Getting something is easier, than maintaining something. It’s the same as keeping customers loyal to our products or services. The problem is, technological progress makes it easier for everyone to innovate and put out all the creativity they have .


Even every problem we have, we can solve it ourselves with the help of technology. The digital age has transformed us into independent individuals and can still survive without the influence of others. This creates a higher sense of ego. When we are disappointed with something, we can easily leave it without thinking to improve our previous relationship.


This makes some business people or entrepreneurs increasingly worried to be abandoned by loyal customers. The number of alternative products and services that are the same as what we offer, makes the competition between our business and competitors become increasingly tight and complicated. This is why every businessman and entrepreneur competes with each other to maintain the satisfaction of their customers, so that their customers do not turn to competitors’ businesses.


What’s more, the digital age also makes it easy for customers to express their disappointment when the quality of the products and services they get does not match what they expect. Easily, customers can post their complaints on social media, and of course competitors can make this their ‘easy target’ in getting another opportunity to take over our customers’ attention.


So, how do we keep our customers loyal to the products and services we provide? Here are 4 strategies we can do to keep customers coming back to our products and services, without glancing at the products and services of other manufacturers.


1. Be Sincere with Customers.

One thing customers hate the most is that sellers or producers always think of them as data, money or profit. Yep! although we know that customers can give us a lot of profit in business, this does not mean that we don’t treat them sincerely.


Our customers are people who come up with problems and entrust their problems to us to solve them immediately. Their coming to us is not merely to give money and profits, but they have given their trust in our products or services, after they compare us with other competitors.


So, there is no reason not to treat them sincerely and well. Position them as people, we really care about, where we will always give everything that is best for them. Customers will feel who producers are truly sincere to help them and which producers only want to benefit from them.


2. Customers Get Opportunities to Get What They Want.

This second point can also be referred to as ‘customize’ where customers can choose the design, shape or appearance they want from a product. Or, if our business is in the form of food and drinks, customers can also have the privilege of choosing what flavor they want into processed foods and beverages that are formulated.


Everything is about ‘customers’, nothing is more important than customers. That is why there is an expression that the customer is king. A king will get whatever he wants. Although difficult to obtain, the palace guards will work hard to fulfill the king’s wishes.


Manufacturers who always try to meet the demands of their customers, then they will never be abandoned by loyal customers. Its customers know that to get satisfying service , they can only get it from the manufacturer. So, their customers will return continuously, without switching to another.


3. Providing Privileges to Our Loyal Customers.

To keep our customers loyal to our products and services, we need to give them other privileges. The special treatment that we give as a sign that we really appreciate their loyalty so far with our products and services.


For example, give regular discounts to customers who have been with us for more than a year. When big celebration days come like, new year’s celebrations, we can send gifts or gifts to our loyal customers.


Customers will really like it when they are treated specifically like that. What’s more, if their loyalty is recognized by the producers. Like a lover who likes to be given flowers or other surprises as a sign of gratitude for being faithful together with his partner.


4. Insert Humor when Interacting with Customers.

Customers might have been through hard days all this time. Although it is not our duty to make customers happy, it doesn’t hurt for us to entertain customers with the humor we have.


However, keep in mind that we must know clearly the limits of humor that we can give to customers. We must not make humor that is not polite. Customers will gradually realize that we really want to build a good relationship with them. So, they will try to stay loyal to the products and services we offer them.



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