When a student does not pass an exam, it does not mean that he is a fool. He just doesn’t understand the material well. Likewise with an employee, when he has not been able to reach an agreement, it does not mean that the employee will always fail to reach another agreement, but only has not mastered negotiation skills.


We once discussed the mindset of growth mindset and fixed mindset . This mindset can be a differentiator whether we will succeed in achieving our goals or not. Mindset also has a big influence on the values ​​that a person has.


People with a growth mindset mindset believe that intelligence, talent and other quality of self are things that must be continually developed and honed. Therefore, a sense of wanting to always learn and improve themselves are characteristics of people who have a growth mindset mindset.


Growth mindset mindset and work environment.

Growth mindset mindset has an important role in every aspect of work, ranging from leadership , managerial company, work culture and even the performance of every person in the company. And this mindset can make us aware of the mistakes made and will not hesitate to ask for feedback from other colleagues or superiors. We will look for the best strategy to correct these mistakes. In addition, this growth mindset mindset can keep us humble. We will never feel to be the most wonderful person, disparaging, insulting and threatening others.


As leaders, the growth mindset mindset enables us to be able to motivate team members , find solutions to problems faced by the team, improve the ability of team members and help team members achieve their goals. With this mindset can dream of a leader to provide training for team members, create a discussion meeting that takes place productively and make a leader have an open attitude towards any feedback given by team members so that they can happily make changes for the better .


Mindset and praise.

In the world of work, praise and criticism are two things that go hand in hand. We may receive credit for every success made. However, we also never escape criticism. Praise can be a dangerous thing because the words used can form the mindset of the recipient. Well, what kind of praise can usually form a fixed mindset mindset?

– “Wow, you learn it very quickly. You are a smart person. ”

– “You are a very smart person. You can get the best value without having to learn it.”


Well, those are two examples of forms of praise that can form a fixed mindset for the recipient.


Then, what kind of praise can shape the growth mindset mindset?

– “You have studied hard for this exam and you have shown a lot of improvement. You study the material over and over again, underline important things and test them and they work. ”

– “I know that you always win first class. However, this time you do not try to the maximum. I will feel very happy if you can train yourself and learn more. ”


Looks very different, right? So, we also need to think of words in praise well before delivering them. This is because the words that are issued greatly affect the mindset of the recipient.


Change the mindset.

We know that the growth mindset mindset has an important role for a career. Then, how can we change our mindset? Especially, if we have a fixed mindset mindset?


We can change the fixed mindset mindset into a growth mindset mindset if we are truly determined to do so. Well, here is a simple way that can be done:

– Acknowledge the fixed mindset mindset that is owned. We do not need to feel ashamed of that because it is a natural thing.

– Find out what triggers us to have a fixed mindset mindset.

– Name the triggers.

– Trying to eliminate the fixed mindset when it appears in our minds.


The growth mindset mindset can change the way we see ourselves. This will make a big difference in life, but also we have to do it consistently, fellow reader. Yes, we do have to try a little harder to be able to maintain the growth mindset mindset. If not, our mindset will return to the fixed mindset mindset. Of course, this will make it difficult for us to make changes because the fixed mindset mindset makes you feel comfortable and satisfied with what you have. The fixed mindset mindset also makes us lazy to improve self quality.


Now, we are increasingly clear that the growth mindset mindset has a major role in career and life growth. We can have a growth mindset mindset if we focus on that mindset, but the most important thing is to have consistency.


by Abdullah Sam
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