Use of Much or Many In English

It is common to have doubts about the use of “much” and “many”, as both have the same meaning (many), but have specific uses in prayers.

Much and Many are among the words that bring some confuse when we are learning English. The fact that we use both of them to express quantity let us uncertain with its use. These words have their differences, and it’s what we are going to learn, check it: / “Much” and “Many” are among the words that bring us a little confusion when we are studying English. The fact that we use both to express quantity leaves us uncertain about their use. These words have their differences and this is what we will learn, check out:

Much x Many

We use MUCH with the uncountable nouns and MANY with the countable nouns. / We use Much with countless nouns and Many with countable nouns.

The uncountable nouns are those nouns that we can’t count, for example: milk, sugar, salt, water etc. They have just the singular form . / Countless nouns are those that we cannot count, such as milk, sugar, salt, water etc. They have only the singular form.

Examples: / Examples:

  • How much sugar do you need? / How much sugar do you need?
  • We can put much salt . / We can add more salt.
  • I need a lot of money . / I need more money.
  • How much milk do you need? / How much milk do you need?

The countable noun s are those that we can count, for example: potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, apples,

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etc. They have the singular and the plural form . / Countable nouns are those that we can count, such as potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, apples etc. They have the singular and plural form.

Examples: / Examples:

  • How many potatoes do you need? / How many potatoes do you need?
  • We have to buy many apples . / We have to buy a lot of apples.
  • How many eggs do you need? / How many eggs do you need?
  • I need many eggs . / I need a lot of eggs.

Look at more examples of the use of Much and Many : / See more examples of using Much and Many:


  • Do you want much wine ? / Do you accept more wine?
  • I need much sugar , please . / I need more sugar, please.
  • I have so much felling to show . / I have so much feeling to show.
  • I don’t eat much meat . / I don’t eat a lot of meat.


  • I have many notebooks . / I have a lot of notebooks.
  • I have many cats and dogs . / I have a lot of cats and dogs.
  • There are many potatoes and oranges here. / There are lots of potatoes and oranges here.
  • There are many banks near here. / There are many banks near here.

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