6 types of food that can cause damage to hair and nails

Healthy hair and nails may not be the main thing for everyone. This is often forgotten and not a major concern.

This condition of unhealthy hair and nails can be caused by a number of things. One of them is due to improper nutritional intake in the body.

Improper diet and lack of certain nutrients can cause nails to become dull and cracked. In hair, this problem can cause problems in the form of hair that breaks easily and falls out. Both nails and hair are made up of the same protein called keratin.

A number of essential nutrients such as protein, biotin and vitamin A are essential for keratin synthesis. Improper diet can cause problems with nails and hair.

It is important to avoid a number of foods to prevent skin and hair problems. Reporting from The Health Site, the following diet is important to know for healthy nails and hair.

Consumption of Too Much Fish

Some types of fish, such as mackerel or aged, may have high levels of mercury. Consumption of fish with too high a mercury content may cause hair loss.

Sweet Food

Foods high in sugar are beneficial for skin, hair and nails. This type of food also causes blood sugar to increase rapidly.

When blood sugar is high, the pancreas will produce more insulin. It also increases androgens, male hormones that can cause hair follicles to shrink in both men and women.

High Glycemic Foods

A number of foods can be quickly digested and absorbed so that blood sugar rises quickly. High glycemic foods are often high in refined carbohydrates and sugar. These foods can also cause an increase in androgens in a person.

Foods High in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed to produce sebum or oil on the scalp. This can keep hair moist and improve blood circulation to strengthen hair follicles for growth. However, when vitamin A levels are too high, hair loss can occur.

Lack of Protein

Lack of protein in the diet can cause hair loss and brittle nails. The high protein content of these foods can be very beneficial for hair and nails.

Lack of Zinc and Iron

The presence of white arches on the nails does not mean stored calcium, but a lack of zinc in the body. The presence of zinc and iron is very important for the formation of keratin.

Lack of both of these nutrients can cause problems for hair and nails. Consumption of red meat, seafood, and red beans can help overcome this problem.


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