Use Twitter effectively for your business

How to use Twitter best

Twitter itself provides some useful tips for using the platform in the best way. First of all, it is good to specify that there is no number of times a day or a time when it is right to publish a tweet. Instead, it is recommended to create a regular basis in which to publish content relevant to the public and consistent with its mission. Here are the 5 guidelines for using Twitter in the best way:

  • be short , in order to make your tweets more impactful;
  • it uses visual elements in tweets , such as images, videos or gifs that contribute to giving a more personal touch to the message and leads to higher interaction rates;
  • insert relevant hashtags , in order to expand the coverage and take part in conversations already started;
  • ask questions and create surveys , to make users participate in the conversation and understand their opinion;
  • communicate and connect with Retweets and answers , to maintain a solid presence on Twitter.

How to use Twitter to advertise yourself

If you have a business, you can take advantage of the social network in several ways. Here are which:

  • find out what’s new right now;
  • increase the popularity of your brand;
  • offer timely customer support;
  • get in touch with potential customers, brand supporters and influencers .

Twitter allows a company to find out what is happening within the specific sector in which it operates or within its reference community (but also in the rest of the world). The “Search” function of Twitter allows you to listen to the most relevant ongoing conversations and, consequently, if deemed necessary, take action at the most appropriate time.

With Twitter it is possible to improve the company’s profile , increasing the impact of marketing initiatives by using the social network to keep followers up to date and communicate with them. Users often talk on Twitter about the products they use themselves and, therefore, this platform is one of the most suitable places to offer them prompt and correct assistance.

As proof of this, Twitter has released a precise figure: 85% of Small and Medium Enterprises on Twitter consider it essential for companies to offer support to their customers through Twitter. Responding quickly to user support requests allows the company to build stronger relationships with its customers and improve its reputation .

Twitter offers the possibility for those who manage a company to follow users outside their own network and possibly interact with them. In this way it is possible to take part or start discussions with influencers and experts in the sector in which the company operates, creating valuable connections.

How to use Twitter Ads to advertise

Like many other social networks, Twitter has its own advertising tool, called Twitter Ads , which allows companies to increase their coverage.

Through Twitter Ads it is possible to reach the most suitable audience by choosing the target based on interests, geographical area, gender, device in use or users similar to their followers. Twitter Ads also allows you to optimize the relevance of the message by targeting keywords in user tweets.

As for the budget of your campaigns, it is advisable to specify that there is no minimum spending threshold and that you can start or stop the campaign at any time.

Payment takes place only when a user follows the account or responds to the Promoted Tweet , retweet it, follow it or click on it. Twitter Ads allows you to measure results in real time , keeping track of the growth in the number of followers and the users who interact with each tweet.

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