Watch Dogs Legion FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most relevant and popular questions about the game

During the passage of Watch Dogs: Legion, you may have many questions related to leveling characters, getting the best agents, perks, and so on. In this guide, we answer most of them!

How to get technology points

Technology Points in Watch Dogs: Legion are used to unlock … technologies. These include various gadgets and items of equipment that provide access to unique abilities. For example, you can disguise yourself, learn to hide corpses, and so on. In addition, each technology can be improved, which means gadgets will be endowed with new functions. Let’s take a bot spider as an example. After the update, he will run faster, he will be able to use double jumps and disguise.

To get technology points, you must complete storyline and side missions, as well as capture areas. Although “to capture” – it is loudly said. This function is familiar, but its meaning is somewhat different. There are “red” markers in every borough of London. Complete all quests for these markers in a specific area to unlock a unique quest. By completing this quest, you will raise the area to riot. After that, all technology points (green diamonds) will be highlighted on the district map. Some are out in the open, but others will require a drone or spider bot to access. Sometimes a cargo drone to climb to the top of the building.

How to get the best operatives

Three Excellent Operators will be awarded for purchasing the Season Pass. You will get some from the plot. But most of the best agents are hidden in the unique missions of individual regions. Read above.

How to hide corpses

To do this, you will have to buy a separate technology. If you improve it, then it will hide the bodies immediately after you silently eliminate the target. If you got rid of the enemy in a different way, then to disguise the corpse you will have to use the gadget manually.

How to get new recruits

Recruits can be earned for completing assignments in each region, completing story missions (not for everything!), Or simply by talking to the desired candidate on the street. In the latter case, you will have to complete the assignment. Always random!

How to change operatives

Open the menu, select the “Command” item and the desired operator from the list of available ones. And then click on G. The operative will appear in the same place as the previous one.

What happens if you drink a lot

As in the case of injury, if your character gets drunk, he will temporarily be out of order. We’ll have to switch to another operator. However, read the descriptions of your agents carefully. Some of them receive bonuses from alcoholic intoxication: they are able to withstand much more damage. But even they can get drunk, so you should not overdo it with this business. The drunk character will become available after 20-30 minutes of real time in the game.

How to move fast

In addition to being able to instantly travel to the DedSec hideout, you can travel between metro stations. But this can only be done with those stations that have already been unlocked. Stations are unlocked after you pass near them. On the map, metro stations are marked with crossed out white circles.

How permanent death works

In this mode, any deceased agent does not go out of action (he is not sent to prison, not treated in a hospital), but actually dies. He is completely removed from the game, so you have to keep track of the number of agents in the ranks of DedSec. As soon as their number reaches zero, the game is over. However, you can load an earlier save. That is, you don’t have to start all over again.

How to take all photos

We wrote more about the photos in our walkthrough in the description of the quest “Finding Bagley”.

Where to find 3 mansions

Three abandoned estates need to be found in the quest “Royal reception”. Again, you can find the information you need in our walkthrough.

How to raise a riot in the area

Complete all side missions marked with red markers.

How to fire an agent

Open the “Team” menu, select the desired agent and in the lower right corner of the screen you will find a hint on how to remove him from the team. Please note that three agents obtained through the Season Pass cannot be removed from DedSec. Unless you turn on the permanent death mode and make them die.

How to kill Cashier

It’s simple: hide from Cashier while he shoots, and then explore the panels and solve puzzles with turning nodes. Each such puzzle will stun Cash and open vulnerabilities on the mechanical turret. Shoot them. Repeat the steps three times, and then kill Cass as a normal soldier. Headshot preferred.

How to recruit Aiden Pierce

Aiden Pearce is not currently in the game. But you can get it in 2021, provided that you have purchased the Season Pass or the edition that this Season Pass is included with. Then wait for the DLC to come out.

How to photograph evidence

Using a drone. Start the camera and take a photo of the evidence so that the message “Target in the zone” appears on the screen.

How to open the whole map

You need to complete red tasks in each area, and then complete unique missions by raising a riot.

What happens if all characters die

The game will offer to load from the nearest save, where you still have the last operative.

Where to find a hit man

Complete the Red Quests in Nine Elms and a unique riot mission in the area. You will receive a hired killer automatically. Moreover, it will be a character marked “Hired Assassin +”.

A common assassin can be found in London itself. Unfortunately, we cannot point to a specific area of ​​its habitat. Unlike the same spy. But try heading to Brewer Street Station in Westminster, north of Piccadilly Circus, and then cross the road to Fantasy Club. Do it at night. The killer should be in the alley.

Where to find a hypnotist, magician, grandma

This old magician can be found in Nine Elms. This should be done at night. The grandmother is dressed in a purple suit with a high hat. Having got her in your ranks, you can use the “Pocket Watch” skill. Allows you to hypnotize people. A hypnotized person can become your ally.

Where to find a spy

Complete the “red” missions in Westminster and a unique mission related to the riot in the area. You will receive a spy automatically. And it will be a character marked “Spy +”.

A common spy can be found in the city itself. Go to the Mi-6 building in Lambeth, by the river. You will get there by one of the side quests. Scan all characters. Most likely, one or even two of them will be spies. Add the spy to your list and complete his errand. You may need the Deep Analysis skill (if the spy is not happy with DedSec).


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