5 apps I use every day

It seems to us that when we buy a smartphone, we only get an improved display, a great camera and more memory. This is not entirely true: if there were no apps, there would be no point in your iPhone. Even games are not capable of realizing the full potential of the device. The applications that we use every day are another matter. The programs that we install into our smartphones provide us not only with comfortable conditions for work and rest, but also replace many familiar things, helping to save a lot of time. Not so long ago, I started living alone and I can’t imagine what the choice of home goods in an offline store will turn into. Today I will tell you about 5 applications that I use every day from morning to evening.

I share with you which apps I use every day


  • 1OZON is a marketplace that probably has everything
  • 2Radio Record – music for every taste
  • 3Tinkoff Investments – we save and even multiply
  • 4AliExpress – interesting products for every day
  • 5Food – cashback from purchases

OZON is a marketplace that probably has everything

I will warn you right away that this is not an advertisement. I never used this marketplace while living in Moscow. Then Yandex.Market was closer to me, where I chose some nice little things, animal feed, stocked up coffee for a month in advance. In early September, I returned to my small homeland, where I slowly began to equip my housing. Something did not go according to plan, and in such situations, purchases help to take a breath and recover.

Prices in OZON are also pleasantly pleasing

Unfortunately, Yandex.Market delivers goods to my city for a very long time and charges a large delivery fee. But there are OZON pick-up points at every step. It was then that I got carried away: for a month now I have been going to the pick-up point every day, as I used to go to work. Furniture, kitchen goods, gadgets – everything is in one place. Delivery takes two, sometimes three days. For you to understand, the other day I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I urgently need a juicer ( hello, healthy lifestyle ) and … a poster of “Venom” in the room. I ordered it. Thank you OZON.

Download OZON

Radio Record – music for every taste

It’s great when the music is always with you

It is important for me to wake up, work, even fall asleep to the music. Playlists in Yandex.Music are already boring, but the radio station’s mobile application never gets boring. I connect my smartphone to a smart speaker and spend the whole day listening to my favorite music . In general, nothing is needed for happiness. In the application, it is convenient to select a channel by genre, add tracks to Favorites, open them directly in Apple Music , listen to the Radio Record show, and even set a timer and alarm clock.

Download Radio Record

Tinkoff Investments – we save and even multiply

Didn’t work, so at least put it off

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I have a best friend who is pretty good at where to invest. It is unlikely that you will be able to make money for a comfortable old age, but you can always invest a couple of thousand rubles in something interesting. On his advice, I always look out for securities and put the currency in the “Eternal Portfolio” so that when this devilry is over, I can calmly go to my beloved Italy. Well, investing a small amount is probably better than buying new sneakers or a bronze elephant.

Tinkoff Investments

AliExpress – interesting products for every day

I always buy what my colleagues write about

We constantly delight you with cool selections of various products. I admit, sometimes ideas run out. I look for a clue to our friends in Ali Baba’s Chest . Nevertheless, we ourselves buy cool things there to try and advise you. AliExpress has one drawback: sometimes products take an incredibly long time. The rest of the application is replete with cool interesting things, and not so long ago I discovered that Apple Pay has appeared – no more fiddling with a card number and CVV.

Download Aliexpress

Food – cashback from purchases

Small cashback from purchases never hurts

As one friend of mine says: if you save money, you can count it as earning . We spend a lot of money on groceries, but we rarely think about the fact that some of the funds can be returned. For a year and a half, I have been scanning receipts after visiting the supermarket to catch a small cashback. Edadil has a huge list of stocks that may be interesting: food, household goods, alcohol. From all this, you can return part of the funds. Millions cannot be returned there, but here are small amounts, with which, for example, it is easy to pay for mobile communications. In general, a trifle, but nice. Download and scan your receipt after visiting the supermarket. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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