Watch Dogs Legion;Guide to the best perks and gadgets

We share the best abilities, skills, gadgets and technologies for your agents from DedSec

In the action game Watch Dogs Legion, you control a large group of DedSec hackers, who oppose various corporations and private companies that have wreaked havoc in London. In addition to choosing and hiring a wide variety of operatives, I recommend paying attention to the skills, equipment and gadgets available to them. All this brings a significant variety to the gameplay, allows you to complete missions in different ways and makes the task easier in general.

Let’s figure out how to get new perks and gadgets, and which ones are the best.

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Tech Points in Watch Dogs Legion

Technology points are a kind of skill points used to unlock new and improve existing technologies (perks) and gadgets (items of equipment, including weapons). All this you can find in the PDA, on the “Technologies” tab. At the start of the game, you will naturally earn technology points.

How to get technology points

Many of them are hidden in the places where the plot tasks are performed. Others are scattered throughout the city, and are mostly found in red (forbidden) areas. To make it easier to find all technology points, we recommend raising a riot in the areas. The first riot you will raise automatically in Camden, in the course of completing the first story missions.

As soon as all the “red” tasks in the area are completed, the rebellion mission is unlocked. Complete it, and thereby free the area, as a result of which green diamonds will appear on the area map, indicating technology points.

Among the “red” missions in the districts of London there are missions to rescue hostages, disrupt propaganda, kill VIPs, sabotage and so on. Some tech points are located in an open area or, at most, on elevated buildings. However, others may be hidden under rubble (like at the scene of a terrorist attack), inside vents or inaccessible missions. And to get to them, you will have to use a spider bot or a flying drone.

Deep Scan

“Deep Analysis” is an upgrade of the usual. Yes, you will have to shell out a few tech points for it, but with such a valuable update, you can hire people in DedSec who actually hate this hacker organization. Yes, there is such a thing. For example, Albion soldiers (although you will get one of them in the game’s plot), SIRS cops, members of the Kelly gang, or even random passers-by on the streets whom you accidentally hit in a car.

Especially when it comes to people in those areas of the city where you have not yet raised a riot. After the revolt, there will be many times more people wishing to join DedSec!

To activate this skill, you need to go to the desired character and, while holding the mouse wheel, press the Q key. Thus, you will add the person to the list of potential (desired) DedSec recruits. Then open the main menu and go to the “Command” tab. Click on F to start analysis. You will see the character’s profile, what they do on a daily basis, and a list of potential tasks that will make these people more accommodating and sympathetic to the DedSec cause. This is a really useful skill. You get less limited access to people, so you can play as you like from the earliest stages. Even with the extra effort that will have to be put into hiring these heroes.

Concealer: shroud

Don’t confuse this upgrade with a disguise gadget (which allows DedSec employees to literally go invisible). The AR Shroud upgrade hides the enemies themselves. This skill will immediately render invisible the enemy you just stunned. This can also be done with enemies that you killed in the usual way. But not automatically, but manually.

Every time you find yourself in the forbidden territory (red), you may have to eliminate some of the guards (if not all). If the guard finds the body of his partner, he will immediately raise the alarm. But “Concealer: Shroud” will automatically hide the body from the eyes of eyewitnesses, thanks to which your presence will remain a secret.

To draw attention

When you act stealthily, making your way through forbidden territory or simply examining it with CCTV cameras, the game allows you to set traps that are triggered as the enemy approaches. With the help of this technology, you do not have to wait for the enemy to approach the trap himself (or maybe he even moves past it). Instead, you can lure enemies to the location of the trap.


Spend 15 tech points to distract and incapacitate enemies in almost any situation. It doesn’t matter if you do it stealthily, observing the enemy from the side, or activate a hack in the heat of battle. This skill will cause sudden pain in the opponent (due to the noise from wireless communication devices mounted on the ears) and stop any actions. You can run away from the enemy or, on the contrary, run up and stun him.

Recon Spider Bot

One of my favorite technologies! Spider Bot is your personal deputy. You can throw him to the ground and take control in a wide variety of situations. He can hack, silently eliminate enemies, or even collect collectibles. It is the perfect companion that is badly needed to solve some puzzles. Usually, where the intervention of a spider bot is required, there is a station with such a drone. But remember that these spider bots are standard, so the upgrades you purchased do not apply to them.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to augment your spider bot with sprint and double-jump features, making it much faster and able to climb to higher positions. You can also add disguise, allowing you to stealthily move around enemy territory. I’ve used a spider bot more often than any other gadget on this list. It is very useful, especially if you prefer stealth, hand-to-hand combat (non-lethal options), and so on. In general, this is the number one choice!

Battle spider bot

The same spider bot, but unlike the previous version, it does not kill enemies silently, but on the contrary turns into a large turret, and under certain conditions you will even control it! The first update increases the rate of fire of the turret, and the second allows you to manually control this turret (provided that you control the spider bot itself). Suitable for players who like to act stealthily, but do not mind entering into open confrontation. This bot will not be able to jump or run like its cousin (which you can unlock sprint and double jump with stealth), but it will turn into a very useful comrade. You can even install it on your car: while driving, the bot will shoot at enemies. Moreover, the turret is equipped with a non-lethal weapon.


Disguise makes your agent invisible for a short time. This is useful even when you are being chased by opponents: this way you can hide from them to avoid a firefight, or go around and attack from behind. You can unlock an upgrade that slows down the disguise disabling speed, provided that you are standing still or moving slowly. The latest update increases the throw distance.

The camouflage is good and handy in some difficult places. If you are surrounded, activate disguise, and you can extricate yourself from a difficult situation. It will also come in handy in order to sneak past the guards who stand in one place and simply do not want to leave their post. This cloak will allow you to traverse certain areas without the need for stealth.


This is a kind of brass knuckles that enhances the character’s attacks. By activating it, you can instantly knock out your opponent. You don’t have to fight him in a fist fight! The first upgrade will allow you to neutralize two targets in a row. The last one is to launch a shockwave, stunning all nearby targets. A great option if you decide to go all-in and get away from stealth. In addition, the gadget recharges quickly. If you like to act out in the open, then this is the best gimmick you can find in the game. Especially for lovers of non-lethal weapons. On the other hand, even upgrades are unnecessary, since the standard electro-cassette works with a bang, especially if you act covertly. It will allow you to instantly get rid of the enemy who revealed your identity.

Electroshock Trap

You use this gadget in the prologue of the game. As a reminder, it allows you to throw a mine that functions as a shock trap. It works when the enemy is in the area of ​​its action. Instantly knocks out enemies and deals additional damage to drones and vehicles. You can improve the trap by adding the EMP function, which will increase the damage done. And the last update will lead to the fact that after activating the trap, an EMP charge will work, disabling the enemy’s weapon.

This little mine is a powerful and versatile tool! You can throw her right in the middle of a fight to trigger a big explosion. If you want to act stealthily, then you can lure enemies to a trap, being at a safe distance. This is a gadget that suits any gaming style!

Rocket drone

Another gadget for fans of open confrontations and shootouts. Together with him you can wreak havoc on the streets of London, in the ranks of the Albion PMC, the Kelly gang and so on. By activating the gadget, you launch the drone, which flies at the target as if it were a homing missile. And when he reaches the target, an explosion occurs, affecting all enemies in the affected area. You can upgrade your drone with the capture function and cluster mines. In the first case, you lock the target, in the second, after the explosion, the drone disintegrates into several small missiles. This is a gadget for those who want to blow up and destroy enemies left and right. Gamers who are fed up with stealth.

Armor set

This gadget is one of the most expensive in the game. It costs 45 tech points, but it will help reduce the damage your operatives take. Especially useful for those players who have activated the function of permanent death, as a result of which disabled agents are lost forever. This technology will increase survivability and survivability. The rest is nothing special.

Pistol 68P DedSec (non-lethal)

This is the standard weapon for operatives who do not have their own unique weapon. However, after collecting 45 technology points, you can install a silencer on the pistol, which will allow you to covertly eliminate enemies, even from a distance. And without lethal outcome. In fact, almost 90% of operatives will not have their own weapons, so upgrading this pistol is an important and urgently needed task. So here are these upgrades:

  • Standard pistol – 10 rounds in the magazine.
  • Increased magazine capacity – 15 rounds.
  • Silencer for silent attacks


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