Walkthrough Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two. Episode 2

A detailed walkthrough of the second episode of the adventure Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two: all the key decisions and difficult moments

Passage of the episode “Under pressure”. A dangerous enemy appears in the Lighthouses, who subjects Jesse to unusual (and deadly) tests. Jesse fights a powerful enemy to save the world, forging new alliances and testing friendship for strength …

After the introductory video, you can talk to the residents of the Lighthouse, and then go up to the Administrator.


To do this, press the Q key several times. Next, you will need to hide from the Administrator. When Jesse is behind the wall, look to the left each time to find the interaction points and cross the street, climb the stairs and enter the alcove. The administrator will notice and catch you, but Lucas will arrive to help you in time. Click on it to jump directly onto the horse.

Download to the side of the Administrator, go upstairs by pressing the indicated keys. Climb to the right to the back of the head and attack him several times to destroy the enemy.

Reset the time, and then chat with Radar and Lucas and decide who to entrust the protection of the time management device.

First choice

In any case, the story will change. Next, you will need to complete the conversation with Lucas and build a monument to Rubin. You can put at least one block and click on the “tick” in the lower right corner of the screen. It does not matter.

Talk to your friends and then to the Administrator.

Administrator’s new guise

You can restrain yourself or attack the madman. After that, you will have to fight with zombies and archers. Moving towards the archers on the W key, use the rolls on A and D to dodge flying arrows. Do this at those moments when the archers are pulling the bowstring and are about to fire. They shoot, by the way, in turn.

Defeat first two archers, then two zombies, and then three more archers. Talk to Radar, console Nurm (order him to defend the city, and Nurm will remember this) and watch the cut-scene.

Talk to Petra on the way, choosing carefully phrases about friendship, because she will remember it. A little further you will meet the llama Luna – say at least something about her and remember the animal. Chat with Stella and then continue your journey.

Approaching the tower, you will meet the Administrator. First you need to pull the lever and support Radar in Stella’s accusations. Talk to your friends again, tell the Administrator that you want to save the city. The admin will remember this. In the end, you will fall down into the cave.

Talk to everyone, tell Vos that Radar and Lucas will handle it, and the old man will remember that. Then you will need to choose who to follow on the trolleys – for Petra, Vos and Jack or for Lucas and Radar.

Regardless of the choice, during the ride on the trolleys, you will have to dodge obstacles by pressing the W, S, A, D keys. If you chose Lucas and Radar, the administrator who appears will return Vos to you and there will be four of you again. In this challenge, you need to hit all the targets in the shooting range in order to open the passage further. To begin with, go all the way to the left, a little further than Lucas and Radar, and break the bush to get three wooden sticks. Then go all the way to the right in the direction of Vos, where you will need to break the web at the fence to get three threads.

Dried bush


After that, go up and interact with the workbench in the center by selecting the “Use” function. Place the three strands in a vertical column to the right or left. Two wooden sticks should be placed at the bottom and top of the middle vertical column, and the third one in the middle of the far right or left, depending on where the threads were placed. Having done this, click on the “Create” sign to craft a bow. Interact with the funnel in the background, almost behind the workbench, to get the arrows for the bow.

Create a bow

Next, inspect the shooting range, near which Radar and Lucas are standing. Then pay attention to the button on the column to the upper right of the shooting gallery. Shoot her to activate the targets. So, for a shot, it is enough to point the crosshair at the target and click LMB. At the same time, you should understand that you only need to shoot at targets with enemy heads – everyone’s eyes glow red. “Peaceful” targets are made with ordinary, “human” eyes. You shouldn’t shoot at them.

Button to start the shooting gallery

Each game consists of several rounds, of which there can be at least three – for each successful round a green checkmark will light up at the top. Three green check marks mean victory, but be prepared – you will need to win three games (that is, collect three “check marks” three times). By the way, if you shoot at a regular target or miss an enemy one, then the “tick” will not be counted, and instead, Jesse will lose one “heart” (life reserve).

After winning three games, you will need to jump over the ledges in order to escape from the ice golems. But a third monster will appear near the door, which Jesse must defeat. The battle consists of three phases, and in all you will need to get closer to the enemy. Approaching it in the first part, dodge the keys A and – from flying snowballs (it will throw one at a time in a forward direction). As soon as you get close to the boss, he will start laughing, holding his stomach with both hands, and then hitting the ground in front of him. While the boss is laughing, attack him with LMB, but as soon as he stops, run back to S. Repeat the action, inflicting 6-7 hits on the enemy, after which he will change position.

Get close to him, but this time you will need to use 3-4 rolls at a time, because the boss will throw several snowballs at once. Approaching close, repeat the previous steps.

The third time, the boss will throw snowballs in different ways: if he swings with his right hand (relative to the direction of your movement – with the left), then roll to the right relative to Jesse, if with the left, then to the left, and if with two, then stay in the middle. Having approached, strike a few blows, press a number of times on the Q key, and after using Radar, rip out the pumpkin head. This will complete the level!

Try to help Radar by pressing the indicated keys, but first by examining the cactus, lava and door. Click on the door, but nothing comes out. Try to smash the wall. Then your friends will hand over sticks and diamonds. Use the workbench nearby to craft a diamond pickaxe – place three diamonds in the top row and two sticks in the middle column on two empty slots. Break the wall to get into the next room.

How to create a diamond pickaxe

After going upstairs and talking with friends, decide who will go to the clock – Petra or Jack.

Another choice

After that, go down to the captured Radar and Stella, free them. Use the torch on the Radar ice. By the way, in the case of Stella, you must decide what to do – free the girl or leave her in this place.

Deciding what to do with Stella

Either way, build the stairs leading to the clock and watch the cutscene. This will be a lengthy conversation, at the end of which you need to tell Jack how to deal with the situation with Vos.

Meeting with the Administrator face to face

However, he will soon appear, which will end with a very disappointing conversation. Watch the final cut-scene that concludes the passage of the second episode of the game.

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