Ultimate Apex Legends Guide – Tips, Tricks and Secrets


Respawn Entertainment surprise launched on February 4, 2019 Apex Legends , a new Battle Royale set in the Titanfall universe that we talked about long and hard in our analysis , in addition to showing you the title in motion in one of our live shows that you can see just down here.

As expected, from Vandal we have prepared a complete guide full of tricks, tips and useful information so that you can get the most out of this new game and to help you win the “Apex games”. Next we will review the main points for which we are going to structure our guide.

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How and where to download Apex Legends, the free Battle Royale

The first thing that many of you may wonder is how and where to download Apex Legends , this Battle Royale free to play by Respawn, something that we explain in an article that you can access by clicking on this link .

In it you have links to download the game for both PC and PS4 and Xbox One , in addition to answering if you need PS Plus or Live Gold and tell you, in summary, about the game’s business model.


Basic mechanics

Next we want to give you a series of tricks and tips to help you start playing Apex Legends . This is just a brief handful of initial tips. If you want to go deeper we have more sections that you can go directly below.

  • Do not go solo: Apex Legendsis a game, at least for the moment, purely cooperative and it will be essential to collaborate with our teammates in order to have any option to win the game so do not leave the group, help your teammates and not you think that alone you will be able to do something against the rest of the platoons.
  • Use the markers:This Battle Royale stands out for having a very complete marker system that allows us to indicate to our teammates a lot of actions, from the enemy presence to the place to go to or where an object that could be located is located. useful for one of our colleagues. Use the system whenever you can, it will be very useful for your team.
  • Learn the skills of at least two Legends:Legends are the characters that we will be able to choose during the game and they have very marked roles that go from healers to tanks through characters specialized in doing damage.

Each of the legends has three different abilities and we advise you to know, at least, the abilities of two of them , if possible with different roles in order to have the freedom to choose the Legend that best suits the team in each game.

The ideal considering the hours of play is to know the abilities of each and every one of the legends but at the beginning we believe that two are enough (if you ask us, Bangalore and Lifeline are two very useful legends for newbies ).

  • Be carefulwith the ammunition: In our first games we have realized that the ammunition in Apex Legends is conspicuous by its absence, so, readers of Vandal, be very careful when shooting your weapons unnecessarily. If an enemy is far away and you think you can miss the shots, try to go unnoticed, get close and open fire only when you are sure you can hit.
  • Mindful of resurrection mechanics:One of the most original things about Apex Legends is a new and particular resurrection mechanic . When an enemy eliminates our partner, he will be KO, lying on the ground and being able to revive him in a similar way to other Battle Royale.

But also, if in this state we are not able to bring him back to life, we will still have an opportunity to resurrect our partner by collecting what Respawn calls “his flag”. This flag will be kept in a kind of PDA after collecting it and to resurrect our friend we will have to go to some reappearance beacons that will allow him to return to life.

All characters, characteristics and abilities

To launch yourself into combat it is a good idea to know the characters , their benefits and strengths . So that you have no problem we will talk a little about each of them, so that perhaps you get a better idea of ​​what you will find.

The Legends currently available are:

  • Bangalore .
  • Bloodhound .
  • Gibraltar .
  • Lifeline .
  • Wraith .
  • Caustic .
  • Mirage .
  • Pathfinder .
  • Octane .
  • Wattson .
  • Crypto .
  • Revenant .
  • Loba .

If you are interested in delving further into what surrounds the characters, we also have these sections for you:

  • Best Characters : Wediscuss who we think are the best characters of each type, for every situation and player style.
  • Hitboxes :we inform you of the hitboxes of all the characters, which is easier to hurt and which is more elusive?
  • Relic Sets :we explain how to get the strange and exclusive Relic sets of some legends.

Weapons: statistics and which are the best

Choosing the character that best suits your style is not the only important thing in this game. Once you know who you are most comfortable with, you have to choose a weapon , among all those currently available. We also show you the best weapons in each class and how to get decorations for them:

  • Guns .
  • Submachine guns .
  • Shotguns .
  • Assault rifles .
  • Light machine guns .
  • Sniper rifles .
  • Amulets : a guide to how these small decorative objects for our weapons are unlocked.

Objects and accessories

The weapons of Apex Legends can be customized, and there are objects and accessories with those who protect us that we should collect during our games.

Find out all about:

  • Equipment Items– These are items that can enhance your armor, shield, or backpack, helping you better survive tough matches.
  • Consumables: Here we group the objects that can be used to recover health, shield and derivatives.
  • Throwing objects: its name already says it all; are grenades and other throwing weapons.
  • Weapon accessories:we detail in depth all the sights, butts, chargers, and others that can be improved in weapons.
  • Legendary Gear :What are the unique perks of the best gear available in the game.

Tips and tricks to win

Now that you have learned how to play (or at least not look ridiculous in all your games), you have to go to the next level and learn some more advanced things to improve your position. Although the best help for this is to play and gain experience on your own, surely knowing all this will not hurt you.

  • Tips and tricks to win :a list of the best tips and tricks for tackling all your games.
  • Fall better and faster :Learn the basics of landing Apex Legends and its tricks to master your falls.
  • Best areas to land in Canyon of the Kings :the first map of Apex Legends is full of special places that you have to know.
  • Best areas to land at End of the World :the map added in season 3 shines for its secrets and original places, in addition to its train.
  • Ping system :communication with colleagues in Apex is vital and very deep, learn to take advantage of them with markers.
  • Loot loot loot : Youshould be aware of the special loot loot that is often seen by games.
  • Reduce lag and ping :with a few steps you could improve the stability and connection of your games.

Missions and treasure boxes

With the release of Season 5 , almost a year after its release, Apex Legends introduced a new PvE game mode and a few items; the quests and treasure chests . These activities invite us to make special forays with a small storyline as a backdrop, although in order to unlock access to them it is necessary to find and collect treasure boxes. All of this, of course, will benefit us with unique rewards for our efforts. Here we show you what you have to know about it.

Apex Coins

As in all typical free to play, Apex Legends has several coins that can be obtained either by playing or paying and that are used to spend in your virtual store, acquiring cosmetic items. We have prepared sections for each of them, and we started by talking about Apex Coins , the premium currency of the game (that is, the one that costs real money).

  • Get Apex Coins by paying :We explain the micropayments that exist for Apex coins.
  • Free Apex Coins in the Battle Pass :The only way to get “free” Apex Coins.
  • What can you buy with Apex Coins? :we indicate what kind of elements you can acquire with the coins.
  • Caution with scams :a warning regarding the possible and frequent online scams of this type of currency.

Manufacturing Metals

Here we are going to focus on talking about the Manufacturing Metals , another very interesting type of “currency” of the game, since thanks to it we can create cosmetic elements for the customization of our characters, weapons and flags. You will like to know the following.

  • What can you buy with Manufacturing Metals? :we show you what you can create through metals.
  • Methods to Get More Manufacturing Metals :Two insured methods, either free or paid, to get more metals.

Legend Tokens

In addition to the views before, we have a third coin in the game known as Legend Tokens , especially focused on unlocking for free the game characters that are initially blocked (and therefore need Apex coins or Legend Tokens to buy) .

  • How are Legend Tokens obtained? :we tell you the only (and free) method of getting tokens.
  • What characters can be unlocked? :thanks to the tokens you can get blocked characters, find out which ones here.

Apex Packs

In this section we focus on everything related to Apex Packs , the type of Apex Legends loot box that can contain cosmetic elements of all kinds and rarities inside . You should know about them the following aspects.

  • Is there a way to get free Apex Packs? : weanswer one of the most common questions.
  • How many Packs are achieved by climbing levels? :find out how nothing more and nothing less than 199 Packs can be yours.
  • Odds of obtaining the different types of objects in the Apex Pack :we are talking about the odds of the Packs.
  • How to quickly get Apex Packs? :If you want to get many right away, here are some tips .

Rating ranges

If you’re looking for the biggest adrenaline rush in Apex Legends games, then the Ranking Ranks series is for you. Here you will find the most competitive factor in the game, with a class of ranks, levels, rewards and much more for your effort. We also explain the following.

  • The levels of the ranks of classification and characteristics : itknows all the levels and how it is staggered by them.
  • The rewards of each rank :there are prizes for participating and moving up a rank.
  • How does the point system work in qualifying games? : Thereis a cost and several ways to earn points to climb ranks.
  • Penalties in rank games : becareful leaving games, it could cost you dearly.

Camera keys

We have dedicated a section of our guide also to tell you about the curious and strange Camera Keys , a special object that can be obtained from Season 3 of the game in End of the World and that, if done well, could give you a very high quality loot to lead you to the most direct victory. Take a look and learn everything about them.

Battle Pass

There is something that many Battle Royale have in common, and it is the Battle Pass , a mechanic that invites you to carry out a series of specific actions to get rewards . Apex Legends is no different in this regard and if you are interested in it we have these guide sections for you.

Apex Legends faq

Last but not least, we leave you below as usual with the classic frequently asked questions that usually arise when playing Apex Legends. You have a clear and concise answer on the following topics.

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  • Cross-play and cross-save :all information related to cross-play (how to play with players from other platforms) and whether there is a possibility of cross-saving.
  • Do you need PS Plus or Gold to play? :here we have to make some clarification, we will clear it quickly.
  • Micropayments :everything you should know about the possibilities when paying with real money.
  • Requirements on PC :know the minimum requirements and we recommend to move the game on your computer.


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