Best 6 programs to subtitle videos today

For people who like to edit videos and upload them to social networks such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook if we want it to be seen by everyone, subtitles are a very useful tool so that the video can be understood in an easier way. With the programs to subtitle videos you will have the option to create subtitles in an easy and fast way.

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  • Top 6 programs to subtitle videos
    • Subtitle Workshop
    • Subtitle Edit
    • Jubler
    • SubtitleCreator
    • POP subtitle editor
    • iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor

Top 6 programs to subtitle videos

Subtitles are a fundamental tool if we want our videos to have many visits. Video captioning programs are commonly used by people who are actively posting on YouTube or a social network to make it much easier to watch. These programs include the following:

Subtitle Workshop

This program for editing subtitles is the most popular on the market, it has a very easy-to-use interface. Supports the most used formats such as ASS, SCR, DKS, SUB, etc. With this software you can edit your subtitles easily and quickly.

With Subtitle Woorshop you will be able to edit subtitles , you will also have the option of creating and converting the files to be able to work on them as best you need. This tool contains many options that will allow you to have professional results, one of them being the speed to load text.

Download | Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Edit

This is one of the most effective programs to create or edit subtitles of the video that you want. This contains a system of adjustment, synchronization and line translation . You can create conversation lines, as well as having the option to set the timeline.

The most important function of this tool is that it allows you to easily adjust the subtitles when they are not in sync with the video. It also has a built-in wizard to correct errors.

This program is available in more than 30 languages ​​and has more than 70 available formats integrated.

Download | Subtitle Edit


This program is text-based. You can use this tool to  create subtitles or improve an existing subtitle . This Software supports many subtitle formats. It also contains an optimized algorithm to help you fix blemishes.

The main advantages of Jubler is that it has many very advanced and professional options. Its optimization algorithm allows to fix the time intervals between the generated subtitles and what appears on the screen. You also have the option to assign colors to the subtitles, and it has a spelling and translation checker

This software is completely free and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Besides, you will have access to a preview.

Download | Jubler


Subtitle Creator is one of the most comprehensive and advanced programs in this area. It is designed to create subtitles in videos that do not contain copyright. This program is special for subtitling movies or series that are in an unknown language.

It contains a built-in DVD authorization wizard, this allows subtitles to be superimposed on the top of the screen. You can also add subtitles in a successful way, in order not to lose the originality of the reproduction.

This program is completely free, plus you will be able to convert ANCII-based SRT or SUB text files to binary SUP, you also have the option to add colors to existing subtitles.

Download | Subtitle Creator

POP subtitle editor

This is a program for subtitling videos, very easy to use that will allow you to create and add the subtitles you want to any video. You will have the option to write the texts while you watch the movie.

With this tool you can customize the subtitle settings such as font, color, size and positioning. You will have the option to generate AVI, MPEG or WMV files easily and quickly.

This software is very intuitive, which means that it does not matter if you have experience handling this type of program. It is characterized by its simplicity of use, in addition to being compatible with Windows, Linux and mac, you can download it for free.

Download | POP Subtitle Editor 1.0

 iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor

Finally in this top we have ToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor, this is one of the most powerful video subtitling programs on the market. It contains a large number of options, in addition to having very advanced tools that allow the user to have quality results.

With this program you will have the option to adjust all the subtitles so that they look original, with the bit rate and the resolution ratio. You will be able to modify any characteristics of the subtitles such as  location color and font ; in addition to containing a support inside to create it from scratch.

This program is perfect for editing movies that are not in your native language. It is one of the most used software today by users.

Video captioning programs are used by people who routinely share videos on their social networks. With the help of these you will be able to make your videos get more visits, since people who do not speak your language will be able to understand it easily. You just have to select the program that best suits your needs and download it.

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