Bring users from the web to the store with Drive to Store

What does Drive to Store mean?

The meaning of “Drive to Store”, as already mentioned, refers to the set of marketing actions aimed at managing the online contact point between the brand and the future customer in order to increase visits and sales in physical stores.

5 tips for a good Drive to Store campaign

  1. A good Drive to Store strategy involves the creation of a dedicated user experience on the product page , which must be specifically designed to show the potential customer the closest sales point and the availability of the selected product. The store locator must be updated and include opening and closing times, days of rest and precise address. That’s not all: within the product page it is advisable to insert a series of call to actions (such as digital coupons) with the aim of pushing the user towards the physical store;
  2. A user, however, could also get in touch with the company through other ways, such as Google and its Maps. For this reason, it is important to take care of your Google My Business card in detail , taking care to include the location on the map, the opening hours, photos and videos of your business and the products and / or services offered;
  3. Even with Google Ads campaigns it is possible to increase traffic in a physical store starting from the web . The secret is to make customers who are looking for nearby products or services understand that their business is nearby and is able to offer exactly what they are looking for and at the most advantageous conditions. How to do? Setting up business locations with Google, using location extensions to enhance ads with relevant information locally, developing the best targeting and bidding strategy for potential customers who are close to one of the business locations;
  4. Even Facebook advertising campaigns can be very useful from a Drive to Store perspective. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network provides the advertising goal “point of sale traffic”. On Facebook it is possible to customize the advertisements in order to extract the local information for each of their own stores, use a unit with a map of the store location tool and call to action buttons to encourage people to visit the store more nearby and also show advertisements to people within a given distance from each store;
  5. As in all Digital Marketing activities and even more, in Drive to Store Marketing, it is essential to pay close attention to performance analysis , which in this case will necessarily have to combine information and data online and offline.

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