Here are some ways to get rid of fear. Overcome Your Fear

A way to get rid of fear

One of human’s special feelings is fear. Fear can be of two types – one external fear, two emotional fears. The first source of fear is any real event outside. This fear needs to be in many areas. Such as fire, lightning, thunder, heat, snakes, etc. This fear keeps people alert and protected. Protects from future potential dangers. The second fear is the fear of doing something. That fear prevents people from achieving success. Today, we show how many ways we can get rid of this emotional fear.

. Write diary: –

First, find out the exact cause of your fear. Think for a moment there is something to be feared or you are raising your fears with unnecessary anxiety. Whatever the reason for your fear, write it down in a diary. Take some time to think about things. Ask yourself the right question Be curious as to what might be the right way to go about it. Try to know who you are. Then make a list of what you can do yourself to get out of it.

2. Face the problem: –

If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Try to cope with the difficult and difficult situations in life. Anything can happen to us in this life. At that time, mental preparation will move us forward. Tell yourself I’m ready for any situation. Life means there will be problems. From a distance, even small problems can seem overwhelming, so don’t run away from the problem – try to face it. Know that the solution is hidden inside the problem.

Want to conquer fear? Then learn to face it

. Get out of the wrong belief: –

Some beliefs we unconsciously obey. When society, family, or other matters dominate, we accept it as a constant truth. Never question him. Many times we are unable to accept the conflict within us. Fear anxiety worsens. Maybe when you were a kid, someone told you that you were so scared, you are so stupid, you can’t do anything in life, that you cannot do the work, that your classmates made a lot of jokes about you as a child. You are going wrong. As a result, you are afraid to move forward. Ask yourself once, do they have any validity? Get out of these beliefs because those beliefs are the root cause of your fear.

. Take the fear as a challenge: –

Fear has a distinct beauty in it. Fear can motivate you to work. As a challenge, try to do the thing you are afraid of doing. The fear of it will slowly dissipate.

. Positive Attitude: –

The phrase ‘I can’ but greatly diminishes our fears. Give yourself a shield Never fear the consequences even if the desired result is not, because no defeat is permanent.

. Read the book: –

The book is a faithful companion of the people. When we practice reading books, we see that we enter the world of books. Immediately the thought of fear fades away. And the book is also important for alleviating long-term fear. We are afraid of the words, biographies, and various theories of different minds. … ..He gives knowledge about the cause. As a result, the darkness of unnecessary fear in the mind is removed.

Find out: Why read a book? What are the requirements for reading a book?

. Sharing with loved ones: –

Children get such a comfort by sharing their fears with parents. Likewise, sharing a loved one’s thoughts, giving good advice and courage will help you to overcome fear. If too much fear causes illness, then consult a psychiatrist.


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