How to remove Yoigo voicemail

If your answering machine is a nuisance or gives you problems, we offer you the solution so that you can deactivate itLet’s see how to remove Yoigo’s voicemail, the answering machine of the well-known mobile phone operator. And the fact is that when hiring a Yoigo mobile line , the automatic answering service is activated by default so that the user can register what number he called when it was not available; In addition, it allows you to record voice messages that the user can listen to when they can. And although it is a very useful tool in certain situations, many are the users who would prefer to deactivate Yoigo’s voicemail. For this reason, below we offer you a step-by-step guide so that you can deactivate Yoigo’s voicemail..

How to disable Yoigo voicemail

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  • Why remove Yoigo’s voicemail
  • How to remove Yoigo voicemail
  • How to reactivate Yoigo voicemail

Why remove Yoigo’s voicemail

Many will wonder why removing Yoigo’s voicemail if it is a very useful tool in many circumstances. And the expansion of instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram and even social networks has a lot to do with it, since it allows users to communicate directly, so that a voicemail is hardly necessary at any time. And is that if when calling someone does not answer, the most common is to leave a text message through one of those apps.

Another reason is that it is the contacts who ask us to deactivate the voice mailbox , since it can be annoying that when we do not attend them, an answering machine that they will not use pops up; In addition, they are the ones who receive the charge for the call answered by voicemail, which can be irritating.

The last reason is that if you travel abroad with voicemail activated, the user will have to bear the cost of each call they receive , depending on the roaming rate in each area. For these and other reasons, you may want to remove Yoigo’s voicemail; Here’s a step-by-step guide.

How to remove Yoigo voicemail

If at this point you still want to deactivate Yoigo’s voicemail , just follow the steps below:

  1. Dial * 67 * 556 # and call.
  2. Now dial * 62 * 556 # and call again.
  3. Finally, dial * 61 * 556 # and call one last time.

It’s that simple to deactivate Yoigo’s voicemail.

On the other hand, you can also deactivate Yoigo’s voicemail through the Mi Yoigo website . Remember that removing the answering machine will automatically activate the missed calls alert .

How to reactivate Yoigo voicemail

If after a while of deactivating Yoigo’s voicemail you decide that you want to activate it again , you can do it whenever you want without major problems. To do this you will have to follow a process similar to the previous one, although with the following call codes:

  1. Dial * 67 * 633 # and call.
  2. Now dial * 62 * 633 # and call again.
  3. Finally, dial * 61 * 633 # and call one last time.

Likewise, you can reactivate the mailbox through My Yoigo

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