10 most in-demand professions in Australia over the next 5 years

Living abroad is among the biggest goals of those who want to grow professionally. In this circumstance, many countries offer several opportunities, especially those that have a shortage of trained professionals, as is the case in Australia. Thinking about it, we write this article to show you some professions that can lead an international student to conquer the dream of having a permanent visa in the country.

Australian job market situation

The Australian government recently announced that the country is in need of professional labor in several areas. Therefore, policies were adopted to train the Australians themselves, but even so, this measure was not enough. The main cause for the great professional demand, in various sectors, is mainly due to the pandemic.

For this reason, the Australian authorities, together with trade associations, decided to grant opportunities to immigrants, even extending their length of stay in the country. Thus, the dream of obtaining a permanent visa becomes more accessible to everyone.

Australia’s most wanted jobs

As we have already mentioned, Australia is facing a deficit of qualified professionals to occupy certain jobs. This happens because there is a growing shortage of skills for certain positions, which has become even more accentuated with the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

Due to this scenario, the government created some policies to receive professionals from other countries and recently listed the 10 professions that will need capable and trained workers in the next 5 years. Check below:

  1. Construction managers;
  2. Civil engineering professionals;
  3. Early childhood teachers;
  4. Nurses;
  5. Business analysts and ICT systems (information and communication technology);
  6. Software and application programmers;
  7. Electricians;
  8. Cooks;
  9. Caregivers of children;
  10. Caregivers of the elderly and people with disabilities.

As we can see, the shortage of professionals is wide and may or may not require specialization. That is, this situation benefits both immigrants who already have a degree in these areas, and those who do not yet have one, but wish to work and study at the same time in the country.

Qualified migration

Training is essential to perform these functions, since there has been a change in the techniques required, as we can see in the speech of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese: “Skills have changed. We need to change training to match these new prerequisites.”

And the government is working not only to absorb these people, but, above all, to offer them the essential theoretical and practical tools to build a competent professional, regardless of the area. Thus, new hires must meet the new competencies.

Working in Australia as a Professional Student

Today, Australia has a significant need for professionals from different areas, with or without specialization. In this way, people who do not have a specific qualification can take advantage of this reality to become professional in the country, at the same time that they work, starting what could be the achievement of a permanent visa.

Why working in Australia can be advantageous?

Before we present the professions that are most demanded by Australia, it is important to say that it is a developed nation, having one of the best Human Development Index (HDI), according to the United Nations (UN). Therefore, it is an excellent place to live temporarily or permanently.

Low social inequality makes Australia a safe place to live, in addition to offering immigrants the opportunity to train their English, while receiving a fair salary and accumulating rich professional experiences.

Is it possible to study in Australia and work at the same time?

This is a common question among people who want to leave their home country. The good news is that, in Australia, immigrants can work and study while studying abroad. In this sense, if you want to learn English or take some other professional or university course – lasting at least 14 weeks – you can enter the job market, being allowed 20 hours a week during classes and 40 hours a week during the period of vacation.

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