Wear a Hat Every Day, Know the Bad Impact on Hair

Hats are one of the accessories used by many people. Whether it’s to cover up hair that’s not in good condition or to boost self-confidence, hats are something that many people wear.

Many men also use hats to cover their thinning and balding hair. Unfortunately, even though it can be a way to cover up the appearance of thinning hair, wearing a hat can also be a cause of hair problems.

Reporting from Livestrong, Aanand Geria, MD, a dermatologist from New Jersey, revealed the impact of using this hat on hair. It is stated that using this hat can actually be the cause of hair loss.

Dr. geria said that actually the impact of hair loss due to wearing this hat is not severe. But this can still happen, especially by considering factors such as how tight the hat you use is.

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“Hats that are too tight can reduce blood flow to the hair follicles and scalp and cause hair loss,” explained dr. Geria.

“This condition is known as traction alopecia,” he continued.

Traction alopecia is a condition when there is repeated pressure on the hair roots. The hat you wear and press your head every day can be a cause of traction alopecia.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of traction alopecia include:

Thinning hair on top of head
Bald patches
Loose hair
Swelling and redness of the scalp

Fortunately, the problem of traction alopecia can be prevented in a number of ways. To prevent this, you can use a hairstyle that is not too pressing, avoid using wigs or hairstyles that tie tightly, and avoid using hats that are too tight.

This condition can also be reversed and completely resolved as long as the problem is resolved more quickly. Stop doing a number of things that are bad for hair such as wearing hats that are too tight can make hair grow back.

Traction alopecia conditions that occur for a long time can cause permanent damage. This condition can affect the hair follicles and irreversible hair loss.


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