Walkthrough Dead Space (2023) – game guide

All story and side missions of the game, boss battles, key items, weapons and upgrades

Select the difficulty level you want (on the maximum, any death will result in the loss of all progress, but for beating the game on this difficulty you will receive a new costume and weapons) and watch the introductory video. After a failed docking with the Ishimura, Isaac, Hammond, Daniels, and Chen will go on a reconnaissance mission.

Chapter 1. Arrival

Before you leave Kellion, go back and in the room on the left, find the first Background Request text entry. In total, the game has over 180 text and audio recordings, although you will receive more than 100 of them automatically as part of the game’s story. Go outside and follow the team inside the station. Daniels will start the system and Isaac will have access to the regular doors. Open the nearest door. Enter the next room (Flight Lounge) and look at the lockers on the left. You will find the first credits.

Council . Search all the glowing lockers. Green and blue dots highlight interactive items. Break boxes, open wall cabinets. Inside them you will find credits (the main currency), ammo for weapons, fees for sale and much more. In our walkthrough, I will only point out unique items like new weapons, armor or upgrades.

Head further into the room and open the only available door leading to the Security and Transit Officials. At the far end of the room, interact with the terminal. After a while, the team will be attacked by Necromorphs. Hold Shift and run down the nearest corridor until you reach the elevator. Turn around and manually start the elevator by pressing the illuminated button.

Once in the workshop (Service Workshop), go to the far left corner and pick up your first weapon from the workbench – “Plasma Cutter” (new weapon). Also search the boxes on the right by opening them with the E key. In the other corner is a rectangular container. Such containers need to be destroyed – either shoot or kick by pressing the “Space”. Shoot the cutter at the purple fuses to the right of the door and continue on.

Kill the first enemy. It is best to shoot at the lower limbs to slow down the enemy, and then finish him off by aiming at the remaining parts of the body. Without waiting for a hint, I will inform you: the corpses of opponents should be trampled with your foot in order to receive additional resources. By pressing the X key, you can always see your current route. However, the same function can be used for another purpose: first move in other directions to find additional resources.

Pick up a first aid kit (to apply medicines, you need to press the F key) and enter the Tram Control Room. Go to the window and chat with Daniels and Hammond. You need to repair the trolley and find a way to start it. The Minecart is the main way to move between different parts of the Ishimura. In a small room on the right is the control panel, and you need to bring the Data Board (data disk) there. There is a save panel on the wall in the middle of the room. You can make a save.

Search the lockers and go to the Tram Tunnel where the game leads. At the bottom you will find a looped door. Pick up the stasis module from the floor. Right-click and fire a stasis bolt at the door by pressing the C key. There is also a stasis recharge station opposite the door. After slowing down the door, go inside and save at the next station. Alternatively, you can pick up a stasis module and do nothing. Wait for Daniels to contact you for additional audio.

You are in Tram Station Hall. The power should go out for a while. Just wait a few seconds and everything will be restored. First go right and search the Bathroom. Return to the corridor and follow the marker to the Tram Repair Room. Check out this room first. There is an audio recording, a lot of resources, and a small wall-mounted crate containing a power node. Power Nodes are used to improve the performance of your equipment, from armor to specific weapons. All power nodes are stored in such boxes. You can also buy them at the store.

Go to the center and activate the blue panel. The doors will open and you will see a trolley. Wait a little. There is a stasis recharge station behind you. When enemies appear, kill them. If there are no enemies, go down to the panel on the left and activate the first capture. Finish off the Necromorphs. Use stasis to slow them down, aim for the legs. After that, go to the panel on the right and interact with it to activate the second grab. After a few seconds, it will return to its original position. It needs to be slowed down with stasis, however, if you want to get the audio, do nothing and Daniels will contact you. Activate the central panel and wait. While the repairs are in progress, you should finish off a few more Necromorphs. After completing all the steps and after listening to Daniels, make the same way back, applying stasis to the movable door.

Go from Tram Control Room to Cargo and Baggage Hall. At the end of the corridor, kill the enemy and note the Circuit Break panel. You can activate one of the two fuses. First, activate the right one and search the Cargo Hall Storage room you passed earlier (you have now powered it up). The most important thing here is a box with a power node. Return to Circuit Break and power the left fuse. Enter the nearest door and save.

Go to Maintenance Bay. First, I recommend walking in a circle to kill all the Necromorphs and collect resources. Pay attention to the red balloons. Shoot them when there is a Necromorph nearby to destroy the monster with literally one shot (explosion). When you clear the location, follow the marker to the elevator and go upstairs. move along the bridge, one of the corpses is a living necromorph, so you can shoot once at each. In general, do this whenever you see a supposedly dead Necromorph. Soon you will find Circuit Break. Before you use it, find the resource lockers on the right and the Repair Invoice text entry. Use the panel and activate the left battery by powering the door. The world must be gone.

Return to the elevator and go down. Along the way, you will have to kill one Necromorph. Immediately run forward and enter the Maintenance Bay Office on the left side. You can linger and finish off the Necromorphs (about 5 individuals) by shooting at the explosive canisters. Inside the office, a box with a power node hangs on the wall. Here, find the Data Board plot item. On the shelf is a text entry Poker Invitation. Nearby is your first workbench. Activate it and spend power nodes on upgrades. Return to the Tram Control Room the same way, killing the enemies. Install the board in the right place and activate the central terminal.

Now you need to return to your ship. On the way there, after the elevator, there will be a Flight Deck Supply Room on the left hand side. Inside it you will find resources and a power node. Return to the main hall, where you split up with the team. By the way, if you haven’t done it before, pick up the text document Sponsored Article: The USG Ishimura from the chair to the right of the save station. Return to the ship and talk to Hailey. Interact with the blue monitor on the right and watch a cutscene. Try to leave the ship.

Kill three Necromorphs, including a new type of enemy. Listen to Hammond and Daniels. Return inside the station, go through the door on the left. In the corridor there is a door to the restroom, which should be searched. Take the elevator to the Flight Deck Tram Station room. Gather resources and interact with the Store terminal. The shop will allow you to buy ammo and other consumables, power nodes and even new suits. There is also storage here. If you move a weapon to storage, you will not find ammo for it. As soon as you can, buy the costume of the second level for 10,000 credits!

Go further and optionally use the workbench. Go down the lift, pay attention to the door on the right. This is Quarantined Cargo Storage. A level 1 security pass is required to open the door.

Chapter 2

Enter the Medical Cargo Depot further down the hallway and pick up the kinesis module. Move the block blocking the path to the side using kinesis (RMB+F). Alternatively, you can slide it back and move another block to find a Bronze Component stash (for sale). There is also a first aid kit on the shelf. To get it, kinesis will come in handy again.

Go to the Medical Tram Station, where you will find a dying woman. Pick up the pulse rifle (new weapon). Open your inventory, select a rifle and equip any free quick slot. The keys “1”, “2” and so on allow you to switch between available weapons. Save and open the station doors. Go to the Security Station and talk to Hammond. Gather resources. There are lockers on the side, but one of them opens with a level 2 security pass.

Use the store, save and follow the marker. Go to the Imagine Diagnostics room and look around. Use Kinesis to move the capsule blocking the path. Kill the monster and pay attention to the door on the left. Log in to Diagnostic Technician and wait. Kill the Necromorph and collect resources. On the wall there is a cabinet with a power node. Two containers on the floor are opened with a level 2 security pass.

Return to the previous room. Opposite the door there is a large power block. Use telekinesis to place it in the slot on the left. Power up the Doors first. Go back and enter the Consultation Room. Collect the resources and the audio recording lying on the table. One of the containers requires a level 2 security pass. Return to the panel, switch the power to the lift and drive up.

Kill the enemy and use kinesis to move the platform to get to the other side. Finish off the Necromorph and go to the Observation Room first. Pick up the text entry Calculated Risks from the bunk on the right, pick up other resources. There are two containers that require a level 2 security pass. Return to the corridor and go through the door on the left side. Be sure to save. In the next corridor on the right hand there will be a door that requires a level 2 security pass. Get outside. You have a limited amount of time to get through this part of the ship, as the supply of oxygen is not unlimited. You can find resources along the way.

Sign in to Zero-G Therapy. Press Z to disable gravity and fly to the other side. There are containers floating in the air that you can smash to get additional resources. In the next room, collect resources and take the canister (plot item) on the table. Go back the same way. In the previous room, where you need to turn off the attraction, a tailed monster flies. Kill him and return back. Outside, where there is no oxygen, turn off the gravity again and fly upwards, as the return path is blocked by debris. Pay attention to the station that allows you to replenish oxygen supplies. Enter the station. On the right side is the Patient Locker Room door, which requires a level 2 security pass.

Turn off gravity and fly down the mine. Enter the Coolant Pipelines room. On the left side is a drawing for pulse cartridges. When you find yourself at any store, interact with it, and the drawing will be automatically saved. From now on, the corresponding ammunition will appear in the assortment of goods. This happens with every blueprint found on the Ishimura. Go a little further, but be careful – Necromorphs will attack you from both sides.

Return to the Security Station, save and head towards the Research Wing. Recharge stasis and shoot at the door to slow it down. Enter the main laboratory and get ready for a protracted battle. Use stasis to slow enemies down. Also throw surrounding objects at opponents using kinesis. It is advisable to choose something exploding. For example, a fire extinguisher. After clearing the floor, go to the lift and ride down, where you will have to fight another 5-6 Necromorphs. As soon as you finish everyone off, loot the entire lower floor.

Enter the Main Lab Changing Room and take the stasis pack blueprint from the bench. Pass in the corridor you will see the glazed laboratory. A new monster will appear and kill the scientist. The door on the left requires a level 3 security pass. Enter the same room and kill the new Necromorph. On the consoles on the right, look for the text entry Vital Personnel. Climb up, destroy two more monsters (if you don’t understand, you need to shoot at the glowing limbs of their upper tentacles) and enter the Limb Stimulation Therapy room. Remove the power unit from the wall cabinet. Switch the electrical panel on the door and take the shock panel from the corpse, which was supplied with electricity.

The door on the right will open and you can return to the main lab. If you haven’t done it before, like us, in the main laboratory, take the elevator down again. There are two more rooms here. Enter the room of Dr. Brennan – SMO, collect the resources and listen to the audio tape lying on the table to start the Scientific Methods side quest. Don’t worry about the target being highlighted in red. In fact, this suggests that right now you cannot complete the task. Be patient! On the shelf is an Anonymized Transcript text entry.

Return to the main laboratory and find Dr. Kain’s office on the lower floor. On the table on the left is a text entry Marker Discovery. Interact with the computer to view the holographic recording. Also circle the bottom floor of the main lab to find another audio log.

Go back to the Security Station and set the explosives on the blockage in front of the door to the Ishimura clinic. Go into the small room on the right to be safe. Isaac will automatically activate the explosives. Kill the monster and enter the clinic. On the chairs on the left is an upgrade for the Plasma Cutter weapon.

There is a box with a power node on the wall, but a level 1 security pass is required. Enter the emergency room. Ahead there will be a door with a level 1 pass, on the left there are two more containers that require it. On one of the operating tables there is a text entry Patient Observations.

Side mission Scientific Methods (continued). Once in the Emergency Room, a holographic recording featuring Nicole will start near one of the operating tables. When it is finished, go to the power distribution panel and switch the supply to the showers (Showers). The shutters will go up to the left. Move the obstacle with kinesis to reveal the secret room. Gather resources and take Nicole’s audio recording from the table to advance the side mission story.

In the main hall of the Emergency Room there is a small room with lockers of levels 1 and 2. return to the distribution panel. Turn off the power completely so you can remove the battery. As soon as you do this, enemies will start to appear. Set aside the power block and destroy all Necromorphs. Having done this, install the power block in the hole on the opposite side of the room and go to ER Hallway A. Be careful, because enemies will appear here. There is also a level 2 door on the right hand side. Keep going forward and interact with the wall panel to get an audio recording. Go all the way to the right, kill the three Necromorphs that attack you. Pick up supplies, a power node, and an audio recording.

Follow the marker in the Intensive Care Unit and watch a scene involving a girl who stabs herself. Keep moving, save and go to the morgue. Go out into the corridor, kill the necromorph and install the power block in the hole to use the elevator. Enter the morgue and collect resources. In the far right corner is a level 1 door. By the way, soon you will be able to open it!

A strange creature will appear and turn the captain’s corpse into a powerful Necromorph. I recommend that instead of attacking the captain, freeze him and run out into the main hall, where the small parasite has disappeared. Destroy it before it has time to turn the remaining corpses into Necromorphs. Once defeated, pick up the captain’s RIG to gain access to all level 1 doors and containers. Call the elevator by opening the nearest level 1 door.

Turn around and move the crates out of the way to exit the elevator. You are back in the Emergency Room. If you remember, there are containers and even one level 1 locker. Come back. In the room where you found the cutter upgrade, open the locker with the power node. Optionally, save and use the store in the Security Room. Use the cart to return to the previous station. Optionally, you can go back past the cart, through the compartment where you found the kinesis, to open the level 1 door that you passed by earlier. If anything, after a trip in the room on the right, you can find a workbench. Return to the docks where you moored at the beginning of the game. Hammond will turn off gravity. The second chapter will end and the third will begin.

Chapter 3 Orbital Correction

Press the Z key to move through the air. First you can go down to the left and right to find crates and containers with resources. A little further you will find yourself in an area without oxygen. Fly over the marker and kill two monsters. On the wall hangs a station that allows you to replenish oxygen. Also along the way you can find an oxygen tank (use it in your inventory if you need to urgently replenish supplies). Once inside the building, look into the room on the left, opening it with a level 1 pass. Gather resources and look for the Growth text entry at the end of the corridor. Ride down the elevator.

On the engineering deck, first run to the right to get to the station. Click on the remote to unlock the station. Now you can move from here to here on the minecart! Inspect the station, pick up an audio recording and resources. Use the computer in the center to run diagnostics. Listen to Hammond, optionally use the shop and save station.

Go through the Preparation Room in the Machine Shop, go downstairs and pick up the “Ripper” (new weapon) from the floor. You can immediately open the inventory and attach the weapon to a free cell. The restroom has resources and an audio recording (wall panel).

Scientific Methods side mission (continued) . Go to the back of the Machine Shop to find a workbench. The container next to it opens with a special permission of the master. Open the Calibration Room door and watch the holographic recording of Nicole. Gather resources and leave the room. You will complete the next part of the quest automatically in the seventh chapter, when Isaac meets with Nicole.

Go to the Refueling Control Station door. Look around. On the right there is a door for a level 2 pass. Gather resources and find the gondola. Pull it in using kinesis. You can go further, past the gondola. The path to the left leads up to the door with a fuse. Shoot him to open a shortcut to the control room. The path to the right leads to the northern apparatus. Lower the device for a full charge.

Return to the gondola and ride to the other side. Be careful as enemies will appear soon. Destroy about 5-6 Necromorphs, then go around the locked room. You need a special key card. Find the audio recording along the way, and then move up the stairs. Kill the enemy, find the table behind the screen on the side on which the same key card lies. Take the item. At about this point, Daniels will be on the line. Go back downstairs, enter the Fuel Management room and take the power node from the wall cabinet. Examine the power distribution panel. Turn off the lights and power up the South gas station. Ride back on the gondola, killing the enemies. When you return to the control room, finish off the small monster that creates necromorphs from human corpses.

Council . There is a store here. So, if, like me, you don’t like the Ripper, feel free to send it to storage. This is necessary so that when killing monsters, ammunition for the “Ripper” does not fall out. That is, only ammunition for the weapon that is in your inventory will appear as loot. In addition, upgrades for Kinesis and the Plasma Cutter have appeared in the store. If you find an upgrade for the “Ripper”, then he will be.

Ride the elevator down to the centrifuge. Walk along the corridor. On the left, there is a room that requires a level 1 pass. You have it, so you can open and collect resources. Do not rush to enter the room with the centrifuge. Move on. There is a workbench and a text entry “Chaos”. Enter the main room and start the decontamination procedure. Kill the enemies that will appear after a few seconds. Go through the door. Get the blueprint for the medium first aid kit from the locker.

Exit to the corridor. Run to the left first to find supplies and a power node stuck in the flesh. Now move in the other direction. Pick up the Rig Transcript from the floor. Follow the main hall with a centrifuge. You need to run it. Look around first. At the top there are stations for replenishing oxygen and stasis. Charge the stasis, collect the resources floating in the air and fly down. There are two blocks with corresponding markers. Use kinesis to move them closer to the centrifuge, but do not connect. Slow down the rotation with stasis, and only after that push the blocks to the stop with kinesis.

As soon as you install both blocks, fly up and find the control terminal on one of the upper bridges (not where you came from). Activate the centrifuge. Now we have to act in conditions of lack of oxygen. There is a station nearby, so you can immediately restore oxygen. Then ride the elevator down, but be careful – the centrifuge is spinning, so it can kill you!

Against all odds, you will have to run against the movement of the centrifuge. When the block moves past, run into the niche on the left side. Do the same by advancing to the next niche, but turn around and return to the previous one, otherwise the Necromorph will interfere with you. Ride the elevator up and return to the corridor with the save station. Follow back to the control room. When the tentacle grabs you, shoot the orange growths.

Get to the indicated room with huge fans. Turn off gravity, fire stasis at the spinning propeller and fly through it towards the switch box. Turn off the power from the fans (Fans) and apply to the second door. Go through this door and destroy the large growths. Behind the next door in the flesh will be a corpse with a flamethrower (new weapon). Make your way between the flesh into a large hall. Turn around and destroy the growths near the revived dead. On the right side there is a level 3 access door. In the room on the left, look for an audio recording and a power node. Ride the elevator down, kill another infected and you can find a workbench in the next room.

Burn the growths, destroy the small creatures that will jump on Isaac. The room on the right has an upgrade for the Ripper. Ride even lower and kill the new enemy. There is a stasis charger in the room to the left. Destroy a couple of growths to open access to the room on the right. Then use stasis to slow down the large moving doors and go through them. Burn all enemies, including small monsters. Climb up and save.

Go to the Engine Room on the left. For starters, take a good look around. Kill the enemies, in the niche on the right (no need to go up), look for a wall cabinet with a power node. Collect everything you see and memorize the location of explosive canisters and other objects that will come in handy in battle. Look for two compartments on the left side. One of them already has a power block, while the other does not. Find the second power side in the far right corner by climbing the ramp. Install it in the hole on the left. A protracted battle will begin. You are attacked by many opponents, so you need to act as carefully as possible. Do not stand still, shoot at explosive canisters, luring enemies to them. Also, don’t forget that the Pulse Rifle has an alternative firing mode – a grenade launcher. True, he consumes a lot of ammunition, so do not get too carried away. After the victory, go up to the control panel and start the engine. Return to the control room, talking with Hammond along the way. Follow the station to complete the chapter.

Chapter 4

Ride to the bridge. Collect resources, listen to the command and go right. Save. In the corridor on the left hand there will be a door of the 2nd level of access. Keep moving until you are in the main atrium. Search the huge hall, collect resources. There will be another level 2 door on the left. Go down below and use the elevator to reunite with Hammond. Once in the captain’s cabin, find the text entries Eckhard’s Clearance and “More Time” on the right. Right in this room, you will receive a pass level upgrade to 2.

Return back to the main atrium. First you can go to the side of the minecart station to open another level 2 storage room. You can also ride into previously visited compartments to open all doors and boxes of level 2. For example, return to the medical bay and enter the room from the screenshot below to get the Line Gun (new weapon) and other resources. There is also one power node here.

And in this room on the floor above, you can find an improvement for a new weapon and a power node. To get here, from the station with the trolley, go west and look for a ladder in the far part (where the capsule was moved and the first power unit was installed).

You can also return to the engineering bay and in the place where the gondola is located, open another level 2 room. Inside it there is a drawing of an oxygen cylinder and a wall cabinet with a power unit.

When you approach the right door in the main atrium, a huge monster will appear. If my memory serves me, this is the Hunter. In principle, nothing complicated. On normal difficulty, you can put stasis on him, go around and shoot 2-3 grenades with a pulse rifle. And the monster will fall. Don’t forget to stomp it to get a Power Knot.

Activate the elevators using the panel behind the level 2 door. There is also a video recording lying around and there is a workbench. Return to the main atrium and take the elevator to the Admin Systems and Comms Array. Ride to the second floor, save and follow through the only door. Be sure to check out the storage room in the oxygen-free hallway for supplies and a power node. Follow through the far door. First, open the Records Office on the right by applying a level 2 pass. Pick up Contact Beam (new weapon).

You will find yourself in a huge Mining Administration room. Kill the enemies and first open the Main Fuses room on the left by applying the level 2 pass. Search the room and shoot the fuse. Go back and in the next corner find the door to which the red wire leads. Now it can be opened. Go into the room, open the level 2 door and take the Tracking Infection text entry from the table. On the right hangs a wall box with a power unit.

There is a workbench in the Coolant Monitoring room on the right. In the main hall, go to the far end. Avoid getting into electrical discharges, otherwise you can die. Finish off the enemies and switch energy from Mining to ADS guns. Return to the elevator and ride to the third floor.

In the break room on the right, look for the Unitology Article text entry. To get into the locked pantry, go around it in a circle and find a broken window. Use Kinesis to remove the crates and shoot the purple fuse. In this room there will be a second upgrade for the pulse rifle. Follow further and soon you will find yourself in a large room with racks and a lot of electrified wires. Avoid electric shock. You can lure enemies to the wires. Move forward destroying monsters. There will be another Hunter at the end. Freeze him with stasis, go around and attack from behind at the glowing growths.

Take the elevator back to the main atrium, kill the enemies and take the other elevator in the same place. Pick up the audio recording lying on the left. The door on the right requires wizard access. Save, go further and finish off the enemies. Apply power to the ADS guns using the switchboard. Chat with Hammond and follow the next corridor in the EVA Prep Room on the right there is a blueprint. Take the elevator, use the panel to get a new audio recording. Save, get outside. Fly to each control terminal, take control and calibrate the guns. Hold RMB to aim at asteroids and shoot the E key. Opposite the control terminals there are stations with oxygen. Near the third weapon there will be two Necromorphs, so be careful. When you complete the calibration of the three guns, return to the inside of the station.

Chapter 5

Use the X key to return to the cart. On the way, be sure to save and use the store (a level 3 costume is available). Drive to the medical bay. Head to the Security Station. The doors will lock and you will hear the voice of an unknown doctor. Listen to him and move to Imaging Diagnostics. In the center of the room, near the healing capsule, there is a glowing growth. Destroy it to go further. Here you have to fight a Necromorph that has grown into the wall. To destroy it, you have to destroy all the tentacles. From time to time, the enemy will drop small monsters. Shoot at their glowing dots on the edges of the shoots. First kill normal enemies, then attack the main one. If he summons mobs, get distracted again and kill them.

Climb up, go around in a circle and shoot at the growths in the far corner. One enemy will appear. After killing him, go around the next growths and find the glowing dots to destroy the flesh obstacle. Continue moving, go down on the activated elevator and take the power node from the wall locker. Move on until you fall into Mercer’s trap. Fight a monster that will be reborn after death. Use stasis if you have it to buy time, after which Daniels will open the door for you. Run away from the monster, not paying attention to anything.

If there is a stasis charging station along the way, be sure to use it, as you will fall into a trap in the Emergency Room. Use stasis on the enemies, trying to gather them together, and while there is time, use kinesis to raise the power block and place it in the slot on the wall. Run further until you get to Dr. Mercer’s office. Use the computer on the left and wait. Collect the upgrade, resources, and the text entry “Mercer’s Journal”.

After that, you will need to run in the opposite direction, to the Security Room. Don’t get distracted by enemies, and if possible, apply stasis on them. Especially on a reborn monster. As soon as you get to the Security Room, run behind the screen and interact with the terminal, which will clear the air.

Save, use the shop and follow the same path to the room where you met Mercer. Search the room and move on. In Cryogenics, first go around and break all the boxes. Also replenish your stasis. Pick up liquid nitrogen and listen to Mercer. The same creature will appear. We need to lure him inside the cryogenic chamber and freeze him with stasis. Make it so that the monster comes from the side or far entrance, freeze it and run quickly to the room where Mercer was standing. First you need to open the door. In the center is a terminal that you need to interact with in order to trap the enemy. He dies, and the rest of the monsters run away. After talking with Daniels, the chapter will end. If something doesn’t work,

Chapter 6

Pick up the body part left from the monster to start the Premeditated Malpractice side quest. Also, visit Captain’s Nest (via the main atrium where you were with Hammond) and interact with the terminal to trigger the third and final side quest, You Are Not Authorized. This is a very important quest that is related to getting Master Override access. Some rooms and crates require this pass. Next, you will need to find the RIG of seven people.

Side quest Premeditated Malpractice . Pick up a body part of a monster killed in Cryogenics to activate the mission. Open the journal and start tracking the target. Ride to the medical bay, follow to the main laboratory and go down the elevator. Around the right turn, behind Brennan’s office, is the desired device. Scan the body part to find out who this monster used to be.

Follow the marker to the other side of the medical bay. In the Emergency Room, turn into hall B, which became available after you ran away from the monster. Pick up Mercer’s audio recording from the bed and move along the corridor. We’ll have to destroy the familiar monster that has grown into the wall. Like last time, shoot the tentacles. After the victory, enter the intensive care room and pick up the text entry “Harris’ Choice” from the table in the far left corner. Run the holographic recording with the participation of Harris and Mercer using the remote control. But the next part of the task can be completed later.

Side quest You Are Not Authorized . At the moment, you can get RIG of three of them:

  • First Officer White. Don’t leave the bridge. Open the journal and activate this target to make it easier to track down the right place. You will have to use the elevator in the atrium (from the side of Captain’s Nest) and get out, where the guns are installed. Behind the far, third gun, on the left side, is the RIG you need.
  • Chief Engineer Rousseau. Return to the engineering bay. Be sure to activate target tracking to make it easier! In fact, you will only be able to pick up this RIG if you have a level 3 pass, but you do not currently have it. Wait until the end of the seventh chapter, after which you will have a level 3 pass. Return to the engineering bay, open this door and take the RIG. There you will find resources and an audio recording.
  • Hangar Overseer Voelker. In the same engineering section. Activate target tracking and use the elevator in Cargo Bay. Be sure to buy one oxygen tank, because it is easy to get confused on the outside and you may simply not have enough air. In principle, as soon as you get out of the mine to the surface, there is an oxygen station to the right of the entrance. You can use it.
  • By the way, you will pick up the Dallas RIG in the seventh chapter of the game’s plot, so don’t bother with it.

When you’re ready, continue the story and head to the hangar. In the room on the right, by the way, there is a workbench. Follow the marker and go to the Hydroponics section. Pick up an audio recording from the bench on the right. Activate the station so that you can move to it on the minecart. As always, look into the restroom, but keep in mind that small monsters will jump out of the toilet. Use the elevator, go down the corridor and view the warning holographic recording. Load liquid nitrogen into the control panel in the department’s central hub. Pick up the finished product.

Listen to Elizabeth Cross and return to the central hub. Go to the western tower. In the corridor there will be several installations spraying toxins. Pick a moment to move forward. Also in the first room on the left you can find an upgrade for the “Ripper”, in the second – a workbench. Use the elevator at the end of the corridor, kill the enemy and go to the huge hall. Be careful, there are a lot of resources and enemies here. First, I recommend walking in a circle and killing everyone who attacks you. After that, in the far corner, look for two doors of level 2. Both lead to the same room with a power pistol (new weapon). Collect all the resources, in the main hall there is a panel on the wall that unlocks a new audio recording. And yes, don’t forget that there are a lot of explosive canisters around. They will help save ammo.

Go to the indicated room, collect supplies and inject the antidote into the person stuck in the flesh. Please note that immediately after this you will be attacked by 4-5 monsters. After defeating them, take the elevator in the center of the room to the third floor. Inject the antidote into the second creature. Pick up the Corruption text entry from the table. Ride to the second floor, go through the accessible door. There is a shop on the right. Kill new enemies in the next corridor. You need to aim at their huge claw. On death, these Necromorphs explode.

Follow on, save and use anti-gravity to fly through the tunnel. In two places, you need to move the doors using kinesis. There will be several enemies. Fly to the green area, destroy the monster ingrown into the wall (shoot off all the tentacles) and inject the liquid into the third creature.

Go back to the elevator, there is a distribution panel near the door. Power up the other door. Go through it, destroy another monster with tentacles and inject the liquid into the fourth creature. Don’t let new monsters create Necromorphs from corpses! Walk on top, shoot two growths to destroy some of the flesh and go down the elevator. Kill the Hunter using the stasis containers scattered around the room. Shoot the glowing growths! After the victory, you will receive a power node. In one of the corners, inside a niche, there is a power block. Grab it with your kinesis and place it in the slot near the distribution panel. To activate it, you need a special key card.

In one of the rooms there will be a fifth creature, into which you need to inject an antidote. Do it and collect resources. In another corner room, look for a key card. After picking it up, apply it to the panel to turn off gravity. Kill the enemies and ride up the elevator. Turn off gravity and fly up towards the enemy and the sixth creature. Inject the antidote into it and walk along the upper bridges to find an audio recording and a growth on the flesh. Shoot the growth to open a path to the door below. Fly there and go through the door.

Use the store, save and move on. Fight off the attack of the large tentacle and go to the corridor with the save station. Fly through the tunnel, slowing electrical objects with stasis. At the bottom, turn off the turbine and go through the door. Go down the elevator and, destroying the fuses, go through the tunnels, in which fire appears in turn. Climb up on the other side. Do not rush to go through the indicated door. Follow the control room, which was closed on the other side. Inside it there is a power node. Shoot the fuse to create a shortcut back over the fire turbines. Also pick up the Technical Manual text entry from the floor. Inject the antidote into the creature. Go towards the elevator, kill the enemies and go to the east wing.

Inject the antidote into the last creature, then return back the same way. By the way, in the tunnel, where there were electrical blocks, in one of the niches there is a blueprint for ammunition for a power pistol.

Side quest You Are Not Authorized . When you return to the beginning of Hydroponics after killing 8 poisonous creatures, in the East Chamber Grow, on the second floor, destroy the flesh by shooting at the glowing growth. Beneath this flesh lies RIG Holt.

How to defeat Leviathan

In the west wing, ride the elevator down, go further and fight the Leviathan. This will be a difficult battle. The first thing you should do is smash the nearby resource crates. Be sure to gather all the resources you can! There are many of them, they will be useful to you both in battle and in the future. After the destruction of the Leviathan, all resources floating in the air will disappear. So now dodge the tentacles and use telekinesis to throw explosive canisters at them. Canisters should be thrown into luminous growths. Once you deal enough damage and all three tentacles are gone, the Leviathan will open its mouth. Dodge two projectiles, but grab the third with kinesis and throw it back at the Leviathan. This will save your ammo! But when the last stage begins and the room is filled with poison, use everything you have! Shoot exclusively into the opening mouth. After the victory, return to the room, listen to the allies. The chapter will end.

Chapter 7

Follow the marker, activate the station and go through the door towards the mining deck. Listen to Daniels and open the next door. On the left, there are two crates that can be removed with Kinesis. Do this and remove the power node. The blocks are on the right. If you move them, it is fashionable to get to the door to the room protected by Master Override. This room contains resources, a shop, and a workbench. Take the elevator and go to deck C.

When the elevator stops, kill three enemies and continue down. Make your way through the hallway, pulling the crates towards you to avoid being hit by the laser beams. Do not rush to turn into the door on the right. Go even further down the corridor.

Side quest Premeditated Malpractice . Place the crate in front of the laser beams and enter the Ore Storage. Collect all the resources and remove the boxes on the side using kinesis. Listen to the audio message from the read panel. Return to the bridge at any time. On the right side, look for an orange stand, which you can now interact with to start the next entry. Do it. Ride the trolley to the Hydroponic department. Move deep into the compartment, take the elevator and follow to the indicated place. Clear the room and find the last audio recording in the back room. The task will be completed. On the way back you will encounter monsters! Don’t forget to pick up the stasis module prototype from the table.

What does the stasis module prototype give?

Firstly, all enemies hit by stasis from that moment on are not only slowed down, but completely stopped. Secondly, opponents will be electrified – they will take damage over time. Agree, a very useful thing! It all works automatically – right after you pick up the prototype of the stasis module. And by all means, don’t step into the stasis traps, because Isaac also takes damage from electricity!

So let’s get on with the story. Return to where you left off (to the corridor with rays) and go through the door. Outside on the left hand there will be an elevator, but there is no power. Go a little further, kill the monster and find the power block. But don’t rush. Go even further, turn right and find a workbench. There is a Miner’s Log text entry next to it. Install the battery and use the lift. Go to the control room and pick up the Mining Progress text entry from the table. Use the terminal on the right.

Return down the elevator, run back to the main elevator and follow to deck B. View the audio recording by turning it on with the remote on the table. Use Kinesis to remove boxes from the path, clear the corridors from enemies. Be sure to gather resources and find the audio recording wall panel. Go through the next door, keep killing enemies and get outside through the hole in the wall. Use anti-gravity to fly up to four asteroids. Throw them into the fire with Kinesis. When everyone is destroyed, fly to the console and turn on gravity. Be careful, as many enemies will appear on the location. Destroy them all, go to the indicated room and pick up the Dallas RIG from the floor, which will increase your pass to level 3. There is also an audio recording on the table.

On the way to the elevator, open the map to reveal a level 3 room. Look into it and collect resources. Take the elevator to deck D. Clear the room of all enemies. There are also two monsters that create necromorphs, and one creature that has grown into the wall. The latter, by the way, guards the way to the warehouse. There is a switchboard there. Use it to open all the pantries and collect resources. You will also find two audio recordings.

Pull the gondola and drive to the other side. Destroy the enemies that appear on the sides. For this, it is better to use explosive canisters and kinesis. After meeting with Nicole, go through the door. In addition to killing enemies that attack you, be sure to protect Nicole from other critters. Go to the workshop, pick up the SOS beacon and other resources, including a blueprint. Enter the room after the elevator and kill the enemy ingrown into the wall on the right. To the right of it, a cabinet with a power unit hangs on the wall.

In the large hall where you rode the gondola, use the switchboard to turn off the gravity. After that, fly back. You can linger and explore the entire room in zero gravity. So, closer to the desired end, there is a level 3 door at the bottom. If you open it, you can get resources, a power node and an upgrade for a flamethrower. Take the elevator to Deck C Mining. If suddenly there is no box to block the red lasers, go to deck A. There are a couple of boxes here, take at least one with telekinesis. You can also buy a level 4 costume from the store for $35,000. Do it as soon as you can.

Go to Mining Control. Along the way, you can open the level 3 pantry to find resources and a power node. Go back, go down the elevator and pull out the power element to disable it. Go through the door ahead and clear the rooms of three exploding enemies. Having done this, install the power block in the nest and go down the elevator. In the room on the left, collect resources and move further down the corridor.

You will find yourself in a huge space with a cannon holding an asteroid. Fly up to the asteroid itself. Rings with spikes revolve around it. As soon as they stop and start spinning again, fly between the asteroid and the wall out. Outside, find the marked spot on the asteroid and set up a beacon. Having done this, you will have to destroy the rotating circular disks that hold the asteroid. To do this, use stasis. After slowing down the disk, pick up the moment and shoot at any control highlighted in purple. repeat this for the two disks on the outside and the two disks on the inside. Leave the room and return to Mining Control. As you understand, you will have to pull out the power block with kinesis in order to restart the desired elevator. Throw a block forward to overcome fire traps. Don’t worry, the battery won’t explode or burn.

Try to leave the room, but it will be blocked. You are attacked by a respawning enemy. Don’t try to destroy it. It’s best to use stasis to prolong the fight. As soon as the panel appears on the wall, use kinesis to lower the block from top to bottom. Get out of the trap and run to the elevator. Drive to deck A to get out of here and complete the chapter.

Chapter 8

Ride to the bridge. Go to the main atrium and clear it (when you get to the elevator, you will be ambushed). Use the environment, explosive canisters and so on. After the victory, be sure to open three containers with a level 3 pass. Take the elevator to the third floor, destroy the two creatures with tentacles that have grown into the wall. Go through the door. On the left there is a room that opens with a level 3 pass. Search it and collect resources.

Side quest You Are Not Authorized . After entering the Comms Control Room, turn left into Officer Bailey’s office and collect his RIG. There will also be an audio recording.

Enter the room opposite. Interact with the table to see the holographic recording. Also open the level 3 door to collect supplies. Get outside and in the absence of gravity inspect each node. Destroy the enemies first. The nodes can be fitted with various panels with curved or straight lines. You need to make sure that the energy reaches the central part, in the center of the ceiling. As far as I remember, I had to use all the nodes. It will be difficult to explain, so here you will have to test your strength on your own. Head back inside and contact the Valor ship. Although here is the solution:

Exit the room and run to the right. Slide the containers aside using kinesis, and behind the door on the wall on the left, look for a wall-mounted locker with a power node. Use the gondola. Pick up The Comms Relay Crew text entry from the bench. Save and use the workbench if you wish. Be sure to look into the room ahead for the third Plasma Cutter Upgrade. If you haven’t already, buy a level 4 suit. You can immediately return to the workbench to apply the cutter upgrade.

Use the elevator, but be careful, because the enemy will come out from there. Go past the right door to collect supplies. On the wall on the left hangs a locker with a power unit. Enter the marked room and try to turn the antenna around. Nothing will come of it. Get out through the nearby gateway and fight the Leviathan. There are three ADS guns. Get to each one and interact with the control panel. After that, while holding RMB, shoot at the glowing growths by pressing the E key. All three growths will be covered with cracked plates, so you will have to destroy them first. Don’t forget to replenish your oxygen supply. Fortunately, the stations hang on the walls next to each gun. The third cannon will be destroyed before you can destroy the Leviathan. But there will be no armor plates, so shoot at the glowing growths with Isaac’s regular weapons.

Chapter 9

Everything you find during this chapter can be missed. Once you complete it, you won’t be able to return to Valor! So open collectible guides in advance and navigate them (if necessary).

Get outside and fly aboard the Valor ship. Save and start exploring the ship. Take the only route. Soon you will finish off the first enemy on the ship, and before that, be sure to inspect all the lockers with resources. Open the briefing room to pick up the text entry “Orders” from the table. To the right, look for an audio recording and another door. Behind this door hangs a wall cabinet with a power node. You can immediately pull the power block out of the wall into the briefing room, since the one by the elevator in the corridor will explode as soon as you try to ride the elevator.

Save, shoot the fuse and go into the torpedo room. Here you will face a difficult task. In no case do not shoot at the explosive bag that the Necromorph moves. Instead, you need to hit so as to cut off his left arm, disconnecting the enemy from the bag. Or shoot at his other limbs. Once you’ve done that, go to the left of the torpedo and take a look at the wreckage on the right. There is a power block. Take it with kinesis and go back the same way. Install the block in the red slot. Then shoot the 6 purple fuses and interact with the control panel to drop the torpedo. In a few seconds, Hammond will contact you.

Go to the armory and finish off all the enemies. Don’t rush to leave. There is a shooting gallery on the side. Go there and start the shooting range. Don’t shoot at the red targets! Instead, just wait for the monsters to appear. Kill them all. There will be a rather difficult battle, but after winning you will be able to search all the locked lockers. Inside them, among other things, there is a $10,000 board and a power node.

Enter the infirmary. Laser beams should destroy the Necromorph running at you. On the table on the left is a drawing of a large first-aid kit, on the wall on the right is a stasis recharge station. Use the slow to slow down the laser beam installation and get to the other side. In the hallway, first turn right. Remove the cargo container, and when the lightning disappears, enter the storeroom and collect supplies. Clear the cargo hold from many enemies. Shoot the blue block on the chest of fast Necromorphs to slow them down. In the room where the Hunter escaped, there are crates with supplies behind the container.

Pick up the moment and go past the fire emerging from the pipes. In the end, you will encounter a constant fiery stream. Pull the block towards you with kinesis and place it in front of the pipe to bypass the flames. Repeat steps. Pick up the moment and run to the right side. Be sure to take with you a cube that moves with the help of kinesis. Install it in the path of the flame. Get to the distribution panel and activate both blocks. So you apply power to the elevator and turn off the fire from the pipes. Be sure to explore both corners to find resources and a power node. After defeating the enemies and collecting supplies, take the elevator up at the beginning of the room.

After the cut-scene, take the core and go in the opposite direction. watch the cut-scene at the exit of the ship, after which the chapter will end.

Chapter 10

Come back the same way you came here. Take the elevator down to the first floor, go through the new door in the direction of the residential apartments. Defeat the enemies in the room and open the door on the right. Go down into the tunnel, but do not rush out of it.

Side quest You Are Not Authorized . Go to the opposite end of the tunnel to find a purple object. This is chronologically the last RIG on the job. Go to the bridge, return to the right room (use target tracking) and create a master key. With it, you will be able to open all locked doors and containers signed as Master Override. Return to the main atrium and use the nearby elevator to go up to the fifth floor. Immediately next to the elevator will be the master’s door. Open it to get different resources. Among other things, there will be an expensive fee (10,000) and the last upgrade for a pulse rifle. And on the wall hangs a locker with a power unit.

Optionally, use the workbench, then activate the station. Move towards the command deck. Walk forward down the corridor without turning left and enter the locker room and showers. Collect all the resources and exit through another door. On the table on the right is a text entry Z-Ball Rules. There are also locked lockers nearby. Let’s open them! Enter the room opposite and fly towards the rings. Start the game, but first kill the enemies that appear. Start the game again (remote by the door) and start throwing Kinesis balls into the holes. It doesn’t matter which holes you fall into. You need to complete all six rounds to open 6 lockers. The fifth and last one is a $10,000 board and a power node.

In the same room, find the power block and take it with kinesis. Place near the elevator to go upstairs. pick up the command key card from the corpse and go back. Along the way, as usual, you will be attacked by Necromorphs. Clear the common room and activate the elevator using the card key you found. Drive to the first floor, go through the door and watch the cut-scene.

After the cutscene, shoot the Hunter with a stasis blast, turn around and examine the door covered in flesh. On the right there is an outgrowth. Run to the common room where Mercer was and destroy this growth. You can now go through the door and escape the Hunter. The elevator that leads further is not powered. Go to Mess Hall, go around the tables and go down another elevator. Kill enemies, collect resources, use the shop and workbench. Go through the door, turn left and take the power unit from the wall cabinet. Go the other way, save if you wish, and enter the room with Mercer’s holographic recording. There is a stasis recharge station on the wall. Use Kinesis to remove the objects blocking the door and move on.

The room is filled with poison. Gather resources. On the bunk on the right is a text entry “Thank you, doctor.” Go to the end of the room and destroy the two monsters that have grown into the wall. As always, shoot off all of their tentacles. Go behind the screen and shoot the growth to remove the tentacle from the living quarters. The Hunter will appear. You cannot kill him, but if there is stasis, slow down the enemy and run back to where the oxygen tank hangs. To the left is a storage room. Enter it, collect resources and a power node. Be sure to bring a power pack with you. Take him back to where you saw Mercer’s hologram. Enter the door on the left to find an elevator and a battery hole. Install the battery and use the elevator.

Go to where you first met the Hunter and take the elevator on the right (the flesh should break). Go through the nearest door, kill the enemies to remove the quarantine. Follow through the only available door (besides the one you came from) to find yourself in a long L-shaped hallway with many apartments. Enter the first room on the right (open), collect resources and take the power block from here. Take it to the end of the corridor with Kinesis and place it in an empty cell.

Side quest Premeditated Malpractice. Take your time. There is Mercer’s apartment in the hallway. Go inside, view the recording of the communication between Isaac and Nicole on the monitors. Go through the far door to find yourself in Mercer’s room. Launch the hologram from his computer. Also on the table is an upgrade for a power pistol. Go to the switchboard. There are restrooms nearby, you can search them. The shield will allow you to open the rooms at the beginning of the corridor, but there will be normal loot. You need to turn on the light on the shield. Having done this, turn around and see in the far corner, where the corridor goes to the right, a growth. Destroy it to get rid of the flesh in that wing.

Head back, but be careful, as you will have a long and long battle with many Necromorphs. Go through the new door on the upper level. Under the chairs on the left is an audio recording. This will take you to the directors’ living quarters. In the first room on the left, look for the Eternal Rest text entry. In the center of the hall itself is the text entry Planetary Mining: An Investor’s Guide. In the second room on the left, look for the text entry “White’s List”.

Search the bathrooms. Destroy another growth and pick up the key card of the directors in one of the booths. Return to the common room, defeat all enemies to remove the quarantine. Use the key card to open the room on the left to get into Lieutenant Holt’s living quarters. Kill the enemy, collect resources and blow the purple fuse. Open the next room, take the power node from the wall cabinet. Go back to the common hall of this compartment. At the top, go to another door and talk to Dr. Kain.

When Kaine leaves, go into the room and pick up the Nexus Organism text entry from the table. Destroy the growth. There is a workbench in the room where Kain went. Go back, follow the marker, kill all the enemies and activate the loader. Move across the deck. First collect everything you find from the resources. Having done this, enter the shuttle and install the kernel in the indicated location. Go to the control panel and start the engines. When the Hunter appears, run away from him. Lure to where the shuttle engine is located. Apply stasis and cut off the legs. Run back to the control panel and start the engine to destroy the Hunter. After the cutscene, shoot the growth on the tentacle to free yourself. Listen to Dr. Cain. Chapter completed.

Chapter 11 Alternative Solutions

Drive to the hangar, move to the indicated place and enter the cargo hold. Shoot the growth from above and take the elevator down. After the descent, turn left and near the elevator you will find blocks that can be moved with kinesis. Do this to find a locker with a Pang figurine. This is an expensive figurine that can be sold in the shop. Run along the right wall first. Defeat the wall-grown enemy and search the large Master Container to get the third Power Pistol upgrade. There is also an audio recording nearby. Here, find two growths and destroy them.

Go further, collect resources and find the power node in the locker on the right. A long battle awaits you. Find the remote control on the left side and activate the cargo crane. Kill the enemies that appear. It is important that you destroy all growths on the way to the Obelisk. When the Obelisk hits the bridge, go to the center and pick it up. Two tentacles will appear, so be careful. After the destruction of all enemies, raise the bridge again, this time a different one. Wait. Fight opponents, and when the Obelisk reaches its destination, Daniels and Kine will contact you.

Head back along the marker, kill the enemies, use the store and enter the elevator. Clear the hall to remove the quarantine and exit to the main airlock. After the shuttle arrives, go back inside and turn left. Turn off gravity and fly down. Find the battery and install it in the red hole. Having done this, turn on the shuttle loader and go a little further into the opened room. Examine the risen Obelisk and start moving it using the remote control. There is also a cabinet with a power node on the wall on the left.

Go back and switch the panel to another node. Rise above. Use the three control panels to rotate the Obelisk to bring it to the shuttle. Kill all enemies. Until you finish everyone, the task will not be updated, even if the Obelisk is under the shuttle. After completing these steps, return to the door and turn on gravity. Run to the shuttle and watch a lengthy cut-scene.

Go back inside the building, turn left and go through the deck with the gravity control panel. Follow above and in the room on the wall on the right, look for a locker with a power node. Meet with Nicole and use the terminal to call the shuttle. Run towards the shuttle while killing the enemies. Upon entering the cabin, you will be warned that this is the point of no return. If you want to continue exploring the Ishimura, refuse. Agree to continue the story. Watch the extended cut-scene.

Chapter 12

Leave the shuttle and go to Nicole. Activate the control panel and wait for the Obelisk to stop. Go to the other side and pay attention to the red slot for power elements. Enter the living quarters on the left, collect various items and kill the enemies. The text entry Retrieval Order is lying on the floor. The room on the right has the battery you need. You can also use the shop and workbench. Save! In the room on the left, find the power node and the audio recording.

Go outside with the battery and install it in the slot on the left. Having done this, start the movement of the Obelisk and follow it. Clear a huge room from enemies. When the quarantine subsides, first go to the far right corner and enter the room with the power node. You can shoot the growth on the other side to collect those supplies too. Raise one and the second bridge so that the Obelisk moves to another room. In the next room, activate the remote control, go further and destroy the two enemies that have grown into the wall. Go through the opened door (you can first look around and collect resources) and wait for the decontamination procedure to complete.

Ride the elevator down, find two generators in the corners and install them in empty slots. Pull the third generator from the elevator and install it in the last slot. Run the installation to disable gravity. Fly up and shoot the growths to start spinning the propellers. Slow them down with stasis and fly further. Do the same steps a couple of times and get to the door at the end of the tunnel. Return to the room, kill all the enemies and start the movement of the Obelisk by raising two bridges.

Keep moving and destroy the growth in the next room. Kill the appeared enemy and go upstairs. at the very top, destroy the growth, kill the enemies and go down the elevator. Continue through the complex, go outside and cross the bridge. Destroy the tentacle and run to the far left corner. Behind the box will be the first growth. Turn around, kill the enemies and look under the bridge to find and destroy the second growth. Go to the opposite side and destroy the third growth. Kill all the enemies, and then use the control panel to raise the bridge. The obelisk will move on. Kill the remaining opponents and interact with the last remote control near the Obelisk. Enter the building and activate the panel. Watch the extended cut-scene.

Go through the corridor, collect resources, do whatever you want before the final battle. Get out and go to the landing pad. After the cut-scene, you will have to fight the Hive Mind. So, dodge the tentacles and shoot at the growths in the mouth. When you destroy everything, ordinary enemies will appear. Destroying them, try to break the rest of the boxes and collect ammunition and first aid kits. In the second stage, the boss will hit with tentacles more often and use a poisonous liquid. Run left and right to avoid getting hit by the tentacles. At some point, a large mouth will open in the center of the monster, and there will be six more growths. Attack them until they are completely destroyed. At the very end, it remains to shoot at the last growth in the monster’s mouth, and then climb onto the shuttle. Watch the final video.

Now you can start the New Game+ mode. It has an alternative ending, which we talked about in a separate guide. For beating the game, you will receive 50,000 credits, 10 power nodes, the ability to find new text entries, and upgrade your costume to level 6 in New Game+.


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