Adamo Customers: How to Activate and Configure Voicemail

We are in a meeting and we cannot answer the phone, or we simply run out of coverage for a few hours … The only way to know first-hand the reason for the call is through voicemail , so if we are Adamo clients we are interested know how to activate it and how to listen to messages.

It is true that today we have call alerts, emails, short messages (SMS) or messaging applications. Whoever wants to communicate something urgently has several tools, if it is conversations or messages between friends, acquaintances or family, the most common is to send a message by WhatsApp, Telegram or any other messaging application. On the contrary, when we make a phone call and the answering machine “jumps”, the quickest and most comfortable way is to wait for the signal to ring to leave the message of the reason for the call. The recipient will receive an SMS notification about the voicemail message they have received.

Voicemail Features

The answering machine is, along with call forwarding, one of the services added to calls that is most used today.


The cost of activating and using the voicemail service in Adamo is free , there is no additional cost to activate or listen to messages. The only exception is in the case that we want to listen to the messages from the answering machine and we are abroad , there we will have to pay the price of a normal call made to Spain, which if we are in the European Economic Area (EEA ) the rate will be the same that we have contracted in national territory.

Enabled or not by default

The answering service is not activated by default in our telephone lines contracted with Adamo, so if we want to enjoy this service we will have to activate it expressly.

Activate voicemail

As we have said before, the voicemail service is deactivated by default, and to activate it on the mobile line we must call 242 , which is the answering machine number, and follow the steps with the voice menu or the keyboard. If we are going to travel abroad, we must first activate the access code , since the roaming call is not considered an “internal” call and we must call a different number.

Therefore, to activate the access code to the answering machine, from national territory (that is, before traveling), we have to call 242 from our line and choose option 4 . Then we choose option 1 , and again option 1 . This way we will have our password activated to be able to consult the answering machine from abroad.

Adamo Business Centralita Cloud service customers can also activate the voicemail service from the control panel. To do this, we will have to go to the Configuration / Extensions section and, once the extension is selected, we choose the type of forwarding we need, indicating that it is the extension’s answering machine.


When we are in national territory and we want to access the configuration of our voice mailbox or listen to the messages, we have to call 242 from the line that we own, the call is free. The announcement will automatically notify us about the number of pending messages and they will begin to play.

Listen from abroad

When we are abroad we must call 0034656242242 , it is an international call and depending on the country in which we are located the cost may vary, visit the Adamo rate catalog to confirm the updated rates, although a call from a foreign country from the EU is around € 1.81 / min. and € 3.13 / min. depending on the origin of the call, if it is a country in the rest of Europe or another continent.

In any case, if we make the call from the European Union, the cost will be the same as that of any other call to any mobile number that we make from Spain. In the call, being from abroad, we will be asked for the access code, we enter it with the numeric keyboard and then we press the pound “#”.

Set up

To configure all aspects of voicemail from the mobile line we must call 242 and follow the instructions in the voice menu. There we can configure the personalized greeting , the access code to listen to the messages and other customization options.

Add voice-overs

To upload a personalized voice over to the Cloud PBX in Adamo Business, we will go to the PBX control panel to the Settings / Voice mailboxes menu . Here, entering the Greetings section, we only have to upload the file recorded with the personalized voiceover in the Unavailable field.

Change PIN

To modify the access code or PIN of the answering machine of the mobile line we have to call 242 (free call) and press option 4. On the numeric keyboard, we will then follow the steps of the voice menu.

If you are a client of Adamo Business Centralita Cloud, we will go to the control panel to the Configuration / Voice mailboxes section . Here we will see the list of activated answering machines, you just have to click on any of them and modify the PIN field.

Functionality codes

For Adamo customers who have contracted the Adamo Business Cloud Switchboard service there are short codes (functionality codes) to quickly activate and deactivate some of the services added to calls.

* 60: Access to the voice mailbox of the extension from which it has been dialed.
* 75 [Phone number]: Forward unconditional to the specified number.
* 76: Deactivation of forward unconditional.
* 77 [Telephone number]: Activation of forwarding to the indicated number when the extension is busy or out of service.
* 78: Deactivation of forwarding when extension does not answer or is deactivated.
* 80: To pick up calls from the same pickup group.

These are the codes that Adamo configures by default in the Cloud Switchboard, but we can also create our own  functionality codes , for this we have to do:

  • In the control panel of the control unit we go to Configuration / Functionality codes .
  • Click on New functionality code .
  • We indicate the prefix in Code .
  • We enter the comment in Comment .
  • In Destination we will select the function.
  • We click on Save .

Call forwarding

Call diversion is another of the services offered by the most used operations. Perhaps more than the answering machine itself, since it is easily replaceable by other services such as messaging. It consists of transferring the calls received to another number chosen at our choice.

To activate call forwarding from your landline, you just have to press * 22 * ​​[phone number] and the call key. You will hear the announcement confirming the activation of unconditional call forwarding, that is, all calls received at that phone number will be automatically forwarded. To deactivate the call forwarding you will only have to press on the phone # 22 and call key , you will hear the announcement that confirms the deactivation of the service. The call forwarding service itself has no cost, but the forwarded calls will be regulated by the rate that we have contracted.

If we want to activate or configure call forwarding on a smartphone, it can be done from the configuration menu or settings of the device itself.

On Android

To activate and configure the call forwarding of the mobile line from an Android device, we only have to go to the settings menu and click on the SIM card of the line where we want to activate it and choose Call forwarding , then we only have to choose between the following options :

  • Always divert (unconditional diversion).
  • Only with busy line.
  • Only when the call is not answered.
  • When the line is busy or without coverage.

Then you will have to indicate which number to make the diversion to and confirm the activation.

On iOS

To activate the diversion on iOS devices we will have to go to the Settings menu and click on the Phone application . In the Calls section, click on Call forwarding and the steps to follow are:

  • We activate the detour.
  • Click on Divert to and indicate the phone number .
  • Back Back to confirm activation.

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