Happyness Day;Every Thing You Need To Know

happyness day invites us to celebrate happiness as the “fundamental purpose of humanity”.March 20 is World Happiness Day: everything you need to know.

If you take a look at the calendar, you will find that there are the most disparate World Days : from Nutella to menstruation, passing through other singular recurrences such as the world day of marijuana. In short, there is a bit of everything. In this cauldron stands out, however, an anniversary that we like so much, that is, the G World iornata of happiness : the idyll to which we all aspire, especially in this pandemic period.

Happyness Day;When It Is Celeberated.

But let’s start from the beginning, that is from who established it, when it occurs and why. World Happiness Day is close to the spring equinox: it has been set for March 20 , starting in 2012. It is therefore a relatively recent anniversary but no less important for this. It was established by none other than the UN General Assembly explaining that “The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental purpose of humanity” .

Since then, it has been celebrated everywhere, or rather all UN member states are celebrating. In fact, the resolution of the Assembly reads as follows: “The organizations of the United Nations system, as well as other international and regional bodies, civil society, non-governmental organizations and individuals are invited to live a day that celebrates the anniversary of the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner, including through educational activities to raise public awareness “.

Which are the happiest countries in the world?

Incidentally: the United Nations really cares about this matter of happiness, so much so that every year they even draw up the ranking of the happiest countries . The parameters considered are the per capita income (how do you say? Doesn’t money make you happy?), Life expectancy (and the timeless “if there is health, there is everything”), the crime rate and corruption, the level of education and the employment rate. Well, by combining all these data, it emerged that in 2021 the country where the inhabitants are the happiest is Finland . In second place is Denmark , followed – hear, hear – by Switzerland . Italy is 30th …

Happyness Day: curiosity

But let’s get to the point. What can we do this year to celebrate March 20? Not much, actually, given that half of Italy is stuck in the red zone. On the other hand, the pandemic has led many to ask themselves: “What is happiness?” . But wait to cheer because the answers – spoilers! – they sound a little basic. Let’s say that the so-called little things are rewarded, especially those compatible with the pandemic.

Today, for us Italians, happiness would in fact coincide with food , but not healthy, zero-kilometer food, which is so good for our health and for the country. Precisely on the occasion of the World Day of Happiness, the Iias, or the Italian Institute of Frozen Foods , conducted a survey recording a real boom in frozen food , primarily pizza and fries. Locked within four walls, the Italians have in fact given themselves the joy of a DIY aperitif, buying many more salty snacks (1.5%), pizza (12.5%) and French fries (12%). All frozen.

Gardening prices are also growing : it seems to make you very happy even if you lack a green thumb and you could make a career as a serial killer of plants. Even in this case, there is a lot of analysis: YouGov conducted a survey for ManoMano and it emerged that 40% of Italians dedicate themselves to gardening to find peace of mind . One in two people have started taking care of plants and flowers in the last year precisely to take their mind off the daily problems.

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