Walkthrough of all side quests Dead Space (2023)

We tell you how to launch and complete all side missions, what rewards you can get for this

The Dead Space remake , released in January 2023, added many interesting features to the game, and the main one is 3 side quests that further reveal the lore and allow you to get certain “goodies”. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete all three additional missions and get rewards.

Before you finish Chapter Eleven and leave USG Ishimura, you will receive a warning about the point of no return: if you agree, you will not be able to complete side quests or return to previously visited areas on the Ishimura. So try to complete the quests around the tenth chapter. In general, all tasks have certain restrictions: the first objectives can be completed in one chapter, the subsequent ones – upon reaching other chapters and compartments of the Ishimura.

Side quest highlights

  • There are three new side missions in Dead Space Remake. There were none in the original.
  • Each side mission must be completed before the end of Chapter 11, when you decide to leave the Ishimura.
  • Side missions take up more than one chapter, so when you get into new regions, keep an eye on the information that appears on the screen (indicating that certain goals can be completed). Or look in the journal – if the goals are highlighted in yellow, then you can complete them, in red – no.
  • Completing each side mission will reward you with a separate achievement.
  • It is not necessary to complete the side missions in the order listed. It all depends solely on your preferences.

Dead Space Remake contains three side missions – Scientific Methods, Premeditated Malpractice and You Are Not Authorized. They will take more than one chapter to complete.

In addition, you can use the journal to enable side quest target tracking. The blue line indicates the main story, the yellow line indicates the selected objective of a separate side mission.

Scientific Methods

This side mission can be unlocked early in the game, as early as the second chapter. Although all side quests must be completed before the end of Chapter 11, this quest can be completed as early as Chapter 10.

Explore the Investigate Emergency Room

As already mentioned, you must interact with a certain item or listen to an audio recording in order to activate side quests. In the case of this mission, the journal can be found in Dr. Nicole Brennan’s office. You can open the map and find the room you need (almost all of them are signed), or explore every corner of the medical bay during the second chapter to get into the room. In general, when you get to the main laboratory (Main Lab), quarantine will start. Kill the enemies on the top floor and take the elevator down. Deal with the remaining opponents, then inspect the lower floor. There are three offices here and one of them is owned by Dr. N. Brennan. Open the door and go inside. Isaac will try to find Nicole, instead finding a magazine on a table in the center of the room.

After picking up the magazine, a side mission will activate and the objective indicated above will appear. Go to the Emergency Room and find a medical bed with a hologram in the far part. Launch it by interacting with a single interactive bed. Watch until the end to see Nicole running towards the door.

Follow Nicole’s Hologram

At this point, the second task is activated – “Follow Nicole’s hologram”. To open the passage to the secret room, you need to use the distribution panel on the right side of the place where Nicole approached. Switch the power supply to another slot to open the two booths on the left side. Go to the booth where Nicole was standing and use Kinesis to move the plate aside. You will find another magazine belonging to Dr. Nicole Brennan. Mission accomplished.

Find Autopsy Location in Engineering

The audio log will direct you to the autopsy location, which you will find in the next chapter, during the “Activate the Security Console” task. The autopsy location is on the engineering deck. Once there, head straight for the Security Station. Open the door to the Calibration Room. There you will see another holographic scene in which Nicole identifies her patient. When the recording ends, a new task will be unlocked, during which you will be asked to find Dr. Kain’s hideout on the mining deck.

Find Kyne’s Mining Deck Hideout

You can continue only after you get to the seventh chapter and the Installing the Data Board task. To continue, use the log and start tracking the target. Open the door marked To the Elevator. Turn left and take a few steps to find the Secure Storage room. Keep going straight until you reach a distribution panel. Use it to open the door to Storage 02, located on the left side of the distribution panel. Pick up the audio recording lying on the floor. When the play ends, you will complete the fourth objective and get a new one – explore Mercer’s apartments. In fact, this is the last task that can be completed in the tenth chapter, during the exploration of the medical deck.

Explore Mercer’s Quarters

Get to the right place using the magazine and start tracking the target. You are interested in the crew quarters (Crew Quarters), where only one door leads. Move through it. On one of the computers, you will find the last entry for the assignment. Listen to her. Drs. Mercer and Nicole Brennan will discuss their patient’s condition. This will complete the current task, for which you will receive the Whole Again trophy.

You are not authorized (You Are Not Authorized)

For the first time, this side mission can be activated in the fourth chapter, but again it will be possible to complete it only in the tenth. As written earlier, you need to complete the task before the end of the eleventh chapter; otherwise, you will miss the chance to get Master Security Override (opens some doors and containers, and most of them store upgrades). This side mission is related to finding all the RIGs scattered around the Ishimura ships.

First, you need to activate a side mission. To do this, interact with the security console on the bridge in the Captain’s Nest room and start the task (there you will leave Hammond in the game’s story). From now on, you can search for RIG. Some RIGs are related to the game’s story and increase the standard pass to level 2 and 3, respectively.

Voelker’s RIG

You can find this RIG at the Flight Deck location, starting from the third chapter, when the corresponding pass is obtained. Use goal tracking to get the game to take you to the right place. In the hangar bay, follow through the vacuum zone and the area without gravity. Go to the end of the bay, where there is a fuel tank in the darkness. Look a little to the left and you will see an item highlighted in purple. This is Folker’s RIG. Take it to complete the first part of the quest.

White’s RIG

First Officer White’s RIG can be obtained starting in Chapter 4 while setting up the ADS guns on the bridge deck. Once again, you will have to enter the vacuum zone and activate the zero gravity mode in order to move forward. you’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot the falling asteroids. Keep moving forward and look for RIG. It is located on the left hand, towards the end of the ship. It is easy to recognize by the same purple glow.

Holt’s RIG

To get to Lieutenant Commander Holt’s RIG, you must wait until Chapter 6 begins. Open your PDA and start tracking this task so that the game takes you to the right place. Get to the hydroponics section as part of the sixth chapter storyline. You need to open the East Grow Chamber door, but it will be blocked. To remove the blockage, you will have to find a bright yellow spot and shoot it with a pistol.

Immediately after that, the desired room will become available. Open the door and keep walking forward. again, keep shooting at the orange growths to clear a path to Holt’s RIG. On the bridge, continue to the left connector. When you can go further, you will find a purple object – this is Holt’s RIG.

Dallas’ RIG

Next in line is the Dallas RIG, which can be picked up in the seventh chapter. What’s more, you don’t need to take any additional action. Just follow the main storyline until you pick up the right item, which will increase the clearance level to 3.

RIG Russo (Rousseau’s RIG)

It remains to find the last three RIGs, and make it closer to the endgame of Dead Space Remake. Russo’s RIG is found in the eighth chapter in the Fuel Storage on the engineering deck. It’s much easier to get to the right place using target tracking through Isaac’s PDA. Open the door towards the engineering deck and kill the Necromorphs. After that, turn right and follow the narrow path to open to the left of Isaac. Next will be another round door. Open it too.

Cross the bridge to get into the zero gravity zone. Open the door on the right, causing the platform to start shaking. Pass through the tunnel covered with strange clots of flesh, go to the right and find the door. To open it, you will need the third level access, which you already received when you picked up the Dallas RIG. After opening the door, you will see Chief Engineer Russo’s RIG – go to the end and look to the right.

Please note that a monster may appear behind you, so be prepared to destroy it. Dodge its long claws.

RIG Bailey (Bailey’s RIG)

Another RIG, which can be found in the eighth chapter in the Communication Hub. Use target tracking to have the game take you to the right place on its own, to the third floor. Find the entrance to the Control Room. You will see three doors; you need to open the door on the right, above which the name of Bailey is indicated. You will see a dead body on a chair by the table. The RIG lies behind the dead body, and, as always, is highlighted in purple.


Finally, Tram Inspector Benson’s RIG can be found somewhere in the Tram Tunnels. This will be done in the tenth chapter. As always, use target tracking to get to the right place. Open the door to find yourself in a dark room. Keep moving forward until you see a door on your right. This door leads to those very tunnels. Turn left and go down the stairs.

Having done this, turn right and go to the far end of the tunnel. Kill enemies until you find another object highlighted in purple. This is the last RIG required for the job.

Getting a Master Override

To complete the side mission, you must return to where you started it – Captain’s Nest. It’s on the bridge, in the main atrium. Open the two doors leading to the Atrium. On the main deck, go to the far windows, go down below, turn around and follow the elevator. Use the elevator leading to the right place. Go to the same bridge security console that started the side mission. Use all collected RIGs (automatically when interacting) to activate Master Override. After you do this, you will be given access to all the contents of the ship. You will also receive the Full Clearance achievement. It is noteworthy that the Master Override is saved for the New Game Plus mode – that is, from the very beginning you will be able to open containers and doors that require this level of pass. But this pass does not open doors 1, 2 and 3 levels. You still have to find story RIGs.

Malpractice (Premeditated Malpractice)

As for the last side mission in Dead Space Remake, you can start it in the sixth chapter. Yes, and finish quickly enough – already in the seventh. It is much shorter than the two previous side quests. To start it, you need to interact with a specific object. After the destruction of the Hunter in the cryogenic chamber, a piece of flesh will remain from him. Pick up a fabric swatch to start the quest. At the end of the fifth chapter, you kill the Hunter and the sixth begins here.

The tissue sample you find belongs to the Hunter you froze at the end of Chapter 5. This will happen according to the plot, so you will not miss this moment. You can activate target tracking.

Scan The Tissue Sample

Your first goal is to scan the tissue sample you just picked up from the cryogenic chamber. For convenience, use your PDA and start tracking the target so that the game takes you to the right place. Once in the main laboratory, go down the elevator and turn right. There is a scanner on the table to the right. Use it to examine the tissue sample. Hunter was created from Brant Harris and Dr. Mercer is involved. We need to find Harris’s bed in the intensive care unit.

Find Harris’ ICU Bed

The bed is located in the intensive care unit. To get there, turn around and look to the left to see an elevator. Ride up, move along the yellow line to find the right place. after reaching the marked marker on the map, you will see a panel in front of Harris’s bed. Play the holographic recording by interacting with the panel. You will find out what Mercer did to Harris.

Investigate Ore Storage

The third task in the side quest is to explore the ore storage. To do this, you need to find a way to this room. Go to the mining deck and go down. You’ll have to wait for the moment when you get here according to the plot of the game. Use kinesis to lift the box and shield yourself from the red laser. Repeat the steps and move even further down the corridor (although the plot leads you through the door on the right).

After that, on the left you will see a door that leads to the ore storage. Move the boxes out of the way and find the audio log behind the boxes. To do this, use kinesis to pick up the containers and place them in another location. After listening to the journal, the fourth part of the mission will become available, in which you need to find a report on the bridge.

Find a report on the bridge

To get to the bridge, find the door leading to the main atrium. Note the computers on the right, which can now be interacted with to receive a holographic recording featuring Captain Mattius and Dr. Brennan. During the conversation, they discuss the fact that Dr. Mercer continues to take Harris’ patient to the hydroponics department. This will unlock the final objective of the quest, Explore Hydroponics.

Explore hydroponics

According to the plot of the game, Isaac will fall into the hydroponics department, where you need to find the Diagnostics Lab. Use the elevator, optionally activate target tracking to make it easier to get to the right place. The elevator takes you to the bridge. At the end of it there is a door leading to the West Grow Chamber. There you will encounter a monster that has merged into the wall and spawns shooting mobs. Kill everyone and then use another elevator. Climb up to the second floor. After you get to the second floor, turn around to find a door leading to the Hydroponics Control room. Open the door on the left side to enter a room with toxic gas.

Another similar monster will appear – kill it with the same method, shooting at the tentacles. Finally, the next door leads to the Diagnostic Lab. There are no toxic gases here. Pick up Dr. Mercer’s audio recording located on the right side. At this point, another creepy monster will appear and come out of the fan. After you kill him, complete the third and final side quest and get the Final Regeneration achievement.


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