Does Stomach Vacuum Work? Its make bad? How To and Tips

Have you heard of Stomach Vacuum? Well, the literal translation would be stomach vacuum, but you can also find it by the name of vacuum abdominal. It is a technique that was widely used by bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger , Frank Zane and Lee Haney .

The goal of the exercise is to create a thinner abdomen line and, according to what bodybuilder Karen Sessions wrote in BodyBuilding, movement is an isometric contraction that intends the muscle without moving it from the transverse abdominal muscle. .The transverse abdominis is located in the region of the waist line and has the function of compressing the viscera against the lumbar spine. It is the muscle that pulls the abdomen inwards.

According to Karen Sessions, a strong transverse abdominal can create a strong Valsalva Maneuver. This technique consists of a powerful air exhale that is required to contract a muscle during an intense workload.She also explained that building this muscle region is beneficial for gaining more control of the abdomen and for better assistance when doing explosive lifting.

Does Stomach Vacuum Work? 

Karen Sessions makes sure the Stomach Vacuum works. The bodybuilder said the technique could result in a reduction in the belly area in as little as three weeks.

Sessions also said that this is one of the best exercises a person can perform to reduce the waist and that the technique can cause some people to lose about 5 cm to about 10 cm from the abdomen over the course of three weeks.

But there is one catch in all this history. In order to have positive results, the bodybuilder also stated that it is necessary for the person to have appropriate eating habits (read healthy and in accordance with the goal for the body), consume adequate amount of water and have a percentage of body fat. low to moderate level. According to her, the maximum acceptable is 12% to 15% body fat.

Another advocate of the idea that Stomach Vacuum works is fitness expert Ariane Hundt. She reported that the exercise gives results thanks to the practitioner holding the abdominals in tension for an extended period of time.However, Ariane also warned that it is not enough to do the exercise a few times a week. According to her, to see results it is necessary that the person is already in good shape.

Following Karen Sessions’ line, she explained that to see the abdominal muscles you need to follow a proper diet, which leads to a low fat in the body, which is what allows definition in the region.In addition, 1999 research by scientists from Australia suggested that isolating the transverse abdominal muscle, which is how running the Stomach Vacuum works, can help ease back pain and contribute to stability.

However, things may not be as simple as they seem. Conditioning and strengthening expert Tony Gentilcore has warned that while exercise can be helpful in rehabilitation after an injury, it is virtually impossible to get Stomach Vacuum without the help of a professional.He explained that this is because it is difficult for the practitioner to know if he is actually triggering the muscle in question without someone to guide it during movement and to watch to see if the body shape is adequate.

And for those who want a six pack, Gentilcore claims that isolating or vacuuming the transverse abdominal muscle is a waste of time. For him, it is more effective to stick to the traditional exercises for the abdomen.With regard to back pain, research by the spine specialist, physician Stuart McGill, has solidified the idea that the problem is not improved by triggering just one muscle as the Stomach Vacuum does, but by strengthening the entire muscle. core region as a whole.The idea is that learning how to trigger the whole core, as in Pilates or in exercises to strengthen the abdominals, such as abdominal planks, is more effective for spine and lower back health.

How to make Stomach Vacuum

One of the ways to do the exercise is in the standing position, as taught by bodybuilder Karen Sessions on BodyBuilding. It works as follows: in an upright position, put your hands on your hips and completely exhale all the air in your lungs. Expand the chest and bring the stomach in as far as you can and hold. Karen’s tip is to imagine trying to touch the navel on the backbone.After the person has mastered the exercise, the bodybuilder advises performing it not only standing, but also on his knees, sitting and lying bow.

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