Mount And Blade Bannerlord Guide

A great Mount And Blade Bannerlord Guide with an analysis of all the important and interesting points in the game: Making money, Workshops, Trade, Skills and Perks. Wives and Husbands and others, as well as a small FAQ on the game at the end of the article.

There are two ways, at tournaments we farm for the first workshop, or we collect an army a little at once and farm looters along the way. I advise you to immediately hang out there, for whom you want to play, complete simple quests (escort the caravan, deliver grass, clean up the shelter, etc.). Quests and drainage of shelters are needed to farm reputation in villages, so that later additional slots will open, where there is a better chance of catching an elite recruit.

As soon as you upgrade the clan lvl 2, immediately join the kingdom as a vassal to farm influence. It apes by winning battles and surrendering unnecessary captives to cities.

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Mount And Blade Bannerlord Guide

Unfortunately, the caravans were fixed and they are not profitable now, there are only workshops left, but they are in trouble too. Firstly, their number is strongly limited by the level of the clan, and secondly, if the workshop was located in the city of the faction with which the war began, this is minus the workshop with no return. The decision is, to build entrepreneurship for your faction or in the farthest faction. The most profitable at the moment:

– Brewery Sanaa
– Carpentry Seonon
– creamery Dzhakulas
– Velvet shop in Mize

Trading can make crazy money and quickly turn a poor beginner into a wealthy person. You need a start-up capital, at least 15-20K and the presence of a small carrying capacity of at least 50 mules / horses (horses, by the way, are also the subject of trade, packs can cost 30 rubles around Jalmaris, and sold for 330 rubles in Battania). And in literally 2 minutes and in one transaction, your 20K will turn into 50K.

It makes sense to trade only between factions, within one faction the prices are the same.

At the initial stages, do not hesitate to sell goods in small batches to villages, there is no price progression in them. In cities, the price always changes depending on the volume and your excess profit is cut from 500-700% to 200-300%.

It is important to understand the main principle: Villages produce – cities consume.

Villages always produce ± the same amount of production, but consumption is tied to the prosperity of the city. The higher the prosperity of a city, the higher its consumption. One Imperial Rotae or Epikrotaia consumes more than the entire Sturgia put together, because in Sturgi, prosperity is very low, and in Battania there are too many villages in relation to cities, so these two factions have the lowest profit factories and everything is the cheapest. Grain, fish, clay, timber, these fish can be bought for 5-6 rubles in colossal amounts. Start buying from the villages, then in the city. The city will think that in the villages there is still and there will be practically no progression of price increases, you can generally get goods from the faction just under 0. But such a purchase can take up to 150K (which will turn into ~ 450K a little later).

Further, to sell the whole thing in other factions, primarily in the Empire, it is better to throw food in those cities where there is a war and burned villages where there is famine. Otherwise, it is better to cities with high prosperity and specialized trading posts.

Such moves for some time lead the “economy” into disarray and it will be possible to repeat the call only in a couple or three weeks, or better a month.

It is not necessary to engage in trade on purpose, you can collect recruits, do quests or fight and at the same time dive into the trees / cities and buy / sell.

Those. trading can become one of the constant elements of gameplay and be enjoyable. Buying skins for 60 and selling for 460 is a fucking good feeling)) Even if you no longer need money xD

Satellite Squads

Detachments of companions are also a source of income, all loot after the battle and all prisoners are automatically converted into money and gradually paid to the player.
Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to create an empty squad on the satellite, he will recruit himself recruits, then invite him to your Army and fight together in major battles. To move a little faster, you can give the companion 20-30 lowered cavalry.

PS On the screen there are 4 squads, not 3. How to get the fourth? In BETA 1.3.0, if you marry the girl Lord, who walks in the squad on the map, and does not sit in the city in a dress. Then after the wedding, she retains her qualities, she is not only your full-fledged companion, but also the NPC Lord, after being captured and escaping, she herself will create a squad, even if all squad cells are already occupied. You will have 5/4 units. She also appoints herself as a governor in the capital and receives a general bonus for pumping troops, like the NCP Lord. Those. the quality of her troops will always be better than that of the rest.

Products and workshops
1) Grain – Brewery ⇒ Beer
2) Grapes – Wine press ⇒ Wine
3) Olives – Olive press ⇒ Oil (Oil)
4) Cotton (Cotton) – Velvet weavery ⇒ Velvet clothing
5) Flax – Linen weavery ⇒ Clothing (Clothing)
6) Wool – Spinning shop ( Wool weavery ⇒ Clothing
7) Clay – Pottery shop ⇒ Pottery
8) Rawhide – Tannery ⇒ Light armor / Leather
9) Hardwood – Wood Workshop ⇒ Bows / Arrows / Shields
10) Iron Ore – Smithy ⇒ Weapons / Armor / Tools
11) Silver – Silversmith ⇒ Jewelery

* Number of villages – the number of adjacent villages with certain products.
* Workshop is the best choice of workshop for a specific city.

Starting Quest Explore The Madness of Neretius

First you just need to talk to 10 lords / rulers from the list below. After the quest is clear enough and in the light of the latest patches, it should not be buggy.


  • One-handed, Two-handed, Polearm– Increase damage dealt by + 0.15% per point (for polearm + 0.07%) and attack speed by + 0.07%. The most useful is the two-handed one. has slash damage on several opponents at once, you can one-shot 4-5x with one hit. It is pumped from melee battles with the appropriate weapon.
  • Bows, Crossbows, Throwing– Increase damage for a bow by + 0.11%, crossbow reload speed by + 0.07% and accuracy + 0.09%, + the ability to use TOP Bows and Crossbows. Bows are most useful because The Bow of the Noble has the damage and accuracy of crossbows, but a much higher rate of fire, as top quivers have a bonus to damage and arrows by 35, instead of 20 for carts. The bow also works from the horse, the crossbow does not. The skill swings in the same way from the use of the appropriate weapon in battles.
  • Horse Riding– Increase your riding speed in combat. It also allows the use of better horses. TOP horse requires 90 skill. Swinging from riding on the global map and in battle.
  • Athletics– Increase the speed of movement of the character. Swings from moving around the map on foot and in battles, when on foot.
  • Forging– Increases the chance to get a little more resources when disassembling an item. It is not recommended to download on GG, due to the very limited number of focus points, there are more useful skills. Swings when crafting, disassembling and melting.
  • Reconnaissance– Significantly increases the radius of view on the company map and allows you to see the traces of units and armies, to understand where the troops went, when and at what speed. The perk Spirit of the Forest also partially works, which increases speed in forests, but does not reduce food. It sways by itself, from moving around the map and detecting objects.
  • Tactics– increases the ratio of troops in your favor, when the limit is exceeded, there will be more of you or the enemy on the battlefield, all other things being equal. But this does not work in the battles of Armies where there are many lords or does not work correctly. The skill is also responsible for auto-combat, which is why it is useful on satellites that lead squads. Swings hard, from victories over superior enemy forces and from commands given in large battles, more often rearrange archers in battle and poke all sorts of orders.
  • Cheating– increases the amount of loot after the battle, but the loot was cut in 1.2.0, nevertheless – loot is money, at the beginning of the game a companion with cheating can be useful. Swinging by the sale of prisoners and all sorts of criminal actions – illegal entry into the city, completing quests for smuggling, etc.
  • Charisma– increases the chance that the prisoners will want to join you. The skill is also responsible for recruiting Lords to their kingdom and seducing the future wife (save / load to help). It swings from any interaction with the Lords – a gift, a treaty, from refusing to take him prisoner and from accepting a ransom offer.
  • Leadership– Increases the base morale of the squad so that the troops do not escape from the battlefield and move faster along the company map. The recruitment perk is working, which allows you to retrain bandits into the elite. This is a very useful perk, since 1.2.0 packs of bandits may want to join the player with their entire roster, if the forest ones join, you get a lot of one of the rarest elite units in the game for free – the Battan Heroes. Marine retrained in the Sturgsky Knights, mountain in the Knights of Vlandia. It swings only when the GG is in the Army, no “various food”, as they say in the description, you will not pump anything, food does not swing Leadership, it does not work.
  • Trade– Increases the price of goods sold and reduces the purchase price, the perk “Everything has a price” works, which allows you to sell and buy fiefs. “Swings quickly from profitable trade deals, with all sorts of raw materials. If you bought grain in Sturgia at 5, in the amount of 700 bags and sold in the Empire for 35, then you will get a crazy amount of exp in the skill.Buy everything cheap and sell where they buy expensive.Wholesale is the fastest way to get rich.
  • Management– Increases the size of your squad by +1 place, for every 5 skill points, the amount of building materials (bricks) in your fiefs directly depends on this skill. Without Office, you will not build anything at all, with Office 200, any poor castle is rebuilt in the TOP in a week or two. It swings pretty quickly by the presence of additional units in your clan.
  • Medicine– Increases the speed of healing the troops and the character. It sways by itself, but rather slowly.
  • Engineering– Increases the construction speed of siege camps and engineering structures in sieges. At first glance, the skill is not very useful, but after playing the company without it, I was biting my elbows. You definitely need to invest points here.



Skills in which more than one perk does not work at all:

Bows, Crossbows, Throwing, Horse Riding, Athletics, Tactics, Cheating, Management, Engineering.

Skills that have at least something working, but most do not work:

One-handed (Extra HP, Raider 1, Arrow Catcher, Raider 2, Shield Barrier works), Two-handed, Polearm.

Skills, mainly with working perks (80% of workers):

Forging, Charisma, Leadership, Trade, Medicine (everything works except Bush Doctor and Horse Healer).


In the new version, their spawn has been fixed, now there are more partners and they have delicious bonuses. This table is “the best” in each area, I see no reason to add them all.

I used to use a mod for advanced banner settings, but when I came across this feature I removed it from my list. One of the fans made an awesome editor that allows you to create original banners. The editor itself uses only game decor elements, you cannot upload your own pictures. After the banner has been created, the application generates a special code, you need to copy it and press CTRL + V in the banner editing window (B).


How do I turn off the intro video?
We go into the folder with the game, go to “Modules \ Native \ Videos” and rename the files, or replace them with empty ones from this wonderful mod.

Which faction (culture) to choose?
Now every sofa analyst will prove with foam in the mouth that Vlandia is the most imba. Well, I’ll just say that this 20% in the leveling of units is not at all so noticeable through the farm of bandits on the auto battle.

How to create a kingdom?
When you have completed the initial quest, a choice appears, join / create an imperial or anti-imperial faction. If you have a castle / city before completing the quest, it continues to be yours, besides, all wars started earlier are stopped. Thus, after capturing on fast, you can go to support one of the NPCs, get a kingdom, farm and then declare war on someone.

How do I create a workshop?
In the city, hold down ALT and find workers or already built workshops that you can rebuild into another. Usually there are from 2 to 3 such places in a city.

What is the best workshop to create?
Each city owns several villages, they all produce something. See what exactly is more convenient through trading by hovering the mouse over the hammer at the top left. Based on these products, which the villagers bring to the city and sell at a low price, which makes raw materials cheaper, you must choose the appropriate enterprise.

Which is better, a workshop or a caravan?
It is foolish to choose one thing, you need to combine. The caravan often gives more income, but it is not stable, and besides, you pay for the maintenance of the caravan troops. In addition, the number of caravans is limited by the number of companions in your clan, because you always need to send someone to the caravan to accompany you. Workshops, on the other hand, often bring a penny, even if the adjacent villages produce the necessary raw materials, but they can be created in batches.

And what about companions, whom to take?
You can, of course, take a scout, a healer, assign them roles in the clan, etc., but the problem is that they have too much lvl and they will swing for an incredibly long time. I think that it is more profitable to take purely warriors, that is, those who have the most developed combat skills.

How do I view the version of the game?
With the help of saves. Go to your company, click “Save As” and look at the version of the new save. Do not pay attention to Native, the version is indicated in the 4 lower modules.

How to choose a Russifier?
Definitely commando .

What is the best way to cheat alone?
You can use the offc console, but as for me it is much better with the help of the trainer [], especially the one with +30. True, you need to run it when the game is open, otherwise it will crash when you launch the bannerlord.

And what about wives, how to take someone in a pair? Where to find? Who is better to take?

If you have less than 20-30 charisma and 5k gold do not even try to get married, you will get tired of loading before dialogues with a young lady. The feature of the wife at the start of the game is that they have very good clothes and downs that you can sell / wear on yourself. A list of the best wives / husbands can be found in the Companions section.

To see the available wives, you need to open the encyclopedia (N), select Heroes and check the Woman + Noble checkbox. It must be a noblewoman without a husband, not a vassal.

To take her into your power, you need to go through two stages of dialogues with her (charisma will be needed here), fail at least once and she will no longer be available as a wife, but then pay her father and take her to the squad.

Why can’t I find this or that character through the encyclopedia?
It means that he did not spawn and instead of the best in its class, another, worse, appeared.

What to do to spawn the best companion in a given class?
Well, if you really really want someone, start a new game over and over until you catch the one you need. After the start of the game, characters spawn every week until the limit of their templates is filled, but this is random. These templates themselves can be edited, but I do not advise anyone to do this, as you can ruin the game out of inexperience.

What do their perks do?
In the game, each Persian has a description, poke, look.

Found a companion by name, but his stats are not the same as in the table, why?
There are companions with the same name BUT with different cultures.

How to pump them?
No, they themselves distribute all the points to themselves, though I met a mod on the nexus that allows you to do it yourself, but why bother?

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