Find out the 5 Mind Blowing Psychological Fact

Did you know that smiling people are less sick and fat people are more sick? What effect does the mind have on the human body?
Many jobs make us very happy, and many jobs cause a lot of pain, why? We do not think there are psychological reasons behind this. By doing research, psychologists have discovered all the more surprising things. For example, when talking about one’s future, his chances of success are low. Because psychology has a deep connection with success, research has emerged. From that time, ‘psychology’, which has been around the human mind, has come to be recognized as a separate branch. Since then there have been a number of shocking information and theories that have come up in various research and experiments. Here are a few things to highlight.

(১) Dunning-Kruger effect :

A large part of the human community, he thinks, is ranked higher than the average person in terms of his knowledge and skills. In mind, this thing is called the illusionary superiority or “Illusory Superiority.” A special kind of nautical superiority is the Dunning-Kruger effect. It is a mental state or mental state of thinking that makes people think of themselves as more capable than they really are. Some scientific observations made at various times have shown that some people, even though they have very little knowledge of a particular topic, consider themselves to be knowledgeable than the real knowledgeable people. On the contrary, those who are truly skilled and competent tend to underestimate themselves.

By way of an illustration, we might all get some people who say that all they have read is in their entire syllabus, and they have a strange kind of confidence in their mouths, while on the other side of those who study really well, you will rarely see such confidence, They will not publish it even if the mind is stressed. And when it comes to the results of the test, it turns out that it is just the opposite.

The results of the Dunning-Kruger effect:

১. Feeling yourself more worthy than the real.

  1. Minimize the knowledge and abilities of others.

৩. Do not look at your own faults and refrain from correcting them with false knowledge.

(2) Informing others about future plans and goals may reduce motivation to achieve: –

We have a plan in mind for what we will do in the future; But it is often seen that we advance our plans and goals to family – family, friends and friends. Beaten the word altogether. Then it turns out that the work is no longer done. The problem is, in other places, it’s your own mind. Various studies have been reported since 9, Those who inform everyone about their plans in advance lose the motivation and motivation to work within themselves. This is because “Identity Symbol”. When we talk about our plans, a ‘self image’ is created in our brain. In fact, talking about the work and completing the work both of these things in the same way satisfies our brain. As a result, we gain a lot of satisfaction. When the brain starts talking about plans or goals in advance, the brain feels much more satisfied, and our enthusiasm for doing that work is greatly reduced.

(5) Spending on others can be more fun: –

One of the findings of Harvard Business School’s research is that people are happier and happier than others who spend more on themselves than others. That is, buying something for another with the same money is often a happy time. This tendency to spend for others provides a sense of satisfaction. Harvard Business School professor and author of the book ” Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending ” writes Michael Norton in his book – “In fact, we do not buy money with happiness. Rather, we spend money to transform our happiness into products. ”

The dazzling effect of sunlight on the body: –

Sunlight greatly influences everything from our bones to our brain. At least 3 minutes a day, but the sunlight is directly applied to the body. This light brings about changes in our brain that keep our moods good. When the body turns on the light of day, when the light signals through our optic nerve reaches the brain, a hormone called serotonin hormone is released. Serotonin keeps our mood swollen and refreshed. Those who have to work awake at night, who are deprived of sufficient daylight, are found to suffer from depression.

(1) The song helps to reduce the anxiety and frustration of people: –

When you feel anxious or depressed, try to sing. Singing improves the functioning of many muscles, improves breathing and while singing hormones release endorphins and oxytocin, which reduces our level of depression. Various scientific observations have shown that music helps reduce stress. So be happy to sing.

Image Source : Tenor

(1) Effect of mind on body: –

Every cell in our body is controlled by the brain. This is because in most cases, happy people are in good health, while on the other hand, depressed people suffer from physical illness. But the explanation for this common phenomenon is not generally found. Psychologists have proven in deep research that the better a person thinks, the more his body will be able to digest the hormones needed by his body. On the other hand, the opposite happens, that is, negative thoughts cause harm to the human body by destroying the harmful hormone. That is, the well-being of the human body – restlessness is also controlled by the state of mind – this is the opinion of the psychologists.

(3) Religious practice helps to reduce depression and stress: –

There are many scientific explanations for the cause of mental turmoil and its prevalence. There is no end to the research on what can be done to reduce this stress. This is the result of a study in the book “The American Psychiatry Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders.” There have been reports that several studies have shown that those who engage in various types of slow rituals are less likely to develop symptoms of depression and other mental problems.


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