Urethral fistula

Urethral fistula . They are the different ducts that open through the internal hole in the urethra and the external one, in the skin of the penis , scrotum , perineum, buttocks and also in the rectum and vagina .


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    • 1 Depending on the location they are distinguished
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The fítulas of the urethra can be straight and sinusoidal, of different length and diameter, solitary and multiple.

Depending on the location they are distinguished

  • Urethropenian fistulas.
  • Urethroscrotal fistulas.
  • Uretrovaginal fistulas.


  • Open lessons from the urethra.
  • The injuries with a firearm.
  • Inflammatory processes of the urethra.
  • neoformations with necrosis of the urethralwall .
  • Complications of the act of childbirth.


The main manifestation is the outflow of urine from them during the act of urination.


It is performed surgically, only in some cases can it be liquidated through coagulation. Surgical treatment includes the incision of the fistular canal and scar tissue to the urethra and the suturing of the wound by planes and also the different plastic operations.


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