modem and wireless router for another 2 minutes. In this way, when you enter Netflix again, the subtitles will have already been enabled.

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