Want to conquer fear? Then learn to face it


Sometimes we can learn a great deal from a short story. Today we will hear a story that teaches us to overcome our fears. Stay friends at the end of the story.

All the villagers in a village were very sad. Because at the end of that village there was a demon in a mountain cave. He had the monstrous condition of huge size that every strongest youth in the village should send to him. If he loses with the monster, he will become the food of that monster. Otherwise, the village will be purified.

Whenever two or three weeks of hardship comes to Purnima, the fear of everyone is spreading. Now it’s the turn of another young man. The motley of the village fixes it. They believed that a young man could never fight with such a large monster – that is, he would become a monster’s food. Due to this fear and panic, the young men started to eat monsters without war.

It was a full moon that day. In the village, the cry of tears came again today. At that time, a brave warrior rode into the village at night, and Jottsna Makha entered the village. When she asked why she was crying, the villagers told her all. On hearing this, the warrior pleaded with the village mob ” Can I fight today? “- The modal warrior was delighted with the courage and was soon struck with the thought of putting an unidentified man to death.

The horseman quickly released the horse, and after walking for some time on the hill, he saw a giant statue about thirty feet high. Courageously speeding up the horse – with a sharp sword in one hand, the giant statue of the monster was cut short by about 20 feet. As you progressed, the giant statue of the monster began to become smaller. The one who appeared at the front was not a huge monster at all – he was actually just a bunnip at 5 feet high. Without giving him any chance, he grabbed a sword and grabbed the head of the village.

Friends Here we see that the people of the village could not do what the brave warrior did in a moment. How could you To understand this, you must first know why the people of the village could not? The only reason they couldn’t do it was fear. This fear does not allow many people to overcome any obstacles in life. Problems that seem far-fetched from a distance – if you deal with them courageously, you will find that they are starting to become as small as a monster.

Fear is one of the major obstacles in human life – because of this fear many people cannot succeed in their life. The fear of being thrown to the examiner, the fear of loss to the businessman, the fear of being unselected to the job candidate, the fear of overcoming any obstacle does not allow a man to reach his desired goal. They spend the rest of their lives in the same place, and regret the last boy – ‘ Is ‘ – and ‘ If ‘ if they become confused.


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