Walkthrough Hi-Fi Rush – game guide

In this walkthrough, we will tell you how to defeat bosses and overcome difficult moments, as well as where to find valuable resources and useful items.

Hi-Fi Rush is a new action game from the creators of The Evil Within . In the role of a young rocker named Chai, the player will have to explore a huge robotic complex and confront a sinister corporation. In this guide, we will walk you through the game.

Passage of the chapter “Composition 1. New life”. How to beat the QA-1MIL boss

Since training awaits you at the beginning, we decided to start our walkthrough after meeting with the refrigerator robot, which will tell you about getting into the rhythm. Next, you will find yourself in an industrial complex, where you can collect scattered gears. Be sure to break the boxes where the resources fall out. And to go further, hit the red tap:

After that, you will enter a room with three ordinary robots. After defeating them, hit the red button. After jumping over the abyss on the platforms, do not rush to climb onto the roof – look around the corner to collect additional gears:

Then talk to the refrigerator robot, which will teach you the evasion mechanics. Behind the green pipes, break the boxes with gears. Then, with the help of a double jump with evasion, cross the abyss and climb onto the roof of the neighboring building, where you can get a lot of valuable things:

Having collected everything useful, return to the refrigerator robot, but before going upstairs, examine the boxes on the iron bridge:

Then climb up the pipes, collect the gears and look back, where you will find another bridge that will lead you to new values:

Then go up to the very top and go into the building. After the cut-scene, carefully study the environment and do not forget to pick up the gears behind the boxes:

In the next room, be sure to go into the room on the right, where you will find a fragment of the life sensor . When you meet a training robot, learn a new combo and apply the acquired skills on the next switch. You will get to the roof where you need to defeat several waves of robots. Then jump over the abyss and explore the environment in search of useful items. Don’t forget to pick up the life gauge fragment and climb onto the roof at the following location:

After collecting all the bonuses, activate the bridge and go to the neighboring roof. Consult the refrigerator robot and don’t forget to collect the gears on the billboard:

Below you can see even more valuable items – carefully search this floor:

After returning to the roof, jump over to the next building – to another refrigerator robot. After learning a new skill, go ahead and watch the cut-scene, after which the game will switch to 2D platformer mode. Go ahead and pass the tests. When you get to the billboard with gears, go left and break the crates:

Then go back and go right to new challenges. Soon you will find yourself in a warehouse, where the game will return to its usual 3rd person view. Explore the room, destroy the boxes, read the note, and then jump into the hatch:

Below you will find a very simple mini-game. Jump over the laser beams and watch out for the red lines on the floor. Try to jump to the rhythm, which will make it easier to pass the test. Then learn the new mechanics and search the area to collect all the gears, first aid kits and batteries. Go to the refrigerator robot, and then you will encounter shooter robots. Dealing with them is easy – don’t stand in their line of attack. Keep an eye out for their jump shots – they are much harder to dodge.

After defeating the enemies, go to the next room. Collect everything of value and be sure to look behind the cargo boxes. Climb up and on the platform, move to the iron bridges, where you will find a large chest. To open it, complete a short mini-game on the QTE and collect the Health Tank Fragment . Then you will get to the conveyor, where you will soon find the entrance with the switch on the left. But we advise you to reach the end to collect valuables and a fragment of the echo core in a small alley:

Then go back and hit the switch. You will be taken to a new conveyor. Climb up it and collect the gears. Then go in the opposite direction and jump over the boxes to the ledge to another switch. Complete the mini-game on the generator and step along the third conveyor.

You will find yourself in a vast location with bridges. Collect everything of value and fight the big robot. Despite the impressive appearance, the enemy is simple – dodge blows and constantly beat him. After defeating the enemy, collect the remaining valuables around and jump into the tunnel:

You will then enter a room where you can find two hatches, by entering which you will learn new combinations:

Having done all the work, go through the gate outside and soon you will get to a spacious area where two waves of robots are waiting for you. First, get rid of the shooters, and then finish off the rest. After the victory, you will find yourself in a room that is chock-full of valuables. Don’t forget to explore the balconies:

You can also climb to the opposite balcony:

After collecting everything useful, go to the next room, where the boss battle will begin.

How to beat the QA-1MIL boss

Although the enemy has many attacks, they are quite easy to memorize.

  • Sweeping kick from the side– just jump over it.
  • Overhead punch– move away, and then approach the hand and start hitting it. After the boss reaches 50% health, don’t run up to the fist right away – wait for the electric attack to finish.
  • Two-Handed Overhead Punch– Jump just before the boss’s fists hit the floor.
  • Electric shots– the boss will shoot them from two sides. Just jump over them.

After defeating the boss, you will enter the hideout. Explore it and, having done everything necessary, sit on the sofa to start the next chapter.

Passage of the chapter “Composition 2. Newfound powers.” How to defeat Rekka?

When walking along a long street, look behind the pipes in search of valuables. At the end, talk to the robots and beat the food machine to get the gears. Explore the room to the left of the street and then go through the gate. The further path is very linear and does not carry surprises. Once on the bridges, don’t forget to pick up the echo core fragment :

Then jump into the ventilation shaft and reach the assembly shop. As you walk through it, don’t forget to explore the room with valuables:

Then you will find a fairly linear path to the next battle. There you will meet a new enemy in the form of a large robot with a sword. No special tactics are required, but it is better not to fall under the blows of the enemy. After completing the battle, you will find yourself at a fork – we advise you to first explore the room on the right:

Then return to the fork and hit the button. After climbing the platforms, talk to the refrigerator robot. Don’t forget to explore the next room for some graffiti and a lot of gears:

Go to the next button and pull on the magnets to collect all the gears. Be sure to destroy Cale’s statue along the way:

After passing through the ventilation shaft, you will again fight with the robots. First kill the large swordsmen, then the rest. After defeating the enemies, explore the surroundings. In one of the corridors you will find a fragment of the echo core :

Next, you will find yourself in a room with stairs up. First, look into the next room and collect valuables:

Then go up the stairs, and at the very top, explore the bridge, where you can get with the help of moving wagons on the left:

After that, do not forget to jump to the very top, where you will find gears and a fragment of the life sensor (for convenience, jump from the green container):

After collecting everything of value, go down and go to the jumping device. We advise you to carefully jump down at the top to collect more gears. Below you will encounter hostile robots, but nothing out of the ordinary will appear in combat. The next part of the level is quite linear and filled with familiar challenges. In the room with two robots, look behind the computer panel to pick up a large pharmacy kit and other valuables:

After using the jump device, you will encounter two waves of enemy robots. It is better to leave a power attack until two large swordsmen appear. After you win, you’ll find yourself in a mini-game with moving along the magnetic track, and after that you need to go through a very linear part of the level, where you will be taught new mechanics. Soon you will encounter flying fighting robots. Fighting them is easy – hit them while jumping, pull towards them, or summon Mint.

Go further through a series of already familiar tests until you get to the valve. Hit it to make the lid on the front start bouncing. After jumping on it and being at the top, summon Mint and aim at the small valve:

Once even higher, look to the right and shoot at the second valve:

At the very end of the test, just pull the magnet. At the top, do not forget to open a large chest and pick up a fragment of the life sensor . From there, the game is fairly linear until you get to Rekka’s waiting room. Don’t forget to look at the graffiti here :

After collecting all the valuables, go to the next room, where a duel with the boss awaits you.

How to defeat Rekka?

The first 25% of the boss’s health is pretty straightforward. The main thing is to dodge Rekka’s directed attacks in such a way that she crashes into the wall. From 75% to 50% health, Rekka will begin to be covered in electricity. During this, stay away from her, attacking only with Peppermint. Wait for the electricity to subside, and only then beat the boss.

Between 50% and 0% health, be extra careful and try to dodge in rhythm. From the capture with iron hands, try to move away from the boss as far as possible and competently dodge. Jumping is very effective at this moment. At the last 25% of health, an attack can appear, where Rekka is spinning with a pipe like a tornado. Just run away from her at this moment. Defeating the boss will complete the second chapter.

Passage of the chapter “Composition 3. Trial by lava”

Follow a very linear path until you encounter a new kind of robot – the blue swordsman. He hits hard, the main thing is to dodge in time. After defeating the enemies, do not forget to read the note:

Going further, pick up a broken chip by descending on a lava stone:

The further path will also be linear, and at the moment with the volcano, do not rush too much, otherwise you will miss the abundance of valuables. Soon you will meet a new enemy – a rideable robot that can use its staff to cover allies with energy shields. Destroy them with Mint, but it’s much more effective to break the staff itself. The further path will also be simple and linear. But before entering the department, go down to the closed gate and pick up all the valuables:

Returning to the entrance to the department, look around. Pick up the broken chip on the left:

On the right side of the entrance to the department is a statue of Keil . Destroy it and collect valuables. Above the statue itself there is a passage to the graffiti . Having collected everything useful, go to the department and go forward. Once in the lab, go up the stairs to the right and pick up the Echo Core Fragment :

As you continue on, you will enter a testing room and learn new mechanics. To pass the drones, make two reflections at a time, matching the rhythm. Soon you will reach the second test room, where you also need to use reflections. There will be no prompting circle, and the easiest way to complete the task is to constantly squeeze the reflection into the rhythm, which you can follow through TAB. Further, on the way to the third test room, climb up to find a fragment of the gauge of lives :

Nearby, don’t forget to explore the area behind the gate with the button:

Entering the third test room, you are waiting for the most difficult reflection tasks. Keep an eye on the indicator with lightning, which will indicate in what rhythm you need to repel the attacks of turrets and thugs. After passing the test, you will find a moving magnet, which will lead you to the path to another department. Collect the Life Gauge Fragment and look behind the crates to collect additional valuables:

Then go up to the department and fight the final squad of enemies. At the very end, an impenetrable robot will come out against you. You won’t be able to defeat him, but it’s not entirely clear what triggers the cut-scene – just the past tense or some kind of action. Personally, we ran under the boss so that he would shoot rockets at his feet. After the cut-scene starts, the third chapter will be completed.


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